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  1. Didn't one of the universities in England do some research on behalf of lotus proving that this design basically sucked . . .the engineers at lotus were going with the equal length for each exhaust runner idea . . . being that it was better that each exhaust runner was best if it were the same length. Then when put on a supercomputer in the 90's this was proven to be just a bit of bad guesswork. I.e. the factory started making the new unit that had shorter length exhaust pips the farther back the head you went, so the last pipe was very short to the turbo . . .hence the production models ch
  2. i was just shocked at the price, there are hundreds on ebay for under $200 . . .they have real serial numbers . .must be knock offs . . . So my 88 turbo . . .does it have a T3? I kind of like the idea of going to a T3/T4 setup . . .
  3. car only has 31k on it, so i cannot believe it is bad, but it is misting a bit of oil . . .not sure . . my PO was a moron with a moron mechanic, i have fixed so many of their friggin idiotic fixes. anyway, i am seeing T3/T4 on ebay for 130$ . . .is this possible . .been a long time since i priced a turbo, last was for a porsche 930 . . .but that seems really cheap . . . for that price I will buy it and replace for the heck of it . . .anyone have any experience with these . . .
  4. I have the same issue on my 88 . . . i think my waistgate is causing the issue . . . I have also noted a small mist of oil at the turbo seals . . . put oil catch tank on, dry as a bone, and so is the intake port from the crank case . . . i think my turbos inner seals are going. my guage only goes up to the first bar on my 1.2 bar boost scale . . .looks to be around .4 or so. . . . sucks . . .
  5. fixed it . . .after studying the manual for quite some time, i knew that cold idle was the diagram to check, then just started checking components one at a time, until finally I replaced the RPM relay and it worked.
  6. Just for any future guys that may have the issue on an 88 with Bosch K Jetronic . . . the no start issue narrowed down to a faulty RPM Relay, big sucker, now I have a problem with the off throttle fuel by pass system, but the car does run . . .that is a plus.
  7. Shorted the fuel pump inertia switch . . .no help, car still will not idle. I have looked over the service manuals, and it seems like it is either the RPM Relay or the Fuel Enrichment Module, both I have been informed, are NOT AVAILABLE and obsolete . . . and the dealer is offering no help at all. I think my only option may be to scrap the whole ridiculous nightmare Lotus calls their safety system for the fuel pumps and just install a couple pump switches to turn the pumps on and off, I hope this will work. Seeing that the modules are not available anymore, and these modules basically tell
  8. replaced the secondary pump, didnt do it, so i started working through the system with the manual, not the warm up regulator or injectors because the car will not start when i disconnect these, oddly enough the car will act exactly the same whether i have the inertial fuel pump cutout switch tripped or not . . . shouldnt the cutout keep ANY fuel from getting to the motor? What I have seen is I start the car, it idles for just a few seconds and then I hear the fuel pump relays click and the motor dies, something is shutting them off . . .strange . . .
  9. his unit has 2 fuel pumps, primary and secondary, and the fuel filter is inline AFTER the secondary pump, there is an overboost cutout circuit on this system as well, no secondary injectors, it is the K-Jetronic injection. With the symptoms you describe, I would make sure your boost is not spiking like a stuck waste gate and this is causing the overboost protection to kick in, which shuts down fuel pumps, if either of your fuel pumps is a bit weak then it may be that you need a new one, the pressure is regulated by a device in the Bosch fuel distributor block, regulated at 6.5 bar, very high,
  10. you can save a cable for me as well . . please . . . i have been trouble shooting this no idle problem for months, like shooting in the dark without freescan . . .thanks
  11. Well I have replaced both the primary and secondary fuel pumps, and the problem persists . . .the car will start, idle for about 5 seconds and then die. I do hear a couple relays click before it dies. I have replaced all relays, fuel filter, and both fuel pumps. I noticed tonight that there was a hairline crack in my inertial fuel cut off switch. So I did the following in my trouble shooting procedure, after looking through the manual. I thought maybe the cold start injector was not working, or leaking, thereby not allowing for the build up of enough fuel pressure. I disconnected it, a
  12. I just ordered a secondary pump . . . if i dont need it now, i will need it some day . . . i am replacing parts, i need to get a freescan setup going . . . if this doesnt do it, i will be really stumped . . . sorry i cleared my messages . . . .
