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  1. Yes I wanted to do that years and years ago before anyone even tried it but the tech was alot back then and to be perfectly honest not got the cash to have the screens moulded into the dash etc etc. I haven't seen proper interior shots of the esprit but I assume it has screens on the inner pillars where you would normally look. That's what I was looking into having done. Very brave of lotus to go with this and I hope it isn't a stunt as it a very futuristic look. Again those pesky "boy racers" did it years and years ago. Like quite a few things you see on modern cars. It's like clothes on cat walks and a toned down version ends up in the shops. Rodger lmao now can you remember what my misses owns. Look at my sig. (clue is. It's the fast car in the family. So the cars stay)
  2. I have the tog standing by with the camera and new car rig he wants to test out I believe for moving shots. It's just not ready yet tbh. The mirrors are not just bolt on anyway you have to have new plinths made the diffuser is angled down and the end plate bend slighty. Remember it's more for show. Still needs drl's and extra mesh but on a massive save now as getting married next year abroad.
  3. Lol gkp. Bring it on. Ppl that see it so far want to touch it and they do they shall I or not dance lmao. I just say touch the damn thing it's like a normal paint job it's not going to mark it. Sorry bee Enn I forgot lmao. Please see the error in my ways all mighty peguin lmao.
  4. what it might be is the usual thing when you look at reviews on hotels etc. the bad reviews always stand out as the ppl writing them are a lot more graphic and want to be heard YES, i did start the post and YES, i do it because it does make me chuckle the fact ppl get so so upset about what i do to a object with 4 wheels. its not a religion its a car (then again religion's are b##s###, and cars make alot more sense,,,,oh yeah i went there LOL). everyone wants there car to be liked & stared at, or you wouldnt own these cars. just some of us want it more, and want to stand out from the crowd and i personally dont think its that much of "boy racer" mod and i have toned it down into a more 3rd party company style like hanman do to beemer etc etc. yes its different but not over the top. i will agree the zorst was/is a bit of a 50/50 thing even for me and there are things i would change slightly or still add to. just i think sometimes the non constructive critisms are funny as its just abuse and i know for a fact if i did it to them they would loose it, as kimbers said a few pages back, he likes the way i can take it in my stride (or words to that effect). good job really
  5. im only repeating what the person said in the post, i havent got a clue, all i know is i thought a car was going to hit me when i drove home from the bodyshop as i looked out the window and could see my wing and thought it was a car LOL not had useable mirrors in about 2-3 rears on the lotus LMAO, did you know they show you whats behind you, amazing invention too big or not too big there better than the other ones i had (and even johnathon will agree with that LOL) i love posting my car on here, as ppl get soooo nasty/opinionated. makes me laugh. p.s. thanx karmavore
  6. thanx molemot the doors have worked fine for 5 years so all good, and i love the boy racer comment, it was easier I THOUGHT to do the zorst like like, my guy said after it was easy where ever i wanted it as for the mirrors there s2000, and the lotus forum world LOVED them on a certain yellow car 2 years ago and they were a AMAZING mod as there more stable etc etc i forgot if the rest of the car is modded there not so good eh LOL
  7. quick rear end:- and mirrors at last:-
  8. johnathon you have gone mental LOL. your opinion etc etc so thats cool but 4/10 for the elan,,,,,noooooooo its prob the best car tbh (but i would still have the esprit if i had the cash as you would have too lol) anyway i havent read all comments but the line up is awesome and hasnt anyone picked up on the coolest addition to all the cars, the WING MIRRORS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOTUS dont just put them on for show there amazing and i assume there are tiny screens inside the cars as there cams on the ourside all in all, YES they are lambo esk but thats always been the case and the way there have to go but now there a proper threat to the big boys and go for it.
  9. congrats matey (hold on that just means another brummie DAMN lol)
  10. No matey I'm not. I go to Tokyo on Thursday but your welcome to vist. The mirrors need altering before they fit right do that will be done on my return hi kylie. Been a while how's things? Did think zonda a while ago tbh.
  11. Good job on the 3m stuff though round those compound corners.
  12. Jonathon I love your statement that boy racers do it. Think I better tell my bodyshop guy who has just fininshed half a car in real CF for a boy racer bahahaha.
  13. buddsy - you cant say that as mine is a travasty and the evora is produced by lotus LMAO. they cant be similar (and when they do a matt coloured one it will obviously be "amazing" LMAO)
  14. All lights and indicators are hidden behind the mesh. The drl's will be installed behind the mesh aswell when I buy them. So it's totally road legal (ish) as for lowering. Well every car I have ever had has been on the floor. This is quite high by my terms. You just have to be carefull. This is a reason I'm having a gt style splitterso that hits first.
