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  1. yeah i really need a staggered set (width wise) and maybe go 275 rears if it takes it and bring them out to the edge of the arch. i think i know the channel your on about i will go and look, nice one. i have 18s, do 19s clear quite alot still, rubber would be 245/30/20 iirc, i would do 235 but the price of tyres is more money need to try and source all sorts tbh, front and rear bumpers etc, will be doing barge boards next i think (in other words 2 bits of plastic ha ha, not paying crazy money for eithier wood or aluminium) & spray engine cover to match the vinyl accents and
  2. Ha ha ha ha I proper f##ked up there didn't I I look stupid most days so nothing new there. Embrace it I say I like exiges anyway so I might stay here, now even I wouldn't mod an exige I think apart from wings and bhp stuff. Sod it I would prob nitrous it like I did the esprit. I've known bibs many years on and off,,,,, he well and truly knows how stupid I am 🀣🀣
  3. straight in there no messing HA HA HA may consider 19" all round instead, shame im not in the states as they do a better range of 20"/19"s will be honest i don't really want too, i shall keep looking. oh and if you want to buy me a lambo that not a problem, aventador liberty walk PLEASEEEE (i love newish lotus ppl that don't know my lotus history over the last 15-20years LOL) im back to stir it up and keep you on your toes 😜
  4. Does any one know if this has ben done? I was EXTREMLEY luckily when i had my Esprit, i got the only set of 19"s & 18s in a set before the factory that made them burnt down. it SOOOO hard to get a staggered and different diameter set that fit perfectly, so possibly i may go for 20"s all round. i shall now answer the haters before they start BAHAHAHA πŸ˜„πŸ’“ 1. im not a track racer (+i will be keeping my original set) 2. i would love to do 19" + 20" but HRE rims ARE A JOKE PRICE 3. i'm a full attention whore and very much "look at me" 4. PLEASE dont go esprit group on m
  5. ahhh i know unit 4 now (weird as PJS and unit 4 have the same unit number), used to drive past there quite a few times a week on hawkins lane, just round the corner from my friends old garage and the other guys down wharf road. Might drop him an email when the time comes as he can do my trans fluid at S belt. Sounds good to me as i work in burton so can walk there.
  6. Might not do a full service c as looked at my book and it's had trans fluid at 14k and all the filters and brake fluids 3k ago, it was serviced again before I bought it. So maybe just need a belt and trans in 10k etc. Make up my own service schedule ha ha. Sparks,, oil etc anyone can do (it's a JDM car after all 😜😜) , just the trans as it's an ips I would like doing correctly.
  7. Random question to all the 10mile radius evora crew lol, mine is on 32k and now worried at 36k it needs a c service or at least box oil on top of service. I would usually go to a mate but he went out of business, why are some ppl saying Β£350 and others 1k, seems crazy differences. I'm unhappy if I pay Β£150 lol. Someone mentioned PJS, he is Β£1040 that seems insane. I never used a lotus place with esprit but I don't have that luxury now, clutch on the esprit cost me Β£280 πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. That's it I'm selling mine now, I like to own rare lotus's πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Need to change it ASAP πŸ˜… We must have the biggest congregation of them in the uk
  9. I just have a the ideas when it comes to modding, my friends are the ones that make the magic happen ha ha. My bodyshop friend built a car for someone that won every car show in Europe in a year. He did my esprit, actually invented the body kit, as of course they don't exist πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. My garage guy, sadly not in business now, did my nitrous systems, lowering etc etc, electric mods. Grew up around the max power generation I'm afraid ha ha. My elan and esprit were in max powers top 100 cars. Just makes you stand out in a car that already makes you stand out naturally, only owned the evora 4 mon
  10. WOW, so basically in a 10mile radius we have ALL the evora's ha ha Im from the esprit world originally & had probably the first heavily modded street show car, which some ppl loved & a lot in the esprit world hated LMAO, nitrous on a esprit and every panel changed why not ha ha. it was featured in a lot mags and even on 5th gear, ive been on the forum from the early days but had to sell esprit due to business issues, so hopefully im back now in the evora, how long for i don't know but i hope for a long time so i can upset everyone once more lol (evora ppl seem more into modding th
  11. I see a really nice white one with the GT wing around as well which is lovely. Always at DIY places in swad and burton, as the evora is a versatile estate car also 🀣🀣, I believe there is a pretty new one hiding somewhere near Measham as he is an old friends neighbour. He has a collection of loti.
