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  1. Looking at the rear suspension it's on an s3 chassis
  2. You can disconnect the heater hoses in the engine bay and get the garden hose to them. Flushed both ways made a big difference to mine
  3. Can be pseudo dimmed using pulse width modulation but would need a small circuit to do so.
  4. I used to achieve near out of body experiences doping my tissue paper covered models, I expect that stuff has been banned by now!
  5. I cannot remember off the top of my head how the carbs connect, but is it possible the mechanism that links the two throttle shafts together is set wrong so one closes before the other and holds it open? Can you disconnect them in situe and let them operate independently as a test?
  6. To be fair that online definition matches the bowl with the lid abominations.
  7. I think it is also a belt an braces approach, having the throttle stick open due to a single spring failure could be quite nasty.
  8. I had an old landrover with the opposite syndrome, it would only fire with the key in run rather than start. Incorrect wiring at the ignition switch. It would start as soon as you gave up!
  9. I look forward to seeing how your car is constructed, does the exhaust loop under the sump in which case it must be the lowest point? Looks like the throttle body and associated trunking is missing, when did it last run?
  10. That kills the fuel pump (at least I would expect it to, without checking the wiring it is abets guess!) in the event of an impact. The button pops up when triggered. Can also be an anti theft as you can normally pull it up manually.
  11. Lotus esprit in Miami vice, cannot remember seeing this one before. The most surprising part being how the bad guy manages to get from the drivers seat to the passengers so quickly...
  12. In those scams there is no product, no company, no person of that name. It is all about trying to come up with a plausible back story and then relies on the greed of the person they will defraud to contact them. This will have been spammed to thousands of inboxes and some poor sod statistically will fall for it.
  13. I seem to remember you need a certain amount of current to flow through the ignition warning lamp for the exciter to work. It should "self excite" above a certain rpm so that is probably why the blip worked. If you want an led one trick is to put a resistor in parallel to draw more current.
  14. Now in a position to paint, should I etch it first or is paint direct to the alloy ok?
  15. Another one with clip and wire, the clip as mentioned does not give much confidence on its own.
  16. I think lotus bits would be able to supply a kit. They do a full efi bolt on kit and a trigger wheel and sensor is included in that.
  17. I ran my 83 na as a daily for about 4 years, but as I cycle to work it was still mostly weekend albeit all weathers and lived outside. I had no real problems but did stick to the servicing regime to the letter and that was a bit grim when it needed doing in bad weather. The only potential issue is that you need something at short notice and it has to work the next day. I tended to keep spare service items on the shelf and changed parts earlier than probably necessary, but it always worked when needed.
  18. I thought I would try some screwfix own brand paint stripper. My suspicion that it did not smell bad enough seems to be correct as it does not seem to be touching the old paint....
  19. Realised it wrinkle rather than crinkle and a whole load of previous threads pop up. Is it a pre requisite to bake if wrinkle used? I have limited options for that so a smooth finish may be the one to go for. ( gas oven )
  20. I need to replace the gasket on the exhaust cam cover(saddle type) and would like to repaint them. Question is which paint stripper is best for what looks like original paint? Also has anyone just used normal black paint rather than crinkle stuff?
  21. I have 4 pot wilwoods conversion on mine. Previous owner never mentioned it and was a nice surprise. Very good brakes albeit mine squeal a bit but could be down to pads.
  22. It does not chafe, it really wallops the adjuster, impossible to miss it if it has happened!
  23. I have used filter king on a cross flow with twin dcoes and a solid state ticker pump, worked fine once set using a gauge.
  24. On mine the detention springs were pretty weak just providing the "click" to determine the adjustment amount. It was certainly not at risk of self adjusting though I will check that again! If the adjuster knobs were left on then the whole adjustment mechanism will have taken a hell of a battering and are probably both damaged .
  25. Same issue on my s3, I had to remove the adjustment knobs to avoid them being clouted. The actual resistance on turning the adjuster means it is very unlikely to change even with the knob removed.
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