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  1. Daily driver here! (yes I'm insane...) I paid a sh!tload of money for the thing, I'm damn well going to use it. I guess it's a lot like buying an expensive fur coat and wearing it to the beach. Insurance is still pretty bad over hear, but not as bad as I hear in the UK... mine hasn't even gone down yet in four years, no accidents, tickets or anything slade
  2. no problem feel free and stick around there are good people here... and you will own an esprit someday slade
  3. no way... that's not an esprit under all that sh!t... slade
  4. I got mine when I was 17 (...long hours at Mcdonalds. Damn that was miserable) in retrospect I shouldn't have. I got a great deal on mine... $10,000 for an 86 HCI turbo with 40,000 miles... but I've probably spent $3,000 total in repairs in three years. It's very hard to work on these things yourself, parts are expensive, and mechanics are expensive. It's like a relationship... it requires constant attention, and I personally think I should have been a bit more mature before I bought mine (I bought it because I had a lot to prove, now I just like driving it). I'd recommend an MR2 to you... Probably what I should be driving now You can get a deal on these things, but don't think you're just going to be driving around in a civic, or something that never breaks down. It's a different experience entirely. For whatever reason, the percieved value of Esprits is very low right now, but it will get lower if people buy them and let them run down because they don't have the resources to keep them in good shape. But if you do go for it... good luck and welcome to the forum slad
  5. I only see Elises if I go to the OC... (One of the only good things about going there... a Ferrari on every corner it seems, Bentley Continentals are literally common...) I've seen a few M100 Elans on the road... But I never see an Esprit. Except for once, I parked next to one in the school parking lot never saw it again though. slade
  6. Welcome! I vaguely remember you from the Pistonheads board... (which I never really got into for some reason... I was 86turbo). I remember all your little carbon fiber mods... Hope you enjoy your stay! slade
  7. +1 I got mine... it's almost always off... slade
  8. heh, I actually like the Wolfrace wheels... Are they 4 lug or 5 lug? I believe that the earliest Esprit turbos wore 4 lug wheels, then switched to 5. Though even if yours are 5 lug, I don't know if the pattern is exactly right. Time for someone else to chime in B) slade
  9. I think I've heard of doing that before and that it can get back a little of the low end performance... but an adjustable sprocket would be the only option for me thanks to california emission testing I probably should have got one back when I got the timing belt changed about a month back... Coming from a muscle car background the lack of low end power bothered me for a while, but I'm fine with it now. you just have to use a different driving style. The car more than makes up for off the line performance when you floor it at freeway speeds intersting site by the way... thanks for the link slade
  10. that's the case for me... No real reliability problems, and I drive it nearly every day. I've heard that carbed cars do have a bit more low end torque, but when you hit 3000 in this car... slade
  11. Sorry if it's been done, but it apparently hasn't recently, so... What other cars do you own/have you owned? My first car of my own was a 98 V6 Camaro... British racing green for some reason. Handled like a boat, had adequate power... wasn't for me (I don't have a Mullet) Sold it to buy the Lotus My dad bought this one when I was 5... 55 Chevy, SB 350 Sorry for the crappy picture. This is what got me interested in cars. He bought a second one when I was 8, and basically let me tear it apart as much as I wanted, and guided me through the process of rebuilding the engine. I decided I'd rather drive her when I turned 16, so I tuned it up, got a new Maaco paint job (which still looks surprisingly good). Bought an LT1 corvette motor a few years back that I plan to put in it, along with a 5 speed. Handling should be decently scary Not really "my car", more of the family's car, but I'm the primary driver (the only one left willing to drive it ) Nice when I need to take more than one passenger. In the US, I actually get more stares and comments when I'm driving this thing than in the Lotus slade
  12. sorry to bump up an old post, but there's one more on the board Mines an 86 HCI, the Federal version with Bosch Kjetronic. I'm pretty sure all US G turbos from 86 up are HCI spec. slade
  13. hmm... mine seemed to be plastic. Apparently using higher quality materials doesn't mean they don't break just as easily, in your case. Yeah its the 3 position rocker type... No problem with the bulb melting stuff yet... but I've only had it operational for a few hours How does the LED bulb do? does it give off more of a yellowish or bluish type of light... I don't really like the blue tinted lighting a lot of cars use nowadays... too hard on the eyes. slade
  14. my two favorite Esprits stylewise... From the outside perspective of owning a turbo, I'd take the turbo Really, save up, get both slade
  15. thanks! Seems to do the trick... Simplest thing I've done on the Lotus for a while... though I usually only resort to just jerking things to get them off as a last resort;) I don't know whether the lighting mechanism itself is stupid or just clever, but yeah, my plastic tab was broken off too. slade
  16. yours look great... mine are matte though Any tricks for cleaning the spokes? It's hard to get friends to help you wash your car when they know they'll have to take a toothbrush to each wheel for about 2 hours slade
  17. slade


    Ha, thanks! Honestly, it seems to be the only Esprit in California... I've seen maybe only one or two on the road besides mine, with the exception of my mechanic's shop. I can deal with that though Yeah, I like the BBS rims a lot, the gold makes a nice contrast with the black, looks kind of JPS-y. Just took a look at your car in the garage... That's the whitest Esprit I've ever seen! I've always wanted the color coordinated bumpers myself... I'll have to make do with the rubber ones for a while though. slade
  18. slade


    Thanks for the warm welcome heh... honestly, with the tan interior it doesn't get too bad at all in the summer... Even on 100 degree days, with the exception of the black steering wheel... and I've got the shift pattern melted into my palm. Recently got the AC working again (motor mount broke, as a result the AC belt managed to cut itself against something and disintegrate... I'm lucky it wasn't more than that) so I'm good! slade
  19. So this little interior light has been inoperable since I've owned the car... the one above the backlight, the bulb is just kind of rattling around inside of it. ...So is this one of those things where I have to take the back of the car off to replace the bulb? Decided to get some opinions before I started tearing things apart not a big issue at all, just wouldn't mind a bit of light at the appropriate time B) thanks, slade
  20. slade


    CD player currently crapped out in the Esprit, thankfully I've got a hookup for my MP3 player:) current listening along with old favorites... Melvins- Anything, especially Stoner Witch Alice In Chains- just about anything STP- Purple Cream- also anything Red Hot Chili Peppers- Bloodsugarsexmagic slade
  21. wouldn't mind me one of those... slade
  22. slade


    Sup, Thought I'd do well to introduce myself before I got in too deep here:D My name's dan, feel free to call me slade, I was a rather infrequent contributor to the PH forum (86turbo). Never really got on with the vibe there though so here I am. I'll probably be the "young guy" here, feel free to give me sh!t about that... I've owned my 86 turbo for more than two years now... semi daily driver (I trade off with my 55 Chevy, and my mom's nice enough to lend me her blazer on the rare occasion that both of them have broken down:)) Currently suffering from some mild hobo related body damage... She's going to the body shop tommorow if I can find the time. I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at UC Riverside, I have an internship working in an emissions testing facility for large diesel trucks. Anyways, I look forward to chatting with all you guys! oh yeah, here's a pic or two. Previous owner took this pic... Kind of want to go there, wherever that is Year old pic slade
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