  12. There are alot OF YES'S in reply to this spotted post 🀣🀣🀣 Twas me lol. It is the one from Burntwood, first time in my life buying from a dealer and they treated me really well in replacing bit and bobs for free afterwards. Hopefully in the future it won't be silver and will be modded but not too crazy, well for me πŸ™„. You in burton/swad then
  13. Not the best but a quick rev match with new zorst. In real life its louder. VID-20201011-WA0001(1).mp4
  14. All in mate Fitting... Made on the car bespoke... Choose your tip... Vat. Full stainless from manifold, the old exhaust weighs a tonne as well Contact powerflow they are a franchise around the country, usually ran from Mr tyre garages now I think. I'm near Burton on trent and there are 3 within 30 miles of me For some reason ppl think you have to buy one from a company but what is more perfect than a man actually bending the exhaust in front of you and asking how you want it to look and sound. Sod the £1500 ones 🀣🀣🀣bespoke for £260 with lifetime guarantee please.
  15. Thank you..... I'm soooo happy to here someone say this as I've been fretting about a leak. Ha ha ha. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  16. Hi guys Just had a straight pipe fitted to my na evora and WOW it sounds like a modified aventador it's incredible. But in non sport mode you can listen to tunes and it's pretty normal, just sporty (like it should be), no drone. (Β£260....bargin I thought and they had to remove the rear bumper as all the Allen bolts were rounding off) Question is, ppl go on about a valve in the original exhaust..... Where is it located as I need to plug the vacuum pipe I keep reading. Don't think I have one Thanks in advance
  17. THANKS MATE might go to my bodyshop tbh and see what we can do as like you said the prices are CRAZY there were a couple on here for about Β£150ish but it was years ago
  18. I looked for barge boards but all the post are years old, does anyone know of a seller that isn't lotus (wood for £££££ nooo). I like the idea of using the 4 existing bolts and sikaflex (bond) the centre as I don't want to drill near the wiring loom by the door I hear.
  19. Well I will wait till fitted etc. But they are a legit brand, mintex. Like we said its not a race pad. Next on my list I think a ball Joint is rattling passenger side.
  20. That's exactly what I thought, my is a daily driver so brake fade isn't an issue. Got them off ebay and to be fair the seller even contacted to check I didn't realise the front pads off a 2009 to 2014 are the rears on a 400
  21. Result... Mintex mdb3278 Β£27 Image above is incorrect they are 81.5 deep on front. That image is for the rears
  22. The ones I was looking at from mintex were Β£33 for the fronts, says they were for evora but I like to double... Triple check
  23. As I dont like to pay crazy lotus prices for parts lol, does anyone know what are the actual dimensions and part numbers for front pads on evora 2009-2014. As it's seems conflicting. I always remember my esprit GT3 used Β£18 pads from a peugeot 408 coupe ha ha. Thanks in advance Is this the correct size:-
  24. Hi @Bibs She is OK, had a few crappy years as her jewellery shop had to shut because of the first recession really, she carried on but in the end after 18 years it had to go. Had bad financial advise and ended up NEARLY loosing the house etc. So had to sell the supra and lotus for hardly any money. Kept the house thank god and with family help we are back ha ha. Still having to live with shop debt. Weren't LTD so couldnt walk away basically. Fingers crossed though w the lotus this week if the cash comes through OK. Won't be modding it in case it has to be sold in the future...
  25. Yeah the light blue became satin grey and a redesign later on.
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