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  1. QUICK TIP ON TRACKERS:- if there wired, you steal the car put it in the container disconnet the battery and bye bye car. waste of money TBH if on battery backup and depending on tracker deal, car gets stolen at 2am you realise at 6am, you phone the tracker place oooOOO its already in europe and there police dont give a rats ass about some uk car. waste of money if on there scheme where it moves at a certain time then its tracked (cost a fortune), its alot better but then you have to hope pc plod again cares and wants to find it,,,,better but costly all pointless if you ask me, its get nicked, sod it. give me the cash.
  2. young mangely mangel has a good point, how easy can you wrap sir johnathon. i do know someone having there whole car done, i dont want to try it myself and mess up anything
  3. ahhh a 2jz engine (the engine that english insurance companies "THINK" doesnt exist BAHAHAHAHA, unless its the RAC and they just dont care, why the insurance ask for engine type/number is beyond me anyway) that will be one fast deloreon i know that. mmmmMMMM can i get one in a esprit.
  4. wicked news,,,all the guys in the office are talking about it and they all have beemers LMAO "cant your car maker hack it guys, aaahhhh, viva la plastic revolution" see its going to be a cossie engine, i think there just going to roll out that blokes esprit from donny with t saph engine in the back LMAO "COME ON LOTUS DO A BRAWN"
  5. or a modded version of the above and you have mine (but not orange) (not me driving, but now has fully black rims, black tinted windows aswell)
  6. you gone 19"s front and rear? the rear should fit bang on even dropping it 2" and altering the camber back, i run 19" rears and 18" fronts and the car is lowered 2" on the rear and 1.5" front (iirc was a long time ago). and it runs fine no catching at all. apart from on full lock. but thats the price you pay to be different lol rari rims are looking very very nice, be carefull of the chrome though (they look chrome) im my experience uk + chrome rims are a bad bad choice. hope you like cleaning them or not drivin the car. (please change the centres,,,,,PLEASEEEEEEE) "BTW your my new hero" wwoohoooo mod it to death
  7. hi i wasnt in mine but spotted a BLUE SE on a f reg "i think" on the A511 coming from burton going towards ashby de la zouch. spotted you at the new traffic lights at midway (sunday 6th 1.20pm). looked good agaisnt all the other traffic, i now know how different mine is every morning at those lights LOL
  8. ive gone for a full length led flexbile strip and put it in the same place. iirc it a 70 led strip from flee bay at
  9. as "most" i have no idea how to run a car comapny but in my eyes, this is a good decision and with he links to rari it makes the next esprits jump into the supercar league alot easier as he is a "supercar" marketing man as for the F1, well if you read PH it mentions it may be backed by the government of malaysia so does this techinally mean lotus dont foot the whole bill, which would be amazing i obviously knows the would of selling cars, all he has to do is believe in the product imo, the designers deisign, engineers enginerr etc etc, each person has a job, he is there to sell sell sell. and to sell himself is the first thing. i think its a fresh start and should be embraced. yes stay with the heritage angle like rari do, but move forward now like mjk started, stop looking into the past look into the future. good luck to the danster (btw i have met dani behr LOL)
  10. its easy jonathan:- proper car = with arches proper car with style = moulded arches proper car with style and greatness = moulded and extended arches to make a full arch i hope this clears it all up LMAO
  11.! 1....lambo + slayer = HIPPIE DRILL (southpark ref.) dont understand why they would moan, he is only carbon offseting agaisnt there 10 bicycles LMAO
  12. its official i think i may want to stroke you LOL ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! my mech is heavily into american muscle and has about 3 full engines and a massive charger sitting in his garage, makes me think i need to go on the steal and then make him fit in lol
  13. cobraesprit - what sort of figures is that thing pulling? fastest esprit in the uk maybe? 6 speed so a possible 200mph? ITS AWESOME
  14. well its not me, sooooo im thinking it was the dark blue one thats around here, thought that was a v8 or s4s though
  15. like it, i have already spotted one near me, test muley. nice car, like all noble's. rear lights are the best bit (he he he - "waits for the next kid to come up and say is your car a noble mate")
  16. karluk29

    PH Wilton House

    oh hello australian reject/hobbit thing was justine in the vid lol? i cant remember. pete prob doesnt remember yesterday let alone a few days before, he didnt look so bouncy 30 secs later when the battery had died in the lambo sv OOPPPSSS leaving stereo on not a good idea lol. spoke to him in the week, snowboarding here we come!!!!!
  17. i like the rear diffusfer, i need to make one asap now and change zorst. but i think it sticks out to far personally. only a true modded if you change every panel LMAO
  18. karluk29

    PH Wilton House

    woohooo it was meeee, nice shot of my rear end there i must say. i was hiding down the end of the field with a friend in a white evo, i also managed to smash my splitting on the way in. low is the only way to go, you ppl in your jacked up esprits LMAO i saw the red stevens as i came in, was going to park next to it. skanky food eh, mmmm im confused, oh yeah i was in the VIP tent OOOOOooooo la de darrr (oh yeah and bought sandwiches in a cool box he he he, be prepared)
  19. was a very very good day and i good have blagged the esprit into the main area but i will be honest i felt embarrased. so parked with the little ppl LOL its a shame alot of ppl didnt see the gurston downs section and watching them blast up the hills inc the vipers who are just nuts smoking it every time they arrived on the line LOL. im gutted i had to pay a fiver for the charity GKP, oh no hold on its charity and only a fiver, i could have got in free but still paid (thats a first for me), and im thinking you dont see all these cars togther at breakfast club and doing full balls out 0-60's off the line. lord p's bug was insanely fast but totally quiet which is a bit of a anti-climax tbh. good weather and a good day, i think nick mason has only just got over robin trying to rape him (robin will call it "asking for a pic") only downside was the koinsegegegege broke down before it arrived and the spyker was sent to rescue it lol. shame as it was the one a friend of mine was looking to buy (maybe not now eh)
  20. well i dont know what your all moaning about, they attract insane attention for womans/girls/men (when i feeling like that BAHAHAHAH) and as for my misses,,,,well:- she drives a 410+bhp twin turbo modded supra is 38yo and still get asked for i.d. when buying alcohol "i offer lesson's on how to do this in my up and coming book" LMAO
  21. or remove the pop ups, find a new nsx/c5 vette conversion, and throw them in instead lol. one day i will do that (trouble is with the nsx ones, its a rare car to start with and damn expensive lol)
  22. or we could just ask a certain someone on this forum who's name appears very high up in the credits at the end about it LOL
  23. lol muppets well its on sunday and the list is at 135 cars so far in the "normal" sunday service. not inc the hypercars and ppl that bring friends etc etc. see 2 esprits on the list not inc me
  24. is this the "super meet" as just read that post and this is the link. midlands out the window then LOL if you go to cromer vist the "rocket cafe" on the beach and ask for louise, (justines ex saturday girl) i went to "tractor heaven"(norwich, cromer) last week and omg i hope you have a car park booked bibs as its zimmer frame central LMAO.
  25. mmmmmMMM i know i know (does a dance lol)
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