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  1. Not a fan of silver cars but it was not a bad deal a year ago, so a bit or orange has now been added. Mirrors... Bespoke tilted edged Barge boards.... Engine cover inc light up engine at night and through vents lol. 

    Needs some front and rear orange now. Then alot of saving for the big mods. IMG_20210824_182238.thumb.jpg.9e65dd89624a6dedd4cba092c8bb94ea.jpgIMG_20210224_182714.thumb.jpg.8f4fcda5e6a26fc8d23bc9c67ea2b722.jpg



  2. Yeah., looking at the package they offer I would need a st/st manifold making (that's where the money is) and a £40 K & N panel filter. Which I will get anyway. I do like the BOE intake and cones but there is alot of work to blank it off from the engine bay heat. Prefer to spend on cosmetics LOL. sa looking through what they do basically I would need a man hole straight through which is where the money is saying that the Aluminum for the barge boards has just arrived.

  3. I did think a map on a NA giving 40bhp was a little high, i have a plack style straight pipe on the rear anyway, would
    love to remove the pre-cats as well, but thats alot of money i could spend in other areas of the car. I personally think
    just removing the massive weight of the exhaust helps (i believe around 35kg). very interested in an induction kit, do
    k&n panel filters help alot? or is it again shelling out for a crazy priced BOE intake from the states. alot of the mods for
    the evora seem very highly priced, i can only assume its because of the low volume there selling. i had my exhaust made
    for me in st/st for £240 iirc, that is a 1/4 of the price i see ppl paying.

  4. I thought i would ask, to see if anyone had done it.

    surprised most cars aren't encrypted, unless the map removes it etc

    only met the guy today, i might ask to see if it can communicate

    he seems to have a lot of gear and said map companies do different things, i can't remember which
    box of tricks he said was better to use. ive read on the forums that ppl have messed with setting though etc?

    are they running (quoting F&F) "stand alone fuel management systems" :)


  5. Hi

    i've just had map on our battered diesel saab run-around to remove a few things lets say :)

    i spoke to the guy and he looked up the lotus and there is a stage 1 map available for it, it came up with the same
    ECU as the "S", the "S" remap gave an extra 40bhp IIRC but the NA was close to that also. Im used to turbo cars
    (not owned a NA in 20 years) so im surprised anything could be done Map wise without duct taping a turbo under it ha ha

    anyone had a map on an evora? i assume it would just alter the air/fuel mix maybe.

  6. 1 hour ago, C8RKH said:

    Get a cheap bluetooth OBD reader from ebay, get the free torque app on your phone and you can do 0-60/62 tests, in gear pulls etc and it is all registered onboard using the ECU/satellite etc and fairly reliable. However, personally, I never subject my cars to a screaming launch from standstill. Once moving, yes, I'll floor it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd etc, but I will not rev it out to 3,4k revs then dump the clutch to launch.  I just do not see the point of putting the clutch and transmission through that pain.

    It's like spinning up the wheel and laying down the rubber or doing doughnuts. Just do not see the point. Maybe I'm just an old fart. (well, I am actually. And a grumpy one too)

    Well us IPS ppl have an advantage here, it does a lot less damage

    i always said i wouldn't go auto and im still not used to the manual paddles but the car was not a bad price and low miles


    as for accuracy, i assume its not smack on at all, but then my speedo is horrendously out, the only way is proper equipment
    or speed/timing traps on drag strips.

    just a bit of fun. wonder what lotus used. maybe fred the farmer in a field counting 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi :) :) :) 

  7. 1 hour ago, TdM said:

    Should be fine to launch an IPS. Left foot hold launch might cause some strain on the torque converter if held for too long outside of that no worries about mechanicals really.

    0-60 tests were pretty vague anyway. When did Lotus test it? On what surface? You probably want a nice sunny but slightly crisp day so the tarmac is warm but the air cool enough to give max power. What tyres are you on? PS4s will give a better launch than the pirelli they will have been using, Cup 2s better again. So on...

    I rarely feel the NA needs more poke. Only when overtaking really. I prefer that occasional feeling to the frustration of rarely being able to deploy what it does have.

    I'm on errr..... Shite no names on the rear and neros on the front. It came with them on with lots of tread so will buy better tyres when they need replacing. 

    I just launched it on a random bypass near my house which makes the time even more impressive. How accurate it is I don't know but I made sure I sat there 15secs so all GPS was OK. (cars coming the other way did look at me funny ha ha). 

    I am reluctant doing a left foot launch tbh. Maybe a quick 2000rpm and go but nothing silly and only once. 

    If I really wanted to go for it I would take it to Pod on a glued launch (my mate is one of the race directors) but not interested, I just thought it would be a fun experiment. 

    It does run out of a little puff over 140mph I know that. Shame as my esprit GT3 was still going at 173mph.

  8. Well it's Japanese (shhhh) so I hope bulletproof ish. Tbh it's the first time I have done (just on a whim while at Screwfix ha ha ha) it was fully warmed up, mine gets very little angry driving as its a daily to work. I'm more a look at me person ha ha. A lot of body mods are planned. Wish there was a proper turbo upgrade for the NA. I know it's been done but never sold on the market. 

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  9. Hi guys

    I know it's about handling before ppl start ha ha

    Always a laugh to do a 0-60 pull to see, well very very impressed. I'm in a NA IPS and book says 4.9-5secs. 

    With GPS timer etc. 4.6secs, Impressed, in manual mode and I didn't left foot brake off the start either so maybe 4.5secs.

