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  1. Im stumped... My initial thought was a BMW m60 or Toyota 1UZ.. but thats just not it. Maybe some rare race motor?
  2. I had this same problem with my 98. I got new clutch discs from JAE, replaced the pilot bearing, and greased the splines on install... and no more clutch drag. I have run into this problem on other multi disc clutches in the past.. and it has actually been the friction material separating from the clutch disc causing it to drag.
  3. I have 2 (yes 2) spare compressor housings... but im in the states and done know if it would be worth it to ship to UK for both of you. btw... what are these things worth?
  4. I think I've looked over this thread 100 times between here and LotusTalk. I will def be picking your brain (or coaxing you with drinks/bbq) when i finally get to putting mine back together. I think I may go aftermarket pistons and rods while I'm in there as well. on a side note, id vote for the Supra if your only interested in big power... on a stock motor. I cant think of another stock motor you can dyno 730+ rwhp reliably. (on a 62mm?!)
  5. Ok, not too much time tonight but I tried to stick the boreoscope into the exhaust to have a look, but just didn't have a clear picture. So I took a gamble and looked at the plate welded to the muffler..... It says Arvin, and something about track use and has a date stamp from 1997. So, I have a sport exhaust then huh? I pulled a plug at a time to look for the misfire and it seemed like only the side I was pulling plugs from was affected on the coinciding tailpipe.
  6. Hmmmm. I think that the inlets are on the front and outlets on the back of the muffler. I'll have to check tonight. The misfire is very clearly coming from one exhaust tip. So I'm wondering if having a crossover or baffling chamber in there is even possible. How can I tell of I have a sport exhaust?
  7. Hey all... Does anyone know if the stock muffler (on a 98 v8) has a crossover inside it? I have a pretty nominal misfire popping out of my right hand tip... Wondering if I should look at the right or left bank. Thanks all
  8. So the owner of the smog shop next door asked me where my Esprit was today. Strange, I thought, since he knew that the Esprit hasn't moved under its own power in over a year... and if it WASN'T in my garage I was going to be VERY upset. He had just picked up his supercharged S430 from a shop in Hawthorne CA (USA) called South Bay AutoHaus, and proceeded to show me pictures of what LOOKED like my car sans motor next to his Benz! This was especially strange since I had JUST dropped the new motor (thanks Mike and Bibs) in a few weeks ago, and in my own garage no less! Either way, Im curious who in this area has my cars identical twin... with similar work going on. Black on tan 98 V8 on AWIs WHO ARE YOU?
  9. This thread makes me want to go out and take a bunch of pics of the Esprit.... but alas.... ... sitting in the garage waiting for a motor.... obligatory iPhone pic.
  10. This is great! Id like to get in on this.... maybe my Esprit will be running by the time LEfty gets around to me.
  11. FSReric

    918 Motor

    wow.. I fail at the internet... I never saw that reply. Ill pay better attention this time
  12. FSReric

    918 Motor

    Hi all Im looking for a low mileage or new 918 motor. I only really need the block, but if its a good deal I will purchase a long or short block. Thanks in advance -Eric
  13. Chris It looks as if a previous owner has replaced ONE of my cats with a high flow unit, but the car passed smog in November, so if it is your cats, I have a working set. Im in Corona, and my car is down for a bit, so Im not too far from you AND I dont need them back in any kind of timely manner.
  14. SCCDC0825WHA15507 1998 V8 Eric Roehm Corona, CA US
  15. Thank you for all your input. I have already begun ordering all new hardware for both sides of the rear suspension because i was worried of exactly what you are saying "lotus4s". As for the block: That is what I was afraid of, and now seeing a picture (of what I presume to be the right hand side) of the motor in a similar location... Im pretty sure that is where mine is cracked. Do you have any pictures of the left hand side of the block (bare), right near the oil pressure switch? I'm trying to get a better idea of what it looks like before I pull the motor out. If its where i think it is, it cracked right on the galley that feeds oil from the pump to the filter.
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