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  1. try shooting a little starting fluid in the intake, if it does not start there is either a problem with the fuel system or the cam belt jumped.
  2. its a teves system. can't say i know much about it. I'm pretty sure that they use they same accumlator as we do( after all it was the jag guys that bought out all the old pn accumulators). Also don't let the diagram fool you. The lotus powermaster was modified to fit under bonnet. Best to try and get specs on the reatta system and see. Powermaster /teves service notes come up on ebay once in awhile.
  3.|outline the jag guys are using 25533770 with and different harness 12117277. don't know if this will work. This was use on the buick reatta 90/91. and are plentiful
  4. don't know what years it will fit although it does say it is the upgraded switch.
  5. there are 3 on ebay at this time
  6. my post from way back. don't know if the pics come up anymore very easy to mount up front of the car. don't even have to drain the coolent out.
  7. got mine from jae you can also do ebay look for powermaster abs or grand national . had them don't know if they still do
  8. I've also used it. The nice thing about this is it can be charged as a gas. Most other blends are charged as a liquid. This is important, if you still have a small leak the liquid blends will vent off at different points thus changing the make up of the blend. Also freeze 12 has lower operating pressure that many blends, and is one of the few that actuall get as cold as R-12. Plus no change over on oils is needed
  9. 3m makes a zinc spray I used that with a satin clear coat. Looks original.
  10. I've used freeze 12 in a 92 ford van and a 71 dodge Challenger RT. Both worked very well. The neat thing is you don't have to change the oil out of the system. You also use only 90% of the normal charge vs freon. If you can't get or use real freon 12 then freeze 12 works just great!
  11. about 15,000 miles. After running your car to operating temp, you can see if your chargecooler is working by feeling the top charger cooler with your hand( careful it may be hot) It should be cool to the touch( the same temp as the outside air). if not ,it's shot. I would replaced with an electric as it should last the life of the car.
  12. the accumulator *( new part number 25528382) is available from it's about $100. the pump is available from for around $250. You may have to call priorreman as the powermaster setup on the esprit is slightly different than on the GNX and the TGP's(seperate pump form mastercylinder unit) cardone hope this helps
  13. had the same problem with my 91 SE. Soaked the hubs with pb blaster, Then I jacked up the car and wedged a sissor jack between the tire/wheel and the suspension brackets. And slowly cranked on the jack. This was a tiedous process as you have to rotate the wheel at times so it would not bind on the hub. Finally came off without any damage. I then used a die grinder to open up a bit the inner wheel hub, and then for good measure used some good copper anti sieze on the hubs. Have had no problems ever since.
  14. It is a direct replacement . However the new unit has an allen head on it in order install it as opposed to a hex head. No big deal, but appearance is not exact because of this.
  15. As of right now the pump and impeller is still mounted to the engine. Since the impeller was shot to begin with ,there is no restriction( who knows where the little plastic bits are) but i've been running this set up for two years now with no problems. the chargecooler is cool to the touch and I now get 1 bar of boost
  16. Here is a pic of the electric chargecooler pump as installed on the front of my 91 SE. I simply spliced it inbetween the chargecooler line. Make sure you install it in the same direction (flow) as orginal. It simply rests against the radiator duct strut support. I've used some fuel line under the pump so that it does not abraid the pump body. I used an inline fuse and wired it to the number 22 fuse position on the fuse block. I don't know what circuit this is, as this is blank in the owners manual. However it is a keyed circuit and removing the fuse did not seem to affect anything.
  17. get one from JAE,paid less that $100 last year.
  18. I've posted this once before. Mount the pump at the FRONT of the car . There is plenty of room where the hoses go into the heat exchanger. And here's the REALLY NEAT trick. Talk two pairs of vice grips(locking pliers) and pinch off the hose in between where you are going to mount the pump cut the hose and mount the pump No other hose needed and NO PRIMING of the pump because it is at the lowest point of the cooling system. takes less that an hour( not many jobs on these things can be done in that amount of time) If I have time I will try and post pics. Also the fuse panel is right above the pump so no serching for a power source.
  19. The O2 should not cause this problem because the ECU ingores the O2 signal until the system goes into closed loop mode. On cold start the ecu only uses the tp sensor and the coolent temp sensors. One cause of this may be low fuel pump pressure. Static fuel pump pressure should be about 35psi(gm specs) after cool down it is not uncommon for the fuel pressure to leak down to 0. You may want to try and turn the key on and off a couple of times with out starting in order to prime the system . Every time you turn the key on without starting the fuel pump pressurizes for two seconds and then shuts off. It is supposed to continue pumping as long as the engine cranks and the throttle is depressed less that 3/4. but as you can see this can cause extended cranking or stalling until fuel pressure builds to specification.
  20. On my 91 it's the top fitting. Should be marked suc(suction) Should also have two different sizes so you can't hook up the hoses wrong( high pressure should have the smaller fitting) But I don't remember for sure if this is true with lotus's.
  21. The impeller on mine was shot. No circulation at all. I made sure that I spliced into the chargecooler hose where the flow would be in the same direction. Leaving the pump in place should be no big deal as the coolent acts as a lubercant so the seals should not dry out. I then use a test light and on my 91 SE I found a fuse that came on with the key ran a wire up to the feed side and spliced a fuse inline just in case to protect the pump. I have a infrared digital thermometer and my chargecooler stays at outside air temp all the time now. The hardest part of all this was removing the tire ( fu+king thing was frozen on).
  22. Got mine from Wc engineering. Mounted mine up front where the rubber chargecooler hoses come out of the radiator. Tied it down to the frame. Ran a feed up to the fuse box. Very neet. left the old pump in place, been like that for 2 years now. Total install time in less than one hour. Did not even need any extra hose just spliced in line. It sure makes a difference if your's is not functioning as I now pull 1 bar consistantally.
  23. Did you check for oil pressure with a mechanical gauge? If not get one and screw it in where the pressure sensor is located( also make sure that there are no restrictions where the oil pressure sensor screws into) I've seen cars that show no or low oil pressure only to find out that the oil passage that the sensor screws into is gunked up.
  24. Also try ebay, search for powermaster. I've seen these switch's for less than $100 US.
  25. see the following link Because this is a powermaster 3 system(very similar to buick GN) there is no vacumme assist, the pump in essence is the power assist. Unlike other cars where you can just unplug the abs relay, and run like a regular non abs system , on PM3's disabling the abs relays will reduce braking effectiveness by an extreme amount. Better to use voice crystals method of tricking the abs into thinking that everthing is fine. You will still need a good pressure switch and accumulator, but other wise you will have converted this system over to a non abs system. Also search the turbo grand prix web sites as they also have this POS and have done extensive work on these.
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