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  1. ah superb, that was a hell of an esprit, and I thought it was rapid without the extra 30hp!! does kimbers still have it? yes good to be back, love them so much! do yo still have your black one?
  2. thanks for advise chaps, I am from cambridge by the way, I 1st heard of this forum when I was selling my old esprit and met a couple of chaps called bibs and troy, who where checking over the car for kimbers (another member on here). after a disaponting spell with a few ferarris I am back with another esprit, i never should have left really, superb cars! and can hand on heart say I will be keeping this one for many years. in regards to the conversion, do you know of any one whom can fit them? P.S my name is not richard, I have no idea why it says that, but cant seem to edit my deta
  3. Hi there, I am intrested in knowing if it is possible to have the ferrari style round light you see on later esprits on a 1996 car? if it is compaitble, and how you do it. has anybody done or thought about this?
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