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  1. Any water on the floor leading to or from it? Anyone likely to have been washing anything nearby? Close to a door which left open would let the rain in?
  2. I think it was 2001 when obd2 became standard, though that only covers the basics and most manufacturers have additional proprietary diagnostics.
  3. The screw at the end of the worm gear will adjust the end float on the motor, rather than change the pod position.
  4. I do not recognise it but there are only a few possibilities I can think of, brake pedal for the lights, or handbrake, or choke warning light.
  5. You'll find the cat stuck to it in the morning
  6. Suggests the 50 terminal is for the starter wire from the ignition switch and 15a the feed to the coil to bypass the ballast. Get them the wrong way round and it will not turn over but will not damage anything if only done briefly.
  7. My drivers window does the same. I do not think the wear on the nylon wheels help much but have yet to change them.
  8. The down pipe on my Sj manifold cracked and I had it re welded. Chap who did it had no issues.
  9. Ah, I see what you mean! Yes that would suggest the resistor is too large.
  10. So you are using the ballast in series with the resistor wire? This would explain the low voltage. Ideally you would run a new non ballasted wire to your resistor.
  11. Bibs point is important, if the ticking does not stop it means the fuel system is not pressurising which could indicate the pump valves are not sealing so not pumping. It could also mean you have a leak somewhere!
  12. I thought the voltage was supposed to be 9v approx at the coil when a ballast is used. As mentioned what is the voltage on the battery side of the ballast?
  13. Is your fuel pump ticking? Should tick a few times when you turn the ignition on then stop
  14. Just be careful not to let the smoke out. Lucas stuff never works once the smoke escapes.
  15. By the look of it that silver one was found after the barn caught fire. And then fell on it.
  16. Start with some basic checks, is there a direct short on the solenoid? If not what resistance does it have? The resistance should be high enough that it will not draw more current than the fuse rating. The current draw is the voltage divided by the resistance so 14.8 / measured resistance.
  17. Wilf

    Esprit wanted

    A more average condition s3 na or s2 would be within budget and give very reasonable running costs.
  18. Silencer off and simply remove and refit? Been on my list of things to do for a while!
  19. Stick some pictures up and list recent work on it and I am sure it will attract some comments
  20. The secret is keep on priming and sanding back until no more fuzz, which tends to be at the cut ends. Took me about 4 coats to achieve this
  21. Also here, looks like fewer mods needed
  22. Mine is similar if left for a few weeks but always starts instantly if used regularly. Is yours like this if you start it on consecutive days? Have you been able to confirm sparks? I used a timing light to check this through the rear cabin window before now.
  23. Make sure you have your battery disconnected as manually turning them may have the potential to reawaken the motor and having it cycle whilst your hand is in there could be painful.
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