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  1. Verry easy none of the above... The V8 uses a MAP sensor... Cheers -Larry
  2. Greetings, Here is a very pointed opinion..... I have used these type of systems on many cars. Not the particular system being mentioned... here is my opinion... please no flames. The systems that cut power are great for soccer moms in SUVS. It takes control away from the stupid and can help in many daily situations were the driver does not have the skill to handle the car. On the Esprit this type of system is very very BAD if one want to use the performance of the car. It is even dangerous on the track, as there are many places were you NEED more power to get out of problems. SOoooooooooooooooo If you want to experiance the performance the car has to offer, and you are a skilled driver.. then stay away from this type of system. If your mouth is bigger than your skills then this system is perfect for you ;-) Those with high HP cars and the skill that can not manuveor a shopping cart in the market ;-) The biggest improvement that can be made is to add the Quaife LSD. This is the best improvement... Stay away from the cut power TC systems. I have used some of the torque bias systems. the ones that use the brakes. These systems use the ABS and control each brake but DONOT reduce the power. These systems have been usefull even on the track. again I am a semi race car driver so I am one that wants to be in control of the car. Yes in control to the moment I hit the wall at 200mph ;-) The its I hit the wall... not the [email protected] TC cut the power and I could not pull out of the spin ... then hit the wall.... When the car is starting to get sideways one needs the power to pull the car back online. If the power is reduced even a slight amount espeicially in the esprit.. it will spin almost at once... yes I have spun mine a few times on the track. But I have missed the walls thanks to be being able to use the power and the brakes to keep the car under control. The car is amazingly balanced and control is easy.... SO IMHO.... give me the control... -larry Finesse Over Power
  3. greetings, Just click on the support heading, a pics of the v8 cluster is displayed -Larry
  4. Greetings, The only software that can read the lotus unique codes is from odb2. It works great -Larry
  5. Greetings, This is a common symptom for a car that sits for long periods of time. The brushes on the alt get corroded, after running for awhile they start to work again. I have seen this several times... A couple of times the alt takes a dump soon after... an another car it is still running strong after a few months.... First check for a coolant leak and see if you have coolant driping on the alt. This is the typical cause of the problem. Good Luck -Larry
  6. Greetings, IMHO.... In the USA Lotus has a high torque ECU upgrade that is baout $600.00 and does not void any warranty. This is the best upgrade for the car. The other ECU chip upgrades do add some power and torque. The risks are considerable and I seen several engines suffer from the upgrades.... So if you can risk the cost of engine and tranny rebuild and want a small power increase then the risks and rewards are yours. The better upgrades are.... add Quaife ATB diff sport 350 front sway bar porterfield brakes pads Red Line water wetter in coolant -Larry
  7. Greetings, This is normal due to the anti-ackerman inthe steering. TO put it simple the tire rubs the inside of the wheelwell. It can be adjusted somewhat but you loose some of the performance. Its only on full lock to lock that it occurs... Of course make sure this is the problem and nothing else is going on. You should see a slight rub patch on the inside wheelwell were the tire rubs some. -Larry
  8. Greetings, The UN1 box is stronger than most people thik... But it doesn hold up well to abuse. Most of the failures I have found have been... 1/2 synchros.... this is due to the way people shift and improper fluids. I have several gear boxs with over 30K miles and the synchros look like new chipped ring pinion gear teeth from doing standing start burn out dropping clutch at WOT... DUH of course it broke... Broke primary shaft at 5th gear oil hole, due to shaft design problem and bad gear box fluid together. The Qaufe ATB is a great add on the the gear box. One has to put the power to road. And finally here in the USA we have a good supply of the diffs available from several sources. They are available from Add Lightness Motorsports or JAE parts -Larry
  9. Greetings, The esprit V8 does NOT respond very well to trail braking. Shift normally, keep revs in the 3Kto 6K region. Replace pads with R4 or R4s pads in the front. R4s pads wear faster on the track. DONOT fill the gas tank , keep gas at 1/2 tank. Remember slow in fast out, stay on the line. change oil and tranny fluid after event. Check the boiling point of your brake fluid before the event or bleed the brakes with a good 5.1 fluid. If any questions feel free to call me at 408-264-6300 Good Luck -Larry
  10. If you are in the USA, I have rotors for the V8s ap brakes. They are slotted, crossdrilled and cryo treated. They are a heavyduty 30 vane design. Pic of them are at -Larry
  11. greetings, I personally dont like suction cup camera mounts... but the one from ioportracing is allowed at NASA proracing events. ask for ken... let him know Larry sent ya... he will help ya out. -Larry
  12. Greetings, I have the HKS SSBOV in stock. These are the best ones to use for the V8. They cost $500 for 2 with the alum weld on adapters. You will need to weld them onto your intake pipes. If interested contact me off list -Larry [email protected]
  13. All liners will leak if the engine overheats.... Dont let it overheat.... -larry
  14. Greetings, You can use the redline MT90 or the TAF. The TAF is not avail in the USA. DONOT use the redline shockproof it will damage the synchros. So many people just regurgitate what they heard with no real idea about why or what. Change the fluid often and get the magnet cleaned every so often -Larry Add Lightness Motorsports Inc.
  15. Greetings, NONE OF THE ECU's except for the GT1 version increase the boost. If you increase the boost eh ECU will fight it. The other versions of the ECU do increase the torque some and allow higher boost sooner in lower gears. If you are using the car on the track the highest sustainable boost is around 8psi. Since I rebuild these engines and transmissions form people who dont get this yet.... Keep increasing the boost until A.. You believe... or B... You run out of money from having your car broken... In any case Enjoy -Larry Add Lightness Motorsports, inc 1998 Esprit 650 Hp GT1 race car 1998 Esprit
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