  15. Buddsy. Thanx. I don't really do the modded thing as such now. When I go to meets now it's more super/hyper car meets with the big boys (lambos. Enzo. Zonda etc etc). What always surprises me is that the elite as such think the lotus is awesome and just stand there chatting about it for ages. Even though there driving murci's. Where as 90% of esprit owners are totally the opposite and dis agree with what I do. Must be a "heritage" thing in the uk as a fair few from over the water seem to get what I do. But like ppl say each to there own
  16. The door handles have been removed now for about four years. I use solenoids and a remote control to pop the drivers door and then a button under the steering wheel to pop the passenger door. The handles still work inside to get out the car. Not as easy as once thought to do the mod as there is no room to mountbthe solenoids in a esprit so the insides of the doors had to be cut and re-fibreglassed but it's one of my favorite mods along with the swage line removal to give it a smooth look
  17. well the front splitter hasnt been fitted yet eithier,,,,,oooo i cant wait for the reaction on that lol its all good though and does the job, maybe a de-cat is in order to throw some flames and burn the public on the pavement lol
  18. Johnathon from that angle in the pic it still looks the same lol. Apart from wing. I'm thinking of blacking the zorst anyway to blend in and the surround isn't made yet. I love the way ppl have opinions it great. Makes me laugh. As for the diffuser it stays as I like it and it's race style like mike s car which is awesome. The fact still remains though that I dare to be different and I personally think most of the time it works apart from a few moans. Johnathon lmao lmao.
  19. I used a wizards of nos kit as the USA kits aren't as safe and uk use pulesoids. I had the normal kit and ran around 90bhp jets. And had a stealth install wired through the heated rear screen. Rule of thumb is you can run 40% of your power in nos. Also mounting in the bonet prooved better for me I would love to run it again tbh. If you hook up your gear changes right it will put you in the very low 4s even 3s I was always worried about the gearbox as my tyres just gripped all the time. I never used mine too much. But it's amazing stuff. And don't let anyone tell you it's kills engines bla bla. As most ppl have never ran it and it's usually what they have heard from a friend
  20. I tried to go the veyron route before but it's alot harder than you think. And slot more expensive. In fact prob double whatthe whole job has cost just on a diffuser isn't happening and it's suppose to be a racer look as for the lights. Sorry but the new lights are the best mid anyone can do. I prefer my car to look newer and in the 2000s not the 1940s. But that's a preference. And as mine are all moulded in they look IMO better than lotus did originally and I think you might find the factory agree. One mirror has been purchased just waiting on a reply gor the secon. Def a must before the drl's. But I have the work buying dept on that one lol
  21. Wow options options lol I would love the s2000 mirrors but can't find any cheap at present so it's f1 for now as I have some does mjk like the reventon? Just wondered. As thar is stunning but extreme. Or the racing exige which has bits stuck on everywhere. As for money spent. Alot less I would think than 90% of owners do just buying nuts and bolts and servicing. Reason is I'm very fortunate to have a free mech. Trade parts and a award winning sprayer as a friend so let's say the amount most ppl pay for paint I pat for the whole job. Without these two guys I couldn't do it. That goes for misses monster supra aswell. That thing still kicks the lotus ass all day long. Lmao Ok I have put bids on s2000 mirrors on fleabay as suggested. Will look better. See sometimes I do take advice lol. Well misses has been telling me to do that from the start so she is happy now lol
  22. Thanx mike. But yours is still the ultimate on road beast.
  23. Mayesprit - your post made my day matey thankyou I'm glad you like it ninja - just had a look on ya profile. Close....I'm on your snowdome door step sir. Lol. We frequent there quite a bit as I'm near ashby only one junc up the m42. (I organised two big illegal cruises there back in my car scene heyday down at sainsburys. Over 1000 cars) Oogie if I could find my inbox on my iPhone I would unfill it lmao
  24. Rocket - it's not a wrap. As there for pretenders lol. And cost twice as much lots of mixed opinions. All good stuff I think you can't please everyone all the time and this post and my car proves that. All I know is it stands out in a crowd and also in a crowd of other esprits.
  25. Wow guys long replies. The bonet duct is just for looks only. So are the sides. These mods have been done for the last four odd years. As for the skirts etc etc they have also been done years and my favorite part of the car as the ground effects all round (love that phrase as it means a different thing in the uk mod scene. It means neons - which ppl may remember I have done aswrll and nitrous which I recommend to anyone) make the car low and sleek unlike the original height which is like a bus lmao. (I suppose lowering it two inches helps aswell) but this is now the third reincarnation of this car and I feel the best ever. May even go all attention whore and contact a mag or ten as the other version of the car was featured in numerous mags, tv, shows I like the fact also that the cars are rare (196 gt3s). But I also like the fact that I can stand out from those 196 and be different. I think my car has kept the lotusness still with the lines etc etc and it's not trying to be something else it's just a bit different. With the smoothed on arches and lights don't you think lotus if they had the cash would have done that aswell. Xspeedx I'm lovin your black beast. In the uk it seems ppl are scared to even look out the box sometimes
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