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  1. i want to go,,,,looks a mint day still love the lambos, and the murci is so cool,,,its a door thing lol
  2. i told you all NOS is the future LOLOLOL seriously though it will run fine on carbs, you can run 40% of your cars power again in nos, example 300bhp you can run 100bhp safetly. that is the recomendation from wizards of nos, and i say get there system as its alot better than the usa systems, as WON use pulsoids not solenoids, in "THE FILM" the shipped over pulsoids as the usa NOS kit kept breaking. my friend is a nos dealer so if you do want a price i can get you one, but they are cheaper on ebay and such likes. my friend install mine in no time at all, and that was the first time he had ever done one. ive had mine working in 1st gear but thats NOT advisable at all, 2nd gear and above.
  3. karluk29

    Donington Park

    i will be there sat/sun as i live 5 miles away he he going up with my mate in the elan on saturday, but will be in mine just to be the only one lol and sunday i will see you all hopefully (about 3pm then bibs he he), i will be the one NOT trying to be a "attention hoar" (yeah right, pppssss off shoots the new improved purge valves LOLOL)
  4. davey dave dave............ do pnm do a de-cat pipe that they can post or do i have to vist, still worried about how loud mine will be when i de-cat as i have no boxes at all,,,,,so so hard core lol good result though dave 333bhp is cool,,,,i need to do mine really, see if i can brake 300bhp, dont think i will
  5. OMFG,,,,even "I" think that is SO SO SO SO WRONG (is he belgian or german etc etc,,,,need i say more)
  6. here ya go, mine newly modded esprit click on more images
  7. thanx guys for coming to vist and the pressies, and of course bibs AS USUAL abusing waitresses at the pub hopefully see ya again at stoneleigh then max power and glad to see pingu aproves of the lotus he he he he
  8. they get barried anyway matey if its like the brum show
  9. im having a magazine shoot next thursday and been accepted to max power london in the top 100 uk cars section bibs get your shite sorted and get the saxo there
  10. ha ha ha cool well hopefully i should be ready by then,,,,infact i hope im ready be tommorow LOL bring on the modded beasties, "I AM THE FUTURE" LMAO
  11. me and pony are coming aswell yeah yeah controversy i hate causing trouble YEAH RIGHT!!!! bring on the beardie ones, robin "no door handles" fish & karl "OH FOOK WHAT YOU DONE" sherratt the purists are gonna CRY
  12. fail safe is being installed, but it will be installed inside the door, but as my gt3 has the boot catch inside it would mean going home to fetch the item i need to open the door. or just feck it and smash the quarter window, no big deal LOLOL and i am not removing the handles for that very reason becuse if power in the car fails your not getting out at all, NOT GOOD but hey it looks cute yeah yeah, and no mirrors eithier, well tiny tiny things near the side window, so the side is smooth
  13. right this hasnt been cheap at all fishy, my bodyshop man is furious at the price to be honest, but its out the way:::-- i have the drivers door working on remote, but they are wiring up the passenger door on a microswitch under the dash, so i pop my door and then pop the passenger, this also makes it easier when you pull up and let someone in instead of feckin with the remote. the solenoid is mounted directly below the catch, they have cut some of the door internal to mount it and removed the central locking system completely to get the room i didnt have my cam with me last night and was to busy looking at the front and perspex area in bonnet, but i will make sure i get pics b4 the cards go on and also i will find out the remote system, or just go on the net and look for a 2 channel remote, its that easy any will do, just the one i have got is quite cute to be fair.
  14. i know a ice blue car that might be there on its first outing HE HE HE well done fishy,,,AT LAST
  15. morning fishy the solenoids have been purchased at last and there basically boot poppers, and hopefully my bodyshop are trying to install them, i will get you the number of the place its a vw specialist, and there
  16. COOL i was having the lambo vt style twin roof vents made as they sit behind the sunroof but my design/inventor/mate/bodyshop guy lol, said no to the idea, im thinking i have no say in my car LOL
  17. hey i say "talk shite its great" and im good at it but there does need to be only one, i dont use yahoo does my head in, steves is cool, but why not conect it to anything and tell ppl, i like this one as its nice to use really need to get everybody together to get a proper fight going, and hopefully i will be in the middle arguing my side, which is usually just ME LOLOLOL and dave cheer up, your usually so gay, oh and happy LOLOL
  18. i say go on a real site 3500 LOLOLOL thing is lotus sites are mainly lotus owners so there cant really be more then say 3000 can there, only about that many esprits made lol
  20. oh they know there homos already mark LOLOLOL (i tell them everday LMAO LMAO)
  21. HI PPL nothing to say really thought i would just post in here first b4 the fish did lol as for technical stuff though, i think i have invented a new ram air conversion on my lotus, should get more air in, as i have made the side air intake flared lambo style, see if it works eh see i sort of made a tech point
  22. yeah ya prize is to take fish out for dinner OH YOU LUCKY MAN LMAO LMAO
  23. hello, ive been here a while now, well all of 3 weeks since you invented the colours LOLOL i belive the reason this is here is becuse the unity forum hasnt gone fully open yet and its been a year or so, i asssume he hasnt got the time which is fair enuff, as i am admin on a forum on the net with 3500 members it isnt a walk in the park at all so get it live, get to open for general use, get it on LEW sort it NOW you london homos
  24. no it will look different, unique, one off LOL oh sorry its the sheep boys, lets all look the same yeah yeah LOL get ready to cry LOL, the back at present looks like a 360 modena i was told on saturday
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