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  1. A book about Bond girls, and all anyone can ask about are Esprits and Sean Connery I loved the Japanese transformation sequence
  2. Middle Eastern kid at UCR has one... looks like a 57 Corvette beaten with an ugly stick Makes me wonder about the circumstances of how it was acquired... if you've got rich oil baron parents who'll buy you any car, why the 612? in form and function, it's not really the most desired Ferrari... Maybe it was handed down from his dad. But for that to be true, his dad would have to change cars every week or so, because that's how old it was at that point. Come to California. It's good on the lungs Cep the smog I had a similar experience gawking at my car. Actually I do weekly Too bad, the 456 was a great looking car for what it was. one of the last decent ferraris. (pop up lights )
  3. know, I was ironically thinking the EXACT same thing walking to class today... I park in a lot with a 90 minute limit. I come back at 80 minutes and... there's a parking dude writing a ticket, approaching my car! I actually RAN to the Esprit, got in when he was about 3 paces away, and uhh used the turbo for a quck getaway! He looked... pissed. THIS MORNING He's waiting for me With another parking guy I've had a run-in with... a guy who got me so pissed off (he told me to screw myself when I asked him for directions ) that I had actually arrived at his office the next morning, with a present of tootsie rolls (not tainted) and a card... that told him to stop being a dick and start respecting people, because you never know how crazy the person you piss off will be Gave it to him in front of his coworkers, I told the whole office I was "congratulating him for doing a great job..." only he could read the note. he was fuming then. And not too pleased this morning. They were still there when I came back. Both of them ticket in hand. They couldn't give it to me. I was 89 minutes in The Esprit is a bit memorable to parking people. A couple years ago I pissed off parking staff. By using the Esprit to drive UNDER parking barriers and subverting the fees The new, 90 minute lot they have hasn't endeared me to them
  4. ...I think the fact that no one knows what a Lotus is, is a great clean slate (here anyway) Lotus may not have a reputation... but at least it's not a bad reputation (except for among those who just bash british cars in general). So especially in the US I'd think it's a great marketting opportunity Lotus doesn't need to improve its image... it simply needs to expand it. The cars have always been good, or at least impressive after all. Even my old car always gets a favorable impression, a favorable impression that would be passed on to Lotus in general... if people knew who Lotus were! a Proton/Kia/Daewoo tuner, Lotus may not spread the right idea Well... Lotus only makes one car right now. Let's call it the Eulige I think Lotus needs a product base that extends to more diverse (enthusiast) clientele before it can expand its image at all. Hopefully the beginning of that will be the new Esprit, front engined sports car, and (dammit) SUV. I want to see Lotus commercials Marketting can create an image here in the states... I can't really comment on how Lotus is thought of in GB.
  5. I'm just remembering how nice it was before the most recent M5, when you could say the fastest sedan was still a Lotus to any Bimmer owners Let's do it again Hasn't Lotus basically designed a few Protons anyway? Course I can't really comment, they've never been even near hitting America
  6. Lotus owners should convert to Judaism. Then you only have to carry a Menorah
  7. I'm working on quality over quantity It isn't working
  8. It really is amazing teigan managed to rack up so many posts before he was ousted... just as amazing as the fact that I don't remember many of em by now I expected coming back after my "break" to find myself in last place
  9. posts are starting to stick together here lately... ewww.
  10. Fishy, thanks! I showed em to mommy, and she told me I was a big boy ...she... may have liked them too much
  11. switch is triumph TR7 But keep the housing and actual switch, as the TR7 version won't quite match the Esprit. Just switch the mechanism. Had something similar happen a while back... Switch welded itself shut I broke it to turn them off
  12. ...imagine how tough typing with one hand is (k might be a bit gone now or wouldn't I say that sober) I wish I could spend all day on here. But too many supermodels want to sleep with me
  13. I thought you'd retired from the forum is this like getting drunk and running back to an old girlfriend? Good having you back, at least til the alcohol wears off. Or the shame is initiated
  14. When Wayne learns how drunk you are he'll surely want to pick you up Semi drunken rambling: I'm not quite drunk enough for a full fledged one. But I'll play it up Had the Lotus back (from the shop) for a week now probably running correctly for the first time uhh ever since I've owned it. I thought getting it back would lower my gas consumption, as I've been driving the Chev in the meantime... In all honesty, that hasn't happened, as I now take any excuse to drive somewhere Not that driving the Chev is all too bad... it's especially good if you want to get in a 20 minute conversation with an old person whenever you stop in a parking lot. But when it comes to just driving rather than attracting attention, the Esprit will do it anytime. Therapeutic. (Especially now that my turbo boosts correctly and the FI is squeaky clean) Plus I get to look at it PAEAN TO THE ESPRIT oh yeah, Hendrix sounds great cranked through my amp at 9:30 at night glad there are no neighbors for miles...
  15. here's a pic from a period in my life I refer to as 'that one time I wore a suit' The guy I bought it from (at the ghetto mall; where the Riverside speedway used to stand no less) told me "it's what all you crackaz wearin these days" (no lie) so I had to get it note beetlejuice tie. Note, my mom made me take off the aviators. (examine hand) Next time I see her, I'm telling her Fishy's mom lets him wear his
  16. some knot on the tie... Forget the suit, I'll wear those curtains
  17. ...someone should restyle the cobalt first It's the most generic looking thing on the road... At least the coupe version gets rid of those awful taillights GM seems to be putting on everything... ...though I actually like the style of those old isuzus Anyway, if Lotus works with the Koreans, at least that means there'll prolly be something styled by Giugiaro with lotus engineering in it... again As apparently those companies are his best clients now
  18. ...if I was some ratio of closeness/skill better than I am now, I'd definitely help. Unfortunately I rank rather low in both categories Simon. You've got a great wife. Be lazy for her and get well Someones gonna get that car running B) LEF sticks up for its own
  19. maybe someday my dad will learn (current owner of four corvettes) glad you like it welcome here
  20. ...that doesn't excuse the Enzo, 612, F430 etc... not to mention all the bland economy cars Pininfarina has put out lately...
  21. whoa, this thread confused the hell out of me at first ...know what's sad? I was gone for how long? 3 months? And I STILL am the sixth from the top, and only just surpassed T****n That's sad! I've been meaning to say, you people needed to pick up the slack while I was gone Slade (scoreboard watcher) anyway...
  22. slade

    G Cars Galore

    Shload of these things on lately. First off, an interesting project It's an HCI too... HORRIBLE HORRIBLE spoiler... but get a load of the aftermarket chargecooler, and box above the engine... The wheels I'm not too huge of a fan of... but maybe if they were white like the rest of the car. (entering coccoon, morphing into Wayne) The Slade Clone except an 87, with the 2 slot hood... This one is notable mostly because it has anyone beat in sheer volume of slightly different pics taken from the same angle looks good though. still. there are some useful pics too
  23. Finally, an Esprit that can house a button upholstered couch-style bench seat Honestly, I think the tunnel is one of the coolest things about the old Esprit interior... And comfiest. ...they're still showing that awful orange picture of the generic looking thing but the front engined thing still looks good... (the pic of the APX was taken from a flattering angle...) there are a few instances of "Esprit" dropping without the replacement suffix
  24. thread goes on this long without pics are all your scanners stuck together too now?
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