    Anyone tried it and got under book, tbh with my. Other lotus's I noticed the factory slightly down play there numbers especially top end.

    (I have removed the exhaust,,,, soooo heavy, and has a plack style from the manifold, so that will help weight wise) 


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  10. yeah i really need a staggered set (width wise) and maybe go 275 rears if it takes it and bring them out to the edge of the arch.

    i think i know the channel your on about i will go and look, nice one.

    i have 18s, do 19s clear quite alot still, rubber would be 245/30/20 iirc, i would do 235 but the price of tyres is more money

    need to try and source all sorts tbh, front and rear bumpers etc, will be doing barge boards next i think (in other words 2 bits of plastic ha ha, not paying crazy money for eithier wood or aluminium) & spray engine cover to match the vinyl accents and lit up engine)  

  11. Ha ha ha ha I proper f##ked up there didn't I 

    I look stupid most days so nothing new there. Embrace it I say

    I like exiges anyway so I might stay here, now even I wouldn't mod an exige I think apart from wings and bhp stuff. Sod it I would prob nitrous it like I did the esprit. 

    I've known bibs many years on and off,,,,, he well and truly knows how stupid I am 🤣🤣

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  12. straight in there no messing HA HA HA

    may consider 19" all round instead, shame im not in the states as they do a better range of 20"/19"s

    will be honest i don't really want too, i shall keep looking.

    oh and if you want to buy me a lambo that not a problem, aventador liberty walk PLEASEEEE

    (i love newish lotus ppl that don't know my lotus history over the last 15-20years LOL)

    im back to stir it up and keep you on your toes 😜


  13. Does any one know if this has ben done? I was EXTREMLEY luckily when i had my Esprit,
    i got the only set of 19"s & 18s in a set before the factory that made them burnt down.

    it SOOOO hard to get a staggered and different diameter set that fit perfectly, so possibly
    i may go for 20"s all round.

    i shall now answer the haters before they start BAHAHAHA 😄💓

    1. im not a track racer (+i will be keeping my original set)
    2. i would love to do 19" + 20" but HRE rims ARE A JOKE PRICE
    3. i'm a full attention whore and very much "look at me" 
    4. PLEASE dont go esprit group on me and tell me im "ruining" the handling, keep it standard, "if i see you i will punch you in the face you ####"
    (yes that was a real quote from a die hard)

    even if i bought them seperate its hard getting matches, thinking 20" x 8.5j fronts and fingers crossed a 20" X 9,5j rear

    Rear is fine and the front running a 245/30/20 "should" not be far off, i will admit i haven't looked at the distance from the strut as standard


  14. Might not do a full service c as looked at my book and it's had trans fluid at 14k and all the filters and brake fluids 3k ago, it was serviced again before I bought it. So maybe just need a belt and trans in 10k etc. Make up my own service schedule ha ha.

    Sparks,, oil etc anyone can do (it's a JDM car after all 😜😜) , just the trans as it's an ips I would like doing correctly. 

  15. Random question to all the 10mile radius evora crew lol, mine is on 32k and now worried at 36k it needs a c service or at least box oil on top of service. I would usually go to a mate but he went out of business, why are some ppl saying £350 and others 1k, seems crazy differences. I'm unhappy if I pay £150 lol. 

    Someone mentioned PJS, he is £1040 that seems insane. 

    I never used a lotus place with esprit but I don't have that luxury now, clutch on the esprit cost me £280 👍👍

  16. I just have a the ideas when it comes to modding, my friends are the ones that make the magic happen ha ha. My bodyshop friend built a car for someone that won every car show in Europe in a year. He did my esprit, actually invented the body kit, as of course they don't exist 🙄🙄😅😅. My garage guy, sadly not in business now, did my nitrous systems, lowering etc etc, electric mods. Grew up around the max power generation I'm afraid ha ha. My elan and esprit were in max powers top 100 cars.

    Just makes you stand out in a car that already makes you stand out naturally, only owned the evora 4 months and I have had a few "is it a mclaren mate" comments 🤣🤣🤣


    Drove though Coalville/leic area the other day.... "Maybe" racing an new m4 competition black,,, not a beemer fan but wow, unofficially I can say the evora is quick to 135-140mph but starts to slooow down. I'm in a NA so I'm thinking that's why, on the corners though the beemer didn't stand a chance. Handles better than an esprit. 

  17. WOW, so basically in a 10mile radius we have ALL the evora's ha ha

    Im from the esprit world originally & had probably the first heavily modded street show car, which some ppl loved & a lot in the esprit world hated LMAO, nitrous on a esprit and every panel changed why not ha ha. it was featured in a lot mags and even on 5th gear, ive been on the forum from the early days but had to sell esprit due to business issues, so hopefully im back now in the evora, how long for i don't know but i hope for a long time so i can upset everyone once more lol (evora ppl seem more into modding though). Im feeling front & rear bumper changes, barge boards, splitter etc. serious wheels, lit up engine, maybe rip out rear seat for harnesses and sub etc etc etc, as i intend to keep it for life now a twin turbo conversion + nos. 

    see how it goes, i assume there are still meets in the warmer months. i'm an old school supercar london tunnel runner and used to organise cruises and errr "cough" street racing. not been in that game for many years now though. 

    EuropaSman, your only 4 miles from me then as i live near the clock garage (where you saw me)

    what is classed as a launch edition? (not really up on evoras tbh) mine is a 2012 but tbh i think it was made in 2011, had a lot of issues when i bought it as i couldnt insure the car because DVLA etc thought it was a Evora S manual.


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