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  1. this sucks :-/ a customer just told me i look the the dead himself, very nice. will try to sleep a little bit and see in what condition i am then
  2. very bad news from me guys: i am out :-/ i am more than sorry but i hurted my leg (no, not my third leg) somehow i assume. right now it hurts like hell to walk 5 steps. i have no idea what this is for a bullsh... but if there won`t be a miracle i will not get rid of that problem today. i have no idea if that has to do with the influenca/cold i had last weekend or if i hurted my self doing some jogging last and this week but this sh... hurts like hell and besides sitting and sleeping i can`t move... :-/
  3. there wont be any tunrarounds, i meet him at the a2 and park my "boring stuff" there
  4. maybe i should look for another estate? the one i bought last year kind of bores me. problem: have a kind of no money. LOL
  5. no idea what günter means but our luggage will probably consist of two credit cards, a towel and what you need to brush your teeths plus some cans of red bull - elise-travelling at it`s best ;-)
  6. nono i join daniel in his elise and just to mention it: i quitted a date because of our trip guys - yes, i am that stupid! deal = deal
  7. what is a "crownwheel & pinion set"? gearbox rebuilding kit?
  8. who said that? but travelodge is fine for me too - will not see the room too much anyway
  9. hello england due to lots of work and because i was sick last weekend i have now decided spontaneous to join my last-year-crew for another trip to hethel - is it still possible to get a ticket? it could be sent to my hotel in norwich or i could pick it up, as possible (IF possible). thanks for every info, s pri
  10. hi! as everyone else i am looking for a set of genuine (amber/yellow-white) front indicators or indicator glasses for,my gt3. someone here that might help me out with that? kind lotusdriver-regards from germany s pri
  11. i found the one for the right side (thanks mike!), someone here who might have a left one?
  12. dear lotus-fans, i am looking for a set of brake housings (rear axle) for my gt3. need to get the brakes done before i can book the ferry to england - my plan is to visit hethel in my gt3 the 17th of oct. someone here that can help me? kind lotusdriver-regards from germany s pri
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