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  1. I just have a the ideas when it comes to modding, my friends are the ones that make the magic happen ha ha. My bodyshop friend built a car for someone that won every car show in Europe in a year. He did my esprit, actually invented the body kit, as of course they don't exist 🙄🙄😅😅. My garage guy, sadly not in business now, did my nitrous systems, lowering etc etc, electric mods. Grew up around the max power generation I'm afraid ha ha. My elan and esprit were in max powers top 100 cars.

    Just makes you stand out in a car that already makes you stand out naturally, only owned the evora 4 months and I have had a few "is it a mclaren mate" comments 🤣🤣🤣


    Drove though Coalville/leic area the other day.... "Maybe" racing an new m4 competition black,,, not a beemer fan but wow, unofficially I can say the evora is quick to 135-140mph but starts to slooow down. I'm in a NA so I'm thinking that's why, on the corners though the beemer didn't stand a chance. Handles better than an esprit. 

  2. WOW, so basically in a 10mile radius we have ALL the evora's ha ha

    Im from the esprit world originally & had probably the first heavily modded street show car, which some ppl loved & a lot in the esprit world hated LMAO, nitrous on a esprit and every panel changed why not ha ha. it was featured in a lot mags and even on 5th gear, ive been on the forum from the early days but had to sell esprit due to business issues, so hopefully im back now in the evora, how long for i don't know but i hope for a long time so i can upset everyone once more lol (evora ppl seem more into modding though). Im feeling front & rear bumper changes, barge boards, splitter etc. serious wheels, lit up engine, maybe rip out rear seat for harnesses and sub etc etc etc, as i intend to keep it for life now a twin turbo conversion + nos. 

    see how it goes, i assume there are still meets in the warmer months. i'm an old school supercar london tunnel runner and used to organise cruises and errr "cough" street racing. not been in that game for many years now though. 

    EuropaSman, your only 4 miles from me then as i live near the clock garage (where you saw me)

    what is classed as a launch edition? (not really up on evoras tbh) mine is a 2012 but tbh i think it was made in 2011, had a lot of issues when i bought it as i couldnt insure the car because DVLA etc thought it was a Evora S manual.


  3. All in mate

    Fitting... Made on the car bespoke... Choose your tip... Vat. 

    Full stainless from manifold, the old exhaust weighs a tonne as well

    Contact powerflow they are a franchise around the country, usually ran from Mr tyre garages now I think. I'm near Burton on trent and there are 3 within 30 miles of me

    For some reason ppl think you have to buy one from a company but what is more perfect than a man actually bending the exhaust in front of you and asking how you want it to look and sound. Sod the £1500 ones 🤣🤣🤣bespoke for £260 with lifetime guarantee please. 

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  4. Hi guys

    Just had a straight pipe fitted to my na evora and WOW it sounds like a modified aventador it's incredible. But in non sport mode you can listen to tunes and it's pretty normal, just sporty (like it should be), no drone. (£260....bargin I thought and they had to remove the rear bumper as all the Allen bolts were rounding off) 


    Question is, ppl go on about a valve in the original exhaust..... Where is it located as I need to plug the vacuum pipe I keep reading. Don't think I have one


    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi @Bibs

    She is OK, had a few crappy years as her jewellery shop had to shut because of the first recession really, she carried on but in the end after 18 years it had to go. Had bad financial advise and ended up NEARLY loosing the house etc. So had to sell the supra and lotus for hardly any money. 

    Kept the house thank god and with family help we are back ha ha. Still having to live with shop debt. Weren't LTD so couldnt walk away basically. 

    Fingers crossed though w the lotus this week if the cash comes through OK. Won't be modding it in case it has to be sold in the future........ I say I won't mod it but straight pipes are a must I'm thinking ha ha. OK maybe a big ass wing.... Ok eventually a GT front and rear bumper swop.... Ahhh maybe stereo upgrade. Will all be standard looking though. 

