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  1. about £50 i think, cant even remember spending that but i know i did.
  2. i only read the first few posts and thought:- WHY DO PPL TRY TO SCARE PPL ABOUT PRICES TO KEEP IT ON THE ROAD mine cost nothing last year and errr nothing this year so far. a service is a normal price as its a normal engine and a mot is a mot. parts are cheap from sj sportscars and if you do the work yourself or have a friendly back street garage even better. £2k a year, well save the esprit money wait a couple of years and buy a noble LMAO
  3. i agree with howard, also doesnt really know much about esprits. "where did you get those seats, there not standard" errr there GT3 "it needs a touch up on the front look its cracked" errr im not here to sell it he just picked fault and i wasnt even there to sell/px as for prices OMG, what a rip off, but then again its a main dealer what do you expect. £198 for brake pads,mmmmm you can get them of a pug 406 for £18.50 or green stuff for £50
  4. wow I don't look for a day and it all kicks off even more. See isn't it fun when do things different lol Quikr yours looks awesome and looks actually the same wing but it isn't it seems well it's on. I will post a couple of pics of mine and supra. It looks different on the supra as it's high on the rear and very "jap" where as on the lotus it looks very low and flat, making the car look wider. So according to lotus I need to be shot. But hey mines lowered 2"-3" aswell lmao. It's been on a track once though with a wing on for a few laps and if I trusted the shocking Brakes it would have Bern better but it kept up with every car and they were big big power supercars. So in real life it's still not too bad (I'm not a racing driver like 99.9% of owners)
  5. cant be arsed to get the pic but what about the esprit with the ferrari badges and mods means all our cars are toss if your tarring me with the same brush as a totally different make of car. as for proper modders, they are LEAGUES ahead in alot of things, and the industry take ideas from them.
  6. now thats a plan. "oi daz will you cum to the toilet with me mate, i want you to video me with your phone" i think he took it the wrong way bibs? why is he backing away from me? LOL roger errr no (off to imdb, 2 secs lol)
  7. cant i dropped it down the toilet at xmas and the cam stopped working after i took it apart lol
  8. "grow outside" as in ppl seeing them, not just damn elise's LOL (tell ya one more person calls mine a elise lol) mine is not that rounded, its just moulded, still the same basic shap, def from the rear. i always wanted a GT style wing but never wanted a s350, apart from the one dave made which are so much nicier, and i had this test fitted and its PERFECT dimensions to the car. as for style direction, im hopefully getting a one off diffuser made and the exhaust is being a twin flat oval in the middle, i dont like the rear at all it was a failed design attempt in my eyes, but not got the cash to change it until now. all takes time. no im taking the PISS LMAO god i hate forums sometimes, you cant get across things. this is what causes problems. you really need to look at how man LOL's i use, there annoying i know (lol) but there is no point being too serious
  9. who is "Akerman"? as for speeds, well it depends on the style and angle of wing. but i generally agree bibs. thats it then, remove all spoilers/splitters from the esprits there pointless LMAO, as NO ONE here breaks the law ha ha ha. of course bibs, you can paint it pink and brown and its a winner LOL, or ppl get booted off forum lol
  10. LOL, im not into that scene anymore as it really doesnt exist and for your information, (i will use the jap scene) the "halfrauds" look as you all call it is very pro-active and most of the items used actually WORK, oh crap i forgot the s350 wing thats made of CF and is a blade, god there shite aswell and sooooo halfords. and im ready for the lotus tested it bla bla bla, yeah they tested it soooo prciously there all different bloody lengths lol, it was a look of course i defend it in the first post as i know whats coming, wheels/kit anything NOT standard is frowned upon, thats unless someone else does it he he he. each to there own and appreciate all cars. i just cant get excited about a car bought from a factory and cleaned each day, yes very very nice and appreciated but even on a limited run there are still more the same. im very very light hearted as you know bibs, and take it all with a "LOL" and its meant with a "LOL", but nice to see you are right in there with a slightly person attack. im the one still representing the brand at the BIG BOYS events not just lotus, the brand needs to grow outside its own little world to get respect for when the new esprit is launched. ppl see the badge and want to know more as it stands out and most ppl when they see it think its subtle. rear bumper change is next, more exige style needed LOL
