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  1. WOW this is an old topic, not been on here in a long long time well i didn't think it would sell eithier BUT it did sell in under 2 weeks when i advertised it (i did sell cheap though, quick sale ). the guy that bought it spent alot on doing thing that EVEN I wouldn't do to it, he then decided after about 2 months to swop it for a hot rod. the last time i saw it on the net i wasn't happy tbh, it was at an auction and it was sold for alot more than i sold it for and it was battered, front splitter smashed in and a total mess. it wasnt to everyones taste (and no ones taste on here) but it stood out and got me in magazines/TV/meets/Shows etc etc, so it did its job. yes it did only cost me £50 a year to service, GT3's are amazing cars, they never go wrong (Remember my friend owns a garage ha ha). If anyone owns a GT3 and spends a fortune on maintenance your unlucky, i owned it 10 years and i NEVER had a major issue. cant even think of anything that cost over £150 to fix.
  2. LOL, love the comments and of course none of you know the guy so fair enough. i on the other do know the guy and if he wasnt so honest in his advert, not many ppl out there would know what has gone on with this car. externally it looks perfect to a RHD car, the "bits" up front are bang on. i know this because he borrowed my esprit to find out where everything went. i have seen the car in every bit of its evolution i think over the years and its a perfect job. i dont think many ppl could pull this off. he is not a hobbyist btw he owns a body shop so its a professional job and its always been stored at his business. he works with alot of tvr's/exotics etc (you can see his tuscan in the background) just thought i would clear a few things up thats all for ppl that may think he just stuck a steering wheel on the right and that was it lol
  3. Hi ppl I have a spare gearbox, anyone know how much there worth nowadays? (its also got a LSD in it so better than most - i have a monster 4 cylinder engine/ecu etc etc to match as well only done 1000miles if anyone has any clues on what that is worth as well) thanx
  4. Well well its been a long time. Hello everyone "even bibs" lol. Car has to go I'm afraid and it still gets loads of attention.
  5. wow thanx guys for all the info i have know purchased both temp sensors to make sure (inc some clutch gear, different post in other section lol) im going to replace them both and then check the WOT position like you suggested vince but i think that is ok as i got 1 bar the other day which is standard, im thinking as i had a battery problem for ages its messed with the ecu and in turn needs to be run in for 100 miles again. BUT as the temp sensors have been messing up even though the car has done 100miles it hasnt thought it was at temperature all this time and only occasionally. my boost should be 1.25bar.
  6. thanx simon, my garage guy just said the same thing tbh a bloke i know with a GT3 got a braided hose and it didnt fit so he used a land rover slave cylinder. i have contacted SJ to ask if there's fits as its for a V8 it says **steve just said i chose the wrong one lol, seems to be about 4 different types but he put me straight
  7. thanx guys. to recap on whats wrong as there seems some confusion LOL:- the dash is reading wrong and goes up and down and only ever reads 71-71 degrees and the highest i have replaced thermostat i dont seem to be getting full boost (very very occasionally i get 1 bar on WOT, but i run chip 10 with is 1.2 bar) i just wondered in a GT3 would i need to buy 1 sensor or is there 1 sensor for dash and 1 sensor for ecu RV_ABZ - can you remember the part number or did you buy the:- "WATER TEMP SENSOR (For ECM) (Charge cooled engine (in inlet manifold)) - £13.01 from SJ and you never had issues with the ecu? and it only giving you 0.65bar warming up boost
  8. Hi Thanx for the reply. Have you fitted a SJ one to your GT3?
  9. think i need to buy freescan, ive been putting off for years lol will look under the 'A' pillar aswell
  10. thanx rodger its stable and then goes down to say 50-60degrees and then back up etc, quite random. any clues where the earth is to the dash, or is it dash out time
  11. ok this issue has been going on years but need it sorted. my temp gauge reads 70 degrees then in 1 second reads 50 degrees, (thinking that isnt possible lol), also it doesnt seem to go over 72 degrees hardly ever. i run a 1.2bar chip and that hasnt worked in about 2 years now, im assuming the issue is with the temp sensors not sending the correct info to the ecu, it does however give my 1 bar on WOT sometimes when it feels like it. i havent really been using the car and when i do i just go to work but i went on a little hoon the other day with alot of big big power supercars and 0.75 bar just was a joke tbh. i have changed the thermostat in the last 2 months as thought it was that and its still random on the gauge, are there 2 temp sensors (1 for clocks, 1 for ecu?) thanx in advance for any help
  12. hi ppl just a quick question, when the car get warm (usually the outside temp not car temp) it doesnt change gears very well. the last time it did it was the worse as the biting point was on the floor and it would only just crunch into first to get home. we bled the clutch and there was air in it, which helped a little but i was told its common because the clutch pipe is plastic and expands in the heat, therefore letting in air. would getting a braided pipe help or am i waisting my money? i noticed SJ did one for £38 iirc for a V8 so not sure it will fit the GT3 anyone else had this issue thanx in advice
  13. Gkp. So you have put the LEDs in the sidelights? So you turn them on with your sidelight switch? (look alot nicer glow than the yellowish one) Not auto when the car starts so there just on and not the rear lights? As for vosa (well they would kick my ass anyway) mine are 100% legal Inc the dip function at night there not like the cheap eBay ones you stick on ya nova lmao (edit...sorry just re-read you meant the hid are a mot/visa issue. Extra tenner to the Mot it is then lol, prob like my door handles. Some places won't mot because there is no real law about them) Are you hid's good then? Give a nice White light? Where did you buy the kit ? Ooo lots of ???? Lol
  14. Where has he mounted his drl's? Hopefully mine will look factory when the mesh goes in. Well as good as the merc versions that look stick on, on top of the mesh. Mine will be surrounded by mesh and flush. Fingers crossed
  15. Is there a pic of it anywhere?
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