  13. I am not sure they are both running, and it is starting to look like maybe that is the issue, I am thinking of replacing the second pump just in case, a lotus guy told me the secondary pump only runs while under boost, but in reading the manuals it looks like they run all the time. So I am going to see what I can do tomorrow. The secondary pump is not as expensive or hard to find. I may order one for the heck of it, this is so frustrating . . . I have studied the workshop manuals and have some ideas . . . 1. if both pumps run all the time maybe it is the secondary pump, the manual do
  14. I hate it, my wife is starting to call this the car that always breaks . . .ha ha . . . I have a ton of old cars and this one is definately the most trouble . . .but it also one of the most fun . . so i guess it evens out . . . this problem started months ago . . .driving along, and a pop noise . . .then dead, would crank and crank but acted like no fuel. I had been having issues with a relay poping on and off on and off and the idle surging, replaced all the relays . . .nothing. Then finally that day it just died. I could let it sit a second and it would turn over like 5 times and then
  15. i need a primary fuel pump bosch for the 1988 turbo . . .
  16. I purchased one from ebay . . .didnt work, he sent me another, didnt work . . .this guy is registered as fuelpumpking on ebay and he has no clue . . he puts GPH ratings on these bosch units that even the local bosch rep said was crap . . anyway . . found one at sports car world in texas here in US . . . I will be damned if they want to sell it, they have parts on their site, sure, they have a phone number, email etc . . . I have begged them to sell it . . . they respond, We will see if we can get clem to go find that there part down in the warehouse . . . .then I hear nothing, no call noth
  17. Well I figured it out. I have spoken to porsche, to bosch and to the fuel pump place. There is only ONE UNIT that will work on the 88 turbo. As usual it is the most expensive, hardest to find, pump from bosch. They do not make it anymore, and there is NO direct replacement. The unit has the following specs, 6.5 BAR pressure (96 psi), and 128 LPH . . . cracks me up . . ..there are 20 other bosch pumps that work in everything from corvettes to lambos to ferraries to porsches . . but some how . . .the engineers at lotus pick the most rare hardest to get unit. The 911 turbo only used this p
  18. A little more info, after sitting for a while, i go out, it starts and runs maybe 3 seconds and then dies, it will do that about 4 more times and then just crank with no start. If I get in and press the gas pedal, then it will not start 1 time, and if i press the pedal at any time trying to start it, it immediately dies. Will not idle at all. It does seem to be getting better the more i go out and try it. I am wondering if i just have the system full of air, but i doubt it. I am thinking about the accumulator, which just seems crazy to go bad. Bosch rep wrote back and said fuel pump i ha
  19. could it be pressure regulator or fuel accumulator.
  20. My car now starts and then quicks after a few seconds, and it cranks like it is not getting fuel. My relays were clicking so i replaced them, someone said fuel pump bad probably so i replaced that. . . the problem is the bosch unit i received was a 911 and the one that came off of it is a 967 as the last 3 digits. the company i ordered the pump from said it would fit 911 turbo which is the cross ref number in the DB. What else could it be, car starts, but then nothing and the more i try the worse it gets. After sitting, it will start, fire, turn over like 40 times and then die. Then i tr
  21. Mine did the same thing . .then after a while a relay kept jumping on and off and the idle would go up when the relay clicked .. . .then one day i was driving and it just quit . . .not sure if it is the fuel pump or what . . wont start . . i replaced relays and still no start.
  22. Well it started a while back with a relay in the boot clicking on and off on and off. . . i noticed the engine would race when it would click, so i assumed it was the relay activated to kick the engine into high idle during warm up. . .. then i thought it was the fuel pump relay . . .at any rate this went on, i replaced the relay it still clicked . . . i replaced another . .still clicked and it was getting hot as heck . . . after a few weeks, when i was driving to a wedding . . .bamm the car just died . . . now it will crank and crank but will not fire . . .seems like fuel starving . .so i
  23. I had several months of trouble free motoring . . . even took a 10 hour trip in the old girl . . she was fabulous . . . but it all has to end sooner or later. I knew this one was coming and it finally kicked the bucket on me on the highway the other night. The only drawback, I was in the car with my wife driving to a wedding, it was a curvy drive and I wanted to get some enjoyment out of the night. When my cars break down, no big deal, that is the price of classic car motoring, I have a ton of 80's models, which was not the decade of confident motoring anyway, put 20 years on them, and they
  24. anyone successfully converted an older cable driven one to electric?
  25. you could still go to the barbeque and tell everyone how lucky they are that they own a fine german made, quality built, auto . . . i love my lotus's but yoiu know what . . .there is a reason people equate lotus to a kit car, that is how they are built . . . fun, beautiful . . but poor poor build quality . . .
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