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  1. hey folks, does anybody have power curve charts for the various esprit turbos? i would like to do some checking and comparisons. Thank you.
  2. it would be going into a 91. im just trying to find a not so costly, light yet powerfull v6. nissan apparently made one that put out 300hp. choices choices choices.
  3. big sigh, i was hoping to find a mazda sourced unit due to the power numbers they put out. what application are you thinking of? im guessing nobody has one of these adaptors ying around...oh and i wasnt hinking of doing it in steel
  4. hey there im looking at doing the same conversion. can you help me out with it? did you get a plate done?
  5. thats the thing. im comparing the audi engine to the lotus one. its not hard to get over 240 horses and around 300 ft pds of torque. going to the apr website you can see that 300 horses would be rather easy to extract. its interesting to go to their site and see different power coming from the same engibe between the A3 and A4. i spoke to somebody at APR that said the computer could probably be programmed so that the dash wouldnt be necessary. mind you my crazy bmw mechanic buddy was telling me that using the dash wasnt an issue. ive seen salvaged cars where you can get complete drivetrain for dcent cash. i like the idea of it just dropping in as opposed to the heavy engineering side of things...although my hat is off to hilly and to people that do that sort of stuff..its so cool!
  6. i was just thinking that the 4 banger from an 06 up fwd Audi A4 seems like it would be a nice fit. 200hp, 6 gears, box and engine already mated, all alloy and very tunable. has anybody thought of this move?
  7. is the gearbox really rated to handle the power from an s4 engine? im suspecting it wouldnt take an rs4 engine well...
  8. ok, i have to quick is this car...done a 0-100 and a top end test? and whats the gearbox rated at for maximum power?
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