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  1. ...I thought this thread would be about people stopping traffic to observe the Lotus I once managed to nearly stop the 215 freeway, merely by having a flat tire in my Dad's Dodge truck, even being pulled over entirely to the median ...oddly, not even any cops stopped to help me (2 drove by), but then again I guess I do look like I know what I'm doing EDIT: WHOA. Paul. just read up on your accident. Sorry to hear it
  2. might just be able to make it Just managed to get my new alternator in the Esprit... or maybe I can get the Triumph on the road by that point
  3. heh, reminds me of those mini marcos things...
  4. I HATE it when that happens Post op is totally ok though
  5. Get out of there quick Fraser. Don't hang around the hospital too long, everyone else there is sick
  6. This is my favorite holiday actually. Nevermind the religious connotations... I don't really care if baby Jesus hatched out of the (chocolate) egg that the Easter Bunny hid, and all the kids in jerusalem had to find it, or whatever. And screw chocolate too as a matter of fact. THIS is what I'm talking about. PEEPS!!! DELISH. Traditionally they're hard to find for seasons other than Easter, though the peeps website ( tells me that they transcend holidays... indeed, the box of Christmas Peeps I had tells me they're "not just for Christmas!" to the surprise of many Just Born
  7. ...oh, wow I'd recant saying Benz was eternally boring if they actually made that even Never seen that before actually. Problem is things like that wouldn't make it on the road ever... a fishtank, perhaps
  8. good stuff I need to get me one of those B)
  9. slade


    Work for me. The profession can be gleaned from my wardrobe, I assume B) Have a good one
  10. ...I honestly can't say if I really like it yet... One part of me wants it to be the Esprit simply because it looks decent... The other half wants something ELSE to be the new Esprit, something that looks stellar... I'm not a fan of that style of sidevent (which yeah, has been on a few renderings...)
  11. great thread, but not enough old citroens ...though honestly IMO I'd MUCH rather drive something ugly than something boring... I think the worst thing to happen to car design recently is the fattening, and the proliferation of "tall" cars that I'm afraid Giugiaro is responsible for pioneering... Being only 5'7" anyway B) If there are no ugly cars designers aren't trying hard enough no cars made in the last 10 years have realy been offensively, severely ugly enough, IMO.
  12. HAH!!! I'm not a tele fan, despite how I appear in that pic like em better than strats, but I prefer this B) (me, looking much less fashionable)
  13. if he can make me into Prince what can't he do Oh yeah: ought to make it orange
  14. paul and his delicious eggs
  15. HAH!!! (secret... it's not actually a jacket. It's that my chest hair naturally grows in that manner... I need only sew on the buttons B)) Damn... Tony beat my pose too
  16. ...happy VD Sorry I haven't been around to give kisses lately. was initially going to spend another VD sitting at home, watching Drumline in the dark (as usual), but somehow got invited to a party in Arizona, as hosted by a err... 18 year old bi friend of mine (female ) The alternator (or voltage regulator) in the Esprit just crapped out though, so I can't roll in style Will have a fun time anyway
  17. I'll donate... gladly. By the way, this room isn't quite secret, as guests can see it
  18. hmm... ass made me think it was hidden by some kind of Elise. Then I was like... oh wait. ...Alright, it really doesn't look that bad... but I wish I could see the side. Looks a little... round from the back, but I can see how the rear 3/4 looks especially like an Esprit... G car sort of vibe. something tells me those are temporary headlights...
  19. your wife is obviously very fashion forward. If we're ever in the same room hopefully you don't get drunk and confused The SladeChic look really goes with the Esprit... there's a 20 foot bubble around me practically immune to pop culture. If I stand in front of a TV screen playing Miami Vice I'm practically camoflaged... I really need a pair of white pants (though not visible in the pic, I am actually wearing no pants at all )
  20. gotta love thrift shops And gin is an amazing drink... yes, I own a pair of blue blockers and a leisure suit jacket. And I wear them in public. Of all the things I have to be shameful for, this takes the cake, I'm told. No one will even hold a camera to take a picture of me it's so bad. It's pristine. It's like wearing the tanned pelt of Barry Manilow or something. How could this have sat in someones closet, apparently unworn for so long. And probably inhabitted by a disco ghost, or the spirit of 76 How things like this survived burning post being traded in for power suits is beyond me. But hey. Polyester doesn't wrinkle. (And can you say conversation starter B)) damn I love this jacket.
  21. At age 7 I discovered Barnes and Noble, and conning my parents into buying me $10 a pop Classic and Sports cars All those thick pricey British mags are the only thing I buy... Anything else suffered since photoshop came out
  22. Have a good one Trev I get to administer the spanking!
  23. slade

    Woke up to...

    (delayed response to fish's post) how are tennis rackets going to help me
  24. yes. it's a decepticon too
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