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  1. I don't think so... If you give a quick call to Lotus, they'd immediately tell ya, but as for as I know... no. BTW, due to the upgrade that Lotus sells (non-adjustable and definitely not superior to this setup!) is at $1700-$1900, I've lowered the price to $1700 for these. If interested, PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks....
  2. Greetings, I am selling a full set of Bilstein Dampers and Eibach Springs having come off of a 2004 Lotus Esprit. I installed these on my '02, but it was in an accident (Suspension not damaged or even touched...) and therefore now for sale. The suspension set has less than 5,000 miles of use. They have all been checked by my local Lotus mechanic and are in great working condition. I understand from my local Lotus dealer, and previous pricing I received from JAE in the U.S., that these are going for $4,000 to $4,400, new, depending on the area and dealership. I will sell the complete
  3. Hey guys, If you haven't heard already, Blue Thunder was lost last year at LOG in Aspen, CO. Therefore, I have quite a few items to sell, some of them spoken for already. Here is the prize of the items though, a full Esprit Transmission / Gearbox with a brand new Holloway Performance upgrade kit to so with it. You can read more on the kit at I'm just going to post the same ad I have on Ebay on here. Should someone be interested, I can arrange something with you through my Ebay ad or privately over email. Esprit Gearbox on Ebay Please PM me or s
  4. I actually recently was on the search for one ever since my Derek Bell upgrade went to the shits... Freak'n Hell!!! I found them to be in the $4000 to $6000 range for used ones (although I got really lucky with a brand new one!!)... but that's better than Lotus's $12000 for a new one, and they're almost out!! Correct... from my understanding, you can retrofit a later UN1-027 V* Tranny to a later model 4-cyl but drilling the required thermostat hole, and then just plug it up for the V8 (as is how some of the early V8 gearboxes came from factory). I don't believe the other way arou
  5. Does just the rubber piece alone make a difference?? I thought it would be too pliable...
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