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  1. Thanx ninja. Appreciated Thanx mr kimbers. I agree it's better than all the creations. Not sure about painting the wing. You gotta love CF. Mate does want to matt it though which I can't decide on yet. The front vent, well it just makes it look different aswell as the side ones. As for looking street as such. That's not really the idea. This version I was going for a more hard look and racer inspired. The interior is next though. Only really a colour change and a little seat mod. More of a complete car this time. Feel the lurve. Lol
  2. I haven't been a stripe fan either but I thought it would look more gt style. Tbh the colours inspiration is the mighty reventon.
  3. will keep the stripe for now, reason being its was a bitch to put on lol nice to see mixed views though, hey you have to have ppl like me to mix it up a little
  4. bahahahahahahaha VERY FUNNNYYY BIBS (but also very true!!!)
  5. exactly, it will turn satin tbh my car isnt left outside ever and doesnt go many places, and the matt finish is a totally different animal, you can polish it to remove scratches but you have to REALLY careful, it has been done to manton's new re-styled civic (also done by my mate, and one 6 trophys the year already inc a couple from autoglym) and it stayed matt. but if you polish like you would a normal car yeah its will go satin look. this is why the car colour is great for me, no polishing LOL. i dont even like bloody washing cars at the best of times (dont know why it would need a special brush, gimick time me thinks lol, as laquer is laquer if its shiny or not, my mate has been through it all with the paint manufactures and its just like a normal paint job) simonb - i had the side exit to make the diffuser easier to make and not a daft price to get a new zorst made, basically he just turned the flange round and thats it. but he did say after the diffuser wouldnt have been that much different with a centre tbh as for the stripes, thats has been done because i wanted a offset colour to make the matt grey pop more and stop the muppet "is it primer" jokes, even though if you see it in person you sooo know its not primer. the stripes arent finished yet and the smaller stripe on the bonnet will have writing up it.
  6. KARMAVORE,,,i think i may look good in a lycra outfit and cape LOL, thanx matey oogieboogie - i do like to be subtle LMAO
  7. Ramjet. I didn't know that exige was bought out by lotus. As I was going to say that kimbers doesn't like it if it isn't "factory" lmao and all the gt racerS are crap aswell lol. Oh to be different each to there own though. I think I have stepped my car more into the oem limited edition look. I'm having Tiny esprit gt3 stickers made up in the new style writing aswell. Like I said not complete yet.
  8. Molemot. This is a total mis conception about keeping matt colours clean. I thought the same thing and looked into alot. My mate even sprayed his own car to test the paint and then drove to lambo in Italy and back 3000miles he has only washed the car three times in 6 months. And it looks mint everytime he washes it the reason is this is a real matt spray job the colour is Porsche mettsllic grey and it's lacquared with matt lacquer. So it's just like owning a normal shiny car that doesn't need polishing. You can wax it and still blow in stone chips.
  9. Lol. Kimbers Well I don't even expect you to like it lol. That's a given lol The way I see it if 80% of the general public like it it's a winner lmao. I expect the esprit massive to be undecided as I understand the mentality ha ha ha. But I like to put it up here as it makes me chuckle at some of the nastyness I get lmao. But I did think the new creation wasn't that bad for you all tbh.
  10. Ahhh long time katoand thanx. It was light blue justin with a different rear. Which I wasn't keen on. Not all finished yet though. Going for a usuable gt look. The pic angle doesn't to the wing justice tbh it's perfect dimesions for the car. Ramjet. The front still needs a gt splitter. New mesh. Drl's fitted my mate wants to change the front massivley but my budget couldn't stretch tbh.
  11. Lol. Hey rodger the old ones are the best eh lol
  12. here ya go ppl i have had a little re-model and a re-spray (NO IT'S NOT A CRAPPY VINYL WRAP ITS REAL MATT - with a twist in the sun) its only 90% complete but i thought i had to put it on lol, my bodyshop mate will kill me for putting on the web unfininshed lol the interior is being changed also so here is a quick taster anyway. i think the ppl that know me will be a little surprised. general remark so far has been, "doesnt it look more expensive", "is it the same car","lambo mate lol"<<<you gotta love those ppl so i hope ppl like it, again its not everyones taste but feel free to comment (there are bits missing still, zorst surround/mirrors/drl's/stripe finished,diffuser finished,splitter etc etc)
  13. I have the same issue and disconnected my switches for a week and the car is fine but it has been killing my battery in under a week. While mine is in bits for a week I'm going to rewire the live to the ignition so they turn off. Also buy a trickle charger it's been great in mine since buying a new battery.
