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  1. In terms if the loading I was thinking of the tailgate which assuming you use Low pressure gas rams would not be stressed much at all.
  2. There is another snubber down by the oil pump pulley that can be adjusted to be that close.
  3. How about a roof scoop in addition to the ears for additional air inlet?
  4. Full rebuild kits are available for su pumps including points and diaphragms, I think you can get solid state conversions too. I thought su pumps were low pressure and did not need regulators though?
  5. I sometimes wonder about money laundering on ebay, as you do sometimes see peculiar items sell for silly amounts. Not saying this is the case here as it is a bit distinctive.
  6. Does your wiper have the standard two speed and auto park working?
  7. I had one on my old scimitar did the same, lasted about 5 years making that noise when cold and only got swapped when it had a v8 conversion
  8. I replaced both after trying both ballasted and non ballasted coils, swapped the lumenition out for another (old) amplifier and still had the issue. One wire to the coil should be via the ballast, the other is via the starter solenoid which bypasses the ballast but only whilst cranking. Lumenition were reasonably helpful when I queried if there was a known failure scenario that cooked coils but were of the opinion the amplifier part tends to either work or not. They are rather pricey to buy based on the off chance as well. My test ignition came from here and seemed too cheap to be any good but has been on for a couple of years now.
  9. The intention is to oversupply it for the cranking period as the current draw of the starter is going to cause a voltage drop, plus it helps get it going with a stronger spark. I had the same problems with a hot coil causing the same symptoms. I tried all sorts with the lumenition and in desperation put a replacement on which was only 30 pounds, which solved it. I never did find the issue with the lumenition though it was 30 years old so maybe just developed an internal fault.
  10. Sounds squeaky, dry clutch release bearing, does depressing the clutch change the noise?
  11. I thought obd2 only really came in around 2001 although some limited support was on some cars earlier. Does it work on any of your other cars? if you have a post 2001 any manufacturer should support it.
  12. I used the paper ones and my exhaust cover has started leaking again after 4 years. The trick I was told was to use RTV sparingly, degrease all parts thoroughly, and stick the gasket to the cam cover, let it dry overnight and then fit to the car.
  13. Cap is only rated to low teens psi (sure someone will pop up with the right answer) so that would be the max the system would see.
  14. Is it just on the cap or does it look like someone has mashed a Mars bar on your camshaft? Edited to add- beaten to it must read previous posts more carefully! Mine always gets a bit on the cap if cold conditions and a short journey insufficient to warm it up thoroughly.
  15. Before kids came along mine was, so for about 3-4 years. From that time I can tell you the heater is not too bad, but in winter a dehumidifier in the cabin helps. Lights are not great and I never totally eliminated the pod shake. And do not even think about going anywhere in snow.
  16. Good check already mentioned. When my lumenition went wrong you could not touch the coil for more than a second as it got so hot.
  17. My early s3 has the same as an s2 I.e. No turbo blank. Given it is a vac form I've always thought this would be a relatively basic thing to make as a re pro
  18. I only recently looked at mine and thought that it was not right. It has gone droopy in such a uniform manner it almost looks standard
  19. It's an esprit Jim but not as we know it
  20. Anyone replaced the headlining as a standalone replacement ( ie not as part of a full retrim) how much of a job is it?
  21. Looks like an anti aircraft exhaust
  22. Or a foot pump in the passenger footwell and Chris hoy as the passenger.
  23. Previous owner of mine removed all the conductive tracks with a razor blade. It does not remove the actual rear window tracks but does get rid of the patchy line look. I would have preferred him to have left it so I could have tried to repair it, now I have no chance!
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