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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. I am ashamed to admit that the oil on the floor is about a year's worth (I should probably clean it off....)
  2. Thanks guys, a smoke screen generator would have been more fun though. Iain
  3. Hi, I noticed this hanging down under the body, towards the rear tyres. Can someone tell me what it is and should it be hanging low? The end of it is wet with oil (I think). Thanks Iain
  4. Hi Sparky, Any more details? Thanks Iain
  5. Hi David, Thanks for the advice, it is a bit much for me so I will have a word with the garage. Cheers Iain
  6. Hi Dave, It does start when hot, but I need to use quite a bit of throttle. I do mostly short distance town work, so there is a lot of stopping and starting. I find that the more stops I make the longer it takes to start. The choke is fine as far as I know but I only use it to start when very cold. Another symptom (which may be nothing to do with it) is that, again when hot, if I take my foot of the throttle to slow down, occasionally the battery light comes on and the engine dies. So far I have always managed to get going again, but I am worrying in case it is getting worse. I put a new
  7. Thanks John, Is it a big job to replace the pump? Iain
  8. Hi, My 90 turbo starts ok when cold but after it warms up it can take a while to start again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It had a C service last year and the A service 4 months ago. Thanks
  9. Hi, Give stocks coachworks a call They sell esprits but they do paint repairs as well.
  10. Hi, When I bought the car I plugged in my sat nav and the lighter started smoking. I have since had a double socket extension fitted when I replaced the stero and I use this and dont bother with the door ones. The extension lives in the glove box which I find neater than trailing power from the doors. Iain
  11. Hi, For what its worth I use Morland Jones in Hammersmith and I find them very helpfull. They have carried out quite a bit of work on my 90 turbo and I would definitely recommend them.
  12. Hi Andy, I think that was me, off to Dorset for a friend's wedding. It was the longest journey I have done so far and the car behaved perfectly (which was nice!) Sorry I didn't spot you but I was staring at the temp gauge for most of the trip. Iain
  13. Hi, I have a 90 turbo (not SE) and my fans were playing up, kept staying on or not working at all. I changed the relay but it turned out the otter switch had a dodgy connection. Once this was fixed the fans have been fine.
  14. Hi, you could ask Mark at Stocks Coachworks They are a body shop but they do work on esprits and he may know some one.
  15. Hi Glyn, I couldn't tell if it was the front or rear. I was late for work so I didn't spend much time looking. I will have a proper look tonight. Thanks
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