  14. hi thanks again, to be cheeky how much were your seats as a guide price? pm if you dont want to say (on his website now i will send him some pics etc etc)
  15. dave - that looks like a really nice retrim tbh. very very professional where did you have it done? (and im thinking your a yam yam then lol, "ow yam ya like our kid" LOL, im more north mids near burton on trent end of M42)
  16. no major change "ish", colour change and a few extras, stealth is the new in ya face lol im sure ppl will have an "opinion" LMAO. it wouldnt be right if i was main stream now would it lol
  17. thanx alot matey, the place i got a quote from was south brum way so wooolllvveerrrhampton isnt a problem i do understand the diamond stich may put price up a little, might be worth having the lot done in leather, not as if the GT3 seats even have backs to them
  18. hi ppl just wondered if anyone knew a cheapish trimmer, i have just had a quote of £675 inc vat but i thought it was a little too much for what i wanted, and it went down to around £650 if i had leather and not alcantara. i DO NOT need the whole lot doing, i just want the centres of the seats in light blue (leather/alcantara) but diamond/quilted and a patch (gt/race style) about 6" on the side of the seat in black. so not a full retrim by a long way. i do understand the material is alot though and the mark up is alot also. thanx in advance ppl (p.s. to the ppl that know me, the car is in the body shop as i type, nothing to major,,,he he he he)
  19. Gkp think I love you lol. Prices aswell. Are they lotus parts or random do you know. Just I will give them my mate if non lotus and it's trade time lol. Looks like I better make a shopping list of electrical bits and get it sorted then off to the next step in the make over lol. I feel like gok hopefully all the advice works. It usually does. Thanx alot ppl
  20. Hi bibs weird as I mentioned that to justine about the mpg and I thought it was shite. Mmmm I will look at that link and get a battery asap I think. This is all pointing to battery and sensor issue more and more. Is it a normal vauxhall sensor does anyone know or is it lotus
  21. Thanx guys. I did wonder if the battery issue was confusing the ecu aswell. Think a battery and sensor change is in order then and maybe a solar battery charger they use on the exiges. Is the ecu sensor next to the sensor for the dash
  22. Hi guys any ideas on my problem. (the cars problem that is lol) it's been going on for about a year now but as it's only been going to work and back and its not really bothered me. But now its having a make over this month and it's needs sorting. It's gets to around 70 degrees and no more so I have had a new thermostat fitted on Friday but the temp gauge seems to read 70-73 then drops sharply (I mean in under a second then back up. Could this be the sensor? And also is there a sensor to the dash and a seperate sensor to the ecu? I run chip 10 but I haven't had over 0.7bar now for ages. I assume it's the temp problem and sensors. My battery has also given up the ghost. To start the car I have to charge the battery each time. Would this effect the ecu/chip? Reason for no new battery yet is I need to rewire the elec window switches as for some reason they stay illuminated and I think it's killing the battery as I don't use the car often any more. Any help appreciated. Thanx in advance
  23. must be a midlands thing mangel LOL, well we are the centre of the country. meaning we are the best lol (shhhh mine goes in aswell soon "maybe" he he he he)
  24. ahhh that was it, filter was about £0.50p (god there cheap), oil and i had something else (wasnt plugs as there was no point they were mint, some thing small anyway lol)
  25. why oh why are ppl being quoted £4k thats insane, dont ppl understand that you dont go to lotus or massive bodyshops, £2k would get you a glass spray job, my bodyshop man is doing a autoglym best of britain show car (if you have ever experienced these cars you will understand the quality and there being judged), this includes laying carbon fibre on the roof and down the sides and blending in the paintwork and general other mods (not a sticker btw real CF, its not an easy job on big areas), and the price is £2500-£3000. ppl must be seeing the badge coming honestly.
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