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  1. In my work car park. Red 54 in the top right windscreen, anyone on here?
  2. That looks great! How does the finishing strip attach to the carrier? Just glued? Mine are not done too well and really need replacing.
  3. What browser are you using? I seem to remember the latest Microsoft offering being a work in progress.
  4. Why the need for updating? Did elites suffer with over heating from new? If the original radiator when new worked ok then a new one the same size will now. where an engine swap has happened I can see why, but not when it has the original one.
  5. Is your fuel solenoid present and working? I seem to remember reading about a tendency for fuel to siphon out without it when parked nose down
  6. Now turn on all your electrical loads and check again!
  7. On my esprit the voltmeter looks at the voltage at a common feed at the fusebox which is shared by brake lights, dash instruments and wipers. The feed to that point is probably a couple of metres of 30+ yr old wire and push fit connectors which are all likely to be past their best. I plan on finding and cleaning them at some point! Even something as simple as a grubby fuse box would add to the discrepancy.
  8. It will be a poor connection somewhere between the dash gauge and the battery +ve or earth causing a voltage drop. I have a similar although not quite as large discrepancy on my esprit and suspect an earthing point.
  9. There is probably very little that has not had a rover v8 fitted to it
  10. How close is the silencer to the valence?
  11. I believe the last resort is to cut a hole behind the number plate, but there may be a better way? Maybe one to pm?
  12. It's a simple one way valve so try blowing and sucking on it (ooerrr). If it failed you would not necessarily feel any difference on the brakes whilst the engine was running but you would have no reserve effort if the engine stops. You would normally expect to get a couple of pumps with the engine off before the pedal goes hard. I think someone on here suggested triumph as compatible:
  13. It just pulls out yes, mine went through a clicky phase but has quieten end down again. I took it out as I assumed when it went quiet it was not working properly, but it is still ok. No mallet needed.
  14. It is the current that needs to flow through the warning bulb. An led draws very little so will not work but a resistor in parallel will fix that. Have you tried revving a bit as most alternators will start working regardless of the exciter circuit at a few thousand rpm and then work fine at idle as well.
  15. Yes on the pedal switch. Not noticed any rf interference since I removed it. I cannot think of a reason so it's off. Arcing at the switch contacts is not likely to be an issue!
  16. Found a 1 micro farad capacitor put across the brake light switch whilst debugging a blown fuse. Not sure why this would be needed there so open to suggestions before I remove it permanently! Any ideas as to why this would have been added?
  17. As per Johns reply, it looks promising but I need to determine the offset on the bmw space saver. This will look after the front, but quite what you are supposed to do with a rear puncture even with the original spare beats me, where are you supposed to put the flat wheel which will not fit in the spare wheel well!
  18. Thanks John I will drop you a pm. Do not want to put you out
  19. Apologies as I am having issues with the search on my phone. Which bmw shares the same pcd as guigaro esprits? I wasted a fair amount of time today with a puncture as my original spare will not fit over my replacement brakes. There are plenty of bmw wheels on eBay and I can get a spigot made and tacked on if needed.
  20. Have you tried testing on the bench with just one earth and one positive to rule out any relay wiring related issues? If you get the wires wrong it does look like you could get it whirling round constantly if you wire up the indicator light to a permanent feed. Do you have a meter to test at all?
  21. Is your fuel gauge doing funny things as well? If so then could be voltage regulator
  22. First one I have seen in the wild! This afternoon 4:20 ish
  23. Another vote for fix first, if you do a full engine rebuild, running it in with this fault would be most irritating.
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