  11. ha ha ha, i love posting on here, i only do it for the abuse i understand mike seks gt1 is shocking aswell isnt it as his is bigger (p.s. his car is AWESOME) (OH CRAP sorry thats ok as it originally was based on something lotus did, silly me) swear to god if lotus fitted this wing you would ALL love it LMAO
  12. here ya go, i said i would post a pic. (this is a test fit) it lines up to the mm to the sides of the car "not" the outer arch so it doesnt over hang, i can see perfectly out the rear and it the same height as the V8 wing. right to answer the abuse which may start LOL:- 1. yes its fully adjustable but i dont care about how much downforce bla bla bla its got, ITS PRETTY 2. no its not made in norfolk so i assume i should be burned 3. it was imported from japan 4. its does actualy "work" as a wing as its fitted to alot of to proper track cars but (read number 1) 5. yes i know i will have massive downforce on the back and need to get a splitter (im not a track guy though)
  13. well the bloke with the ruf pork did send it straight away to me in the post, like i said good service LOL (hopefully mine is fitted tomo so i will post a pic, so you can all tell me its nasty. even though its very tastefull and PERFECTLY (better than lotus) in line with the dimensions of the car to the mm)
  14. lol, def more woody loooking me thinks, dont think the new owner has a big shiny helmet. would you like to check that out please paul c before he vists (i ordered my new shiny wing 2 hours ago and its been dispatched already, now thats service)
  15. no sorry no paint job just a general tidy up really and slight alteration to bits that have annoyed me for 2-3 years. nothing spetacular, will be different though to the ppl who remember it from before, just tie'ing up loose ends at last. "viva la revolution"
  16. he he he, hey mangel the new wing will really upset the crazy's then wont it LOL if i stamp "lotus" on it though it will be ok im sure
  17. how did you guess, on the front LOL will give a pork some style in its life LOL
  18. ITS GONE!!!!! didnt take long lol everything i do is iconic my man, cutting edge, you ppl just need to step up you game LOL
  19. hi ppl right as some/most of you know my rear v8 wing is different to everybody elses, its normal on the sides and the centre has been chopped out and made in CF and raised on metal plates. well to make myself buy the new wing i have had test fitted lol, my V8 has to be gone out of my line of sight he he he so the wing is in 3 pieces, you clever lot out there could do allsorts with it inc putting rods inside the centre and re-glassing the wing into one section again giving you a really unique take on a v8 wing, maybe having black ends and airbrushing a fade into CF in the middle. its upto you if any one wants it for "FREE" come and fetch it basically?
  20. thanx guys and thanx mangel, you know you lurve it tooo!!!!
  21. donny 7-8 miles ish, but never go. not track person really unless a show is on. (always better on tv if you ask me LOL, but saying that i suppose you can see alot of the circuit at donny not just a straight and a corner)
  22. yep the mangel is correct, they will pull the cc quicker than pulling the esprit robin has black and silver on his and got pulled on the motorway and fined about 2 years ago, traffic cops usually know there stuff, normal plod are not so hot on things like that odd light ale lol, try no light ale and one less thing to worry about lol (all for the legal limit to be zero, stops confusion)
  23. depends how often you use the car and where you park it, "some" of the esprit owners dont even run front plates, this is the same offense as having a black and silver plate (£30). "some" have been getting away with it for 2-3 years inc getting stopped and never fine'd (yet)
  24. sorry read it wrong young bibs just a silly expense on any car under, guy here has one on his Z4M coupe and said he couldnt insure without it, told him im sure he could and who would want to steal a beemer LMAO
  25. errr, we are not in the high value market though. and tbh the esprit is not a nickable car. the reason is its quite rare and a proper thief would find it hard to shift. on the other hand a joy rider MAY steal it but there usually the type not to go through the hassle of trying to get into a garage etc etc, more easy side of the road type crimes. i have never ever been asked to proof the car has a tracker, cat 1 yes, but not a tracker.
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