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  1. thanx guys. to recap on whats wrong as there seems some confusion LOL:- the dash is reading wrong and goes up and down and only ever reads 71-71 degrees and the highest i have replaced thermostat i dont seem to be getting full boost (very very occasionally i get 1 bar on WOT, but i run chip 10 with is 1.2 bar) i just wondered in a GT3 would i need to buy 1 sensor or is there 1 sensor for dash and 1 sensor for ecu RV_ABZ - can you remember the part number or did you buy the:- "WATER TEMP SENSOR (For ECM) (Charge cooled engine (in inlet manifold)) - £13.01 from SJ and you never had issues with the ecu? and it only giving you 0.65bar warming up boost
  2. Hi Thanx for the reply. Have you fitted a SJ one to your GT3?
  3. think i need to buy freescan, ive been putting off for years lol will look under the 'A' pillar aswell
  4. thanx rodger its stable and then goes down to say 50-60degrees and then back up etc, quite random. any clues where the earth is to the dash, or is it dash out time
  5. ok this issue has been going on years but need it sorted. my temp gauge reads 70 degrees then in 1 second reads 50 degrees, (thinking that isnt possible lol), also it doesnt seem to go over 72 degrees hardly ever. i run a 1.2bar chip and that hasnt worked in about 2 years now, im assuming the issue is with the temp sensors not sending the correct info to the ecu, it does however give my 1 bar on WOT sometimes when it feels like it. i havent really been using the car and when i do i just go to work but i went on a little hoon the other day with alot of big big power supercars and 0.75 bar just was a joke tbh. i have changed the thermostat in the last 2 months as thought it was that and its still random on the gauge, are there 2 temp sensors (1 for clocks, 1 for ecu?) thanx in advance for any help
  6. hi ppl just a quick question, when the car get warm (usually the outside temp not car temp) it doesnt change gears very well. the last time it did it was the worse as the biting point was on the floor and it would only just crunch into first to get home. we bled the clutch and there was air in it, which helped a little but i was told its common because the clutch pipe is plastic and expands in the heat, therefore letting in air. would getting a braided pipe help or am i waisting my money? i noticed SJ did one for £38 iirc for a V8 so not sure it will fit the GT3 anyone else had this issue thanx in advice
  7. Gkp. So you have put the LEDs in the sidelights? So you turn them on with your sidelight switch? (look alot nicer glow than the yellowish one) Not auto when the car starts so there just on and not the rear lights? As for vosa (well they would kick my ass anyway) mine are 100% legal Inc the dip function at night there not like the cheap eBay ones you stick on ya nova lmao (edit...sorry just re-read you meant the hid are a mot/visa issue. Extra tenner to the Mot it is then lol, prob like my door handles. Some places won't mot because there is no real law about them) Are you hid's good then? Give a nice White light? Where did you buy the kit ? Ooo lots of ???? Lol
  8. Where has he mounted his drl's? Hopefully mine will look factory when the mesh goes in. Well as good as the merc versions that look stick on, on top of the mesh. Mine will be surrounded by mesh and flush. Fingers crossed
  9. Is there a pic of it anywhere?
  10. Thanx for the info on the HID's. I have been looking at a kit that gives you 6000k so that hopefully shouldmstch the LEDs I hope. I have seen a pic of them on a range rover were they have only fitted one side and kept the other standard snd there is quite a difference. So on the esprit it should be an even bigger difference as the ranges cone with xenon type bulbs anyway, which are brighter than ours Also found a bloke in the US that's done it to his s4s and it's a very very clean light. As for the main beam it doesn't reslly bother me but I know the kit your on about I think. As long as my dip is good and matches the led that's what I'm after, as at present it looks stupid at night being two colours.
  11. Oooookkkkk Rodger. Does the nurse need to come and fetch you again LOL
  12. What make are the ones you have dave? Only these have the dim feature and are long enough. Just my friend with a z4m coupe wanted a set. Not sure they would fit a esprit right with a standard front end? Dave Yeah I see the ones ya selling now. The ones I have are twice as long and look alot like the pork 911 style. Quite a deep mounting and LEDs are double stacked aswell because of the clever stuff going on in the box itself. Like I mentioned it took a while to get the non add on look ones really. Ooooo hid light replacement. That's my issue now as my lights against the shiny LEDs look god awful and yellow. Does the hid kit give you the proper White/blue xenon glow?
  13. Bad bad bee Enn. You know you don't like wings lmao. Bibs what do you mean. I "had" a black iPhone but I lost/had it nicked (ok ya right the one I have now is White lmao lmao with a baby blue back to match the original car cover lmao)
  14. Thanks bibs. Was on iPhone and flickr was easiest way to post a pic
  15. see what ya think. It's taken in daylight and there as bright as the Audi style ones Inc when you turn On the lights they dip down (legal requirement). No switches at all and they detect the car is charging And turn on like oem versions. So when the car is turned off they stay on for around 5 secs which is Quite cool. When the new style plastic thick mesh is install they should look a standard fitment. Getting ahead before the 2011 influx on all new cars lol.
  16. just found this by accident, had a couple evora's and a exige,,,,,,and it seemed the manager had a pork 911 LMAO. well at least he sold cars with style (sorry for the blurry pic i took it on the iphone from the pc monitor, as work uploading has gone tits up lol)
  17. LOL only to be replaced by something else more pimp in a year, nothing to do with that marriage thing im afraid roger lol (but the new news is she doesnt want to sell it now / cant decide / cant see it leave) DRL'S have been ordered and should arrive today, i tested them in the shop and i couldn't see for about half hour LMAO, note to self don't stand there with work colleague arm out stretched and test the drl's in your own face lol. did however grab a box each and stand at either end of the massive store and flash at each other,,,,,,then turned the lights on OOOEERRRR
  18. yeah i did hear that, but got my specialized before hand, and saving a shed load between myself and misses by me biking £150-200 a month and miles down on the lotus and supra (BTW if ppl want real speed the SUPRA is up for sale, its only done 2000 miles this year, and its a mint example even if i do say myself)
  19. Didn't know you were a bikemonkey bibs. I've only just started as I have done that bike to work scheme.
  20. you know you love the outfit LOL shame there for midget feet bibs or i would of had them
  21. did you love it bibs!!!! did you question your sexuality for a moment LOL i text manton the pic for a laugh saying he had to get all the gear and the smart arse in his wisdom put it on his FB page as for the 50p one, im thinking it looked nothing like mine LOL. i have had a few ppl say oooOOO it looks like this one i saw the other day bla bla LOL. makes me chuckle because i know for a fact it cant look like any other, as non of it is off the shelf, or if it is its been altered LOL. standard is not the way forward LOL
  22. it just makes it more OEM edition i thought matey as for gayness though, manton is buying a road bike today hopefully so we are hopefully going riding together,,,oh yesss in LYCRA LMAO
  23. justine has "REAL" anti radar paint on her rear calipers LMAO thanks RAF lol
  24. NO WHERE!!!!! its classed as a modification so illegal on a esprit i hear LMAO (but apart from that in the centre under the number plate)
  25. thanx guys its "STEALTH" like a fighter jet LOL, and no one looks at them when they fly over head he he he
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