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  1. We got 23 on the lottery. Unfortunately none of the others matches - congrats sparky!
  2. I've got a battery charger sat doing nothing if you need to borrow one?
  3. In the end I bought a cheapo alternative ignition system off ebay, from a chap called as a way of debugging. The cheapo system seems to work fine and is still on the car. I'm probably going to revisit the lumenition at some point as I must be unlucky to have too duff power modules, but as they are both 30+ years old who knows!
  4. My brother did the dvla route with his scimitar. A po sent an early 70s photo of it complete with some chap in flares and big hair. Po was rather pleased to hear it was still going.
  5. Had same problem on mine though I had Lumenition. Initially thought it was an earthing issue, but eventually gave up and bought an alternative system and problem went. Had tried new coil, plugs and leads as they can degrade, but my problem seemed to be with the lumenition itself.
  6. John, what do you use to check the. Belt tension? Just done my belt at the weekend using a kriket and twist test. Also got a laser tension tool but not convinced I am using it correctly
  7. Changing the belt on my N/A S3 I noticed that one of the teeth on the oil pump sprocket has some damage to the centre of the tooth that goes through the anodising. For peace of mind I'm going to replace this but how much of a job is it likely to be? The engine is in the car and has a belt on it (sods law I only noticed after putting the new belt on) but reading some of the stories about getting the hex bolt undone makes me wonder if this will be possible on the car. Anyone done this? What size hex socket do I need?
  8. My Esprit had the auxiliary pulley totally out and the po just had the distributer rotated to match. If there was a belt change that moved the pulley in relation to where it had been before the change then it could cause issues.
  9. If it's like my S3 then it's running lumention optronic assuming it is still standard. There are four bolts attaching the box to the luggage bay wall. Inside the box is a coil, ballast resistor and the lumenition module. If it is standard you need a standard ballasted coil.
  10. If it is the same as an S3 then its bolted onto the inner wheel arch above the drivers feet. As to why it is slow likely to be a combination of hardened grease in the spindle box and slightly tired motor/linkage. Mine is also a bit lethargic and parks about an inch above the wiper bump stop due to general slack in the linkage.
  11. The previous owner should have no vested interest in not telling you what the accident was, has he explained what the damage is? Having said that I always trust my gut feeling when looking at a second hand car, so if you feel something is not quite right then walk away. There will always be another one along.
  12. I can see what you mean about buying an intact one, I'd rather save a dead one than dismantle a working one though.
  13. Having just seen the same ebay car on pistonheads for 5995, my intended purchase price may be too low. I don't think it is worth spending more than 4K on the initial purchase, so could be this is a non-starter....
  14. Will be very much dependant on condition - ideally a recent engine failure so the rest of the mechanics do not need refreshing as well. It may well be I have unrealistic expectations as to what I could get but I need to see what sort of costs they go for. I've not seen many (any?) for sale in the ideal condition for me. I would hope 4K would get a reasonable N/A with a duff engine given how much a fully working one goes for and the likely costs of a rebuild.
  15. Looking for a stevens esprit needing engine work as I fancy modifying one to V6 and no point starting with a fully functional one. There is one on ebay but whilst I am not after perfect paint, that ones a bit too far gone as I do not want to have to respray. Any others out there?
  16. I do what Charlie does except I have a battery conditioner so the battery stays plugged in.
  17. Got to love those translation functions, not quite there yet I would guess the comment "The aluminum block, it makes a loud French newspaper." has been lost in translation!
  18. In the works car park. Looks great, the more I see them the more I would like one.
  19. The facom one I had not come across before, instructions look like belts are set to a common tension regardless of application, based on the belt thickness. I will need to look into this as price wise it looks reasonable.
  20. Think hopo must have a dry sump if it has a separate belt. Eta phone wanted to put dump rather than sump...
  21. I did the exact same change on mine as my lumenition started to boil the coil for some reason... The white wire is the positive feed that is live with the ignition on, the white/yellow is the ballast bypass. The white wire should connect to the ballast resister, and from the ballast resister another wire to the coil positive. The white/yellow goes direct to the coil positive. I am assuming you are keeping the standard ballasted coil, so keep this wiring as-is. The negative coil terminal goes to one of the accuspark wires (read the instructions that came with it) and the red wire goes to the other accuspark wire (sorry cannot remember the colour coding on the accuspark unit). If you buy a non-ballasted coil, just remove the ballast resister and connect direct to the coil positive. The resistance of your coil seems rather low? The black is a ground which is needed by the lumention. The accuspark is grounded via the baseplate in the distributer so does not make us of it. So far mine has run a lot better with the accuspark, which I bought to confirm a lumenition issue, and as it was so cheap was expecting it to not last very long, but so far so good! ETA I have a powerspark rather than an accuspark but they look to be the same thing?
  22. If your WiFi is not doing too well you can try changing the channel used. If you can see lots of your neighbours networks when scanning it is usually worth the effort
  23. I've not investigated this yet as it was late last night that I noticed, but I get a rather pronounced ticking from the brake servo on my S3 NA occasionally. Brakes would appear to be working absolutely fine. Other than check the hose for vacuum leaks what else should I gear myself up for? I think the one way valve is at the engine end of the hose?
  24. Got my first classic, a reliant scimitar SE5 aged 19, have since had quite a few including ur quattro, marcos gt, s2 landrover and now the esprit. Whilst my friends all seem to like these none have the ambition to own any of them. I'd love something pre-war but they cost far too much, you need to be pretty old to be able to have the disposable income to buy them. I think half the reason is they are not at all interested in any kind of diy, which for me is part of the appeal.
  25. I was looking at that one too but did not bid as currently have to fund house improvements. Never mind selling it for spares don't let me anywhere near it as I might want it whole! Was the same with an esprit turbo someone else on here bought. I get non-buyers remorse...
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