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  1. 1.)look at it. 2.)(especially true for an S3 NA)... MPG shames many "economy" cars (at least here in the states, my turbo gets 25mpg... in traffic. maybe not if I use the power heh B)), performance shames many "performance" cars. 3.)...what could possibly replace it? I've contemplated this (not selling the Lotus, but what could possibly make me feel as good...) There's really nothing that delivers exactly what the Esprit does. 4.)...might biting the bullet and getting it totally sorted be about as cost effective as selling it (for probably not too much) and buying another car? And then you'd have a like new, amazing car And once they're sorted and maintained thereafter, S3s are pleasantly trouble free At least mine has been (yeah. I just threw a lot of money at it and replaced all the dodgy bits heh) 5.)Repaint it Orange. Fix the cambelt related damage. Done
  2. ...puberty finally kicked in. It's amazing Hehe. black primer in the US has a hick stereotype that won't die though I'm afraid
  3. ...looks like it was owned by... anyone who went to my high school (and possibly didn't graduate )
  4. ...somehow I don't hate the widemouth as much as you'd think I would... Somehow it all looks lighter, less fat than a "real" Golf... hatches with ridiculous midmounted engines have always appealed to me... Cars like that need to exist Even if it is a VW
  5. Have a good one Buy her one of these in a few years. Every girl needs one (and wow. No one has told her to stay away from me yet )
  6. know, one of the things I love about Lotus is the fact that information on the company in general is still obscure enough that every once in a while I can dredge up something off the wall and new... to me at least But while there are books galore on how the number of ribs on a Corvette's rocker covers were settled, or what Lee Iaccoca ate for breakfast whilst designing the Mustang, information on Lotus' endeavors are relatively still shaded, and so often I'll come across with something like the Citroen Lotus Visa, which apparently was a factory endeavor... 210 horse midmounted 910 apparently, with 4wd B) But they only made one of em apparently... My err national handicap prevents me (or shelters me maybe) from normal Visas though, but still, I do quite like Anyone else heard of it? Or any other Lotus oddities...
  7. Delish orange and lime green are the ONLY colors B) (yes I've seen the light... Black is nice, but soon as I get the money it'll be resprayed lime green
  8. ...that sounds something special Good to see another black G car with gold rims B) Good luck with all that... Looking forward to seeing more, but I'm afraid that's probably as much help as I can be with all this, heh. Whereabouts are you in ca? (BTW. I'm totally not related to Bob Slade, I don't think )
  9. nice Good to see the V8 out and about B) All I've been thinking about lately is things I ought to be doing in this good weather... and that's one of them lol. My car's finally mobile once more and running great, the weather's nice again, and yet I find myself stuck in Riverside Stay here long enough, and it's easy to forget places like that exist. I might have to plan an expedition... or we could once again attempt to wrangle a few other so-cal folk
  10. probably one of the only people who has access to one of these things, I'll have a look next time I get out to the parking garage (then again the airbox and all might obscure it a bit might wait til I get home...)
  11. they're both pretty, and I didn't know there were really so many diffs between the SE and S4... I still say the SE looks better Specially as yours appears to be such an amazing color
  12. ...fitting a steering wheel the size of a cheerio helps But what do I know, I'm a leprechaun.
  13. ...were it not for some dodgy things from the PO, mine would be nearly trouble free All sorted now. I think. Well it's been taken apart and put together again, so Probably the most right it's been since 1986, and I'm finally enjoying it heh. And I still get better mileage than many "economy" cars, and outrun most newer "sports" cars B)
  14. yeah, IIRC most sevens weren't built in the factory anyway but garages, am I right?
  15. ...always been close enough to me there are a few undisputed non-Lotuses that are fairly Lotus to me though
  16. hehe... I still think the M250 would have been the ugliest Lotus ever The Europa is no longer quite so offensive to me, but it's def. not the best looker...
  17. hehe... mine has the tartan trim, but it's tan nowhere near as gaudy as say green
  18. ...HAH. Welcome to the club I love being a double wedgie B)
  19. LOVE those things... never seen one. predictably.
  20. HAH... the thing I don't like about the RX8 is that the side windows are so upright... they don't cant inward any.... oh yeah. everything else about it is ugly too Do much like the RX7 though Get a 70s one
  21. I've always wanted one... Cause they're cheap! And they don't look too bad... hell. They're more interesting than most things... Audi Quattro would be another good candidate for the 80s... When I think 70s I think Corvette, but I guess not in England
  22. slade

    It's Back!

    Nice Feels like I've been parted with my Esprit for the last 2 months Back this week, glad to be enjoying it finally... Best to you too
  23. ...hehe... as they say, fur is murder, you know... And mine kills!!! B) Anyway, as a black Esprit owner personally, I'd advise you class things up a bit with gold wheels at least heh. Though really I'd like to see you stay in the pastel rainbow... then you can work on transforming the interior into a matching, lame' lined wonderland Heh... the rear of the C5 took about 10 years to grow on me, and by that time I had to adjust to seeing C6s without voming The C5 is a bit blobby by my taste, though the notchback on the Z06s does break things up a bit... My fave will always be the early 70s, or even the early (more angular) C4s
  24. Hehe... just keep in mind my Princely stature and all will be well No wonder I'm afraid to pull down my own pants
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