    Did I mention nitrous yet, well that's not a mod isn't it just part of everyone's ownership

    How's you anyway? Still got your own business

    19 hours ago, Mark Blanchard said:

    Hi Karl,

    Congrats on your car.  Don't do what you did to this.



    Wow it looked normal in the pic, with better wheels. I will be keeping it standard.... Ish. In case I need to sell. 

    Needs a straight pipe exhaust OF COURSE 

    Nitrous??? That's just standard upgrades 😜😜😜

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  6. Yep I had a few financially crappy years with a 54 plate fiesta.... Modded audi cab...modded Merc slk (which is best forgotten, got screwed by a dealer). But thought sod it, misses said just buy the evora, worst comes to the worst we have to sell it, but for now woohoo. A car that screams LOOK AT ME again 🙄🙄


  7. Well hello lotus ppl..... And @Bibsha ha (remember me, hope ya good matey) 

    I've just signed on the dotted line today for an evora ips 2012. (loan pending lol). If anyone remembers me I'm the original esprit modder 😜😜😜. Don't worry the evora will stay standard for a while anyway. But I love my nitrous and big wings lol

    Thought I would say just say hello even though I do have quite a few posts under my belt. 

    Am I the only person after the test drive that said I feel it shouldnt be so comfy ha ha. 


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  8. WOW this is an old topic, not been on here in a long long time

    well i didn't think it would sell eithier BUT it did sell in under 2 weeks when i advertised it (i did sell cheap though, quick sale :cry:).

    the guy that bought it spent alot on doing thing that EVEN I wouldn't do to it, he then decided after about 2 months to swop it for a hot rod.

    the last time i saw it on the net i wasn't happy tbh, it was at an auction and it was sold for alot more than i sold it for and it was battered, front splitter smashed in and a total mess. 

    it wasnt to everyones taste (and no ones taste on here) but it stood out and got me in magazines/TV/meets/Shows etc etc, so it did its job.

    yes it did only cost me £50 a year to service, GT3's are amazing cars, they never go wrong (Remember my friend owns a garage ha ha). If anyone owns a GT3 and spends a fortune on maintenance your unlucky, i owned it 10 years and i NEVER had a major issue. cant even think of anything that cost over £150 to fix.

  9. LOL, love the comments and of course none of you know the guy so fair enough. i on the other do know the guy and if he wasnt so honest in his advert, not many ppl out there would know what has gone on with this car. externally it looks perfect to a RHD car, the "bits" up front are bang on. i know this because he borrowed my esprit to find out where everything went. i have seen the car in every bit of its evolution i think over the years and its a perfect job. i dont think many ppl could pull this off.


    he is not a hobbyist btw he owns a body shop so its a professional job and its always been stored at his business. he works with alot of tvr's/exotics etc (you can see his tuscan in the background)


    just thought i would clear a few things up thats all for ppl that may think he just stuck a steering wheel on the right and that was it lol

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  10. Hi ppl


    I have a spare gearbox, anyone know how much there worth nowadays?


    (its also got a LSD in it so better than most - i have a monster 4 cylinder engine/ecu etc etc to

    match as well only done 1000miles if anyone has any clues on what that is worth as well)



  11. wow thanx guys for all the info

    i have know purchased both temp sensors to make sure (inc some clutch gear, different post in other section lol)

    im going to replace them both and then check the WOT position like you suggested vince but i think that is ok as i got 1 bar the other day

    which is standard, im thinking as i had a battery problem for ages its messed with the ecu and in turn needs to be run in for 100 miles

    again. BUT as the temp sensors have been messing up even though the car has done 100miles it hasnt thought it was at temperature all this time

    and only occasionally. my boost should be 1.25bar.

  12. thanx simon, my garage guy just said the same thing tbh

    a bloke i know with a GT3 got a braided hose and it didnt fit so he used a land rover slave cylinder. i have contacted SJ to ask if there's fits as its for a V8 it says

    **steve just said i chose the wrong one lol, seems to be about 4 different types but he put me straight

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