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  1. Banner does not seem to work on mobile, no biggy will check later
  2. Is that an s3 turbo? My na does not have one that I am aware of but am giving some thought towards adding one
  3. The gauge will show one extent of its travel with the sender wire earthed (remove the wire and touch it to the block ) and the other extent just disconnected. If it does this then the wire and gauge are ok and it is either a dirty connection to the sender or a dead sender. No movement on the gauge suggests a break in the wire or a gauge fault
  4. Efi means ditching the carbs and their tendency to leak, and also using non dizzy based ignition so removing the most often caus of fuel leaks, and the point of ignition.
  5. Fans rotating the right way? Would hope connector polarity or wiring colours would prevent this though
  6. Yes this one is a glovebox job, the old one is removed by lopping the pipes off and the replacement has an extra join to allow it to be fitted without dashboard removal
  7. Off topic but the evaporator on my daily driver has sprung a leak and I need to replace it. Local garages all a bit slow getting back to me, and I can see it is not a large job. I assume I have not got any pressure left in the system but if there is residual am I taking any risks by disconnecting it?
  8. Loud pop followed by no go sounds like a pressurised air hose burst or popped off?
  9. I seem to remember you just unwind the tensioner and it all springs out. Question is then is it possible to compress the spring and get the tensioner to wind in again without cross threading it in situe? This was possible using an old spring on mine but a new one might be a bit of a fight.
  10. I reported it as a scam and It has gone now, he's probably picked a different picture off the net and setup a different one.
  11. There is an oil seal that sits around the distributer shaft but this does need dismantling to get at. I was told that the seal is no longer available but there is a close match that needs some distributer body alteration to fit . This courtesy of "distributer dr" in the uk
  12. The Sj one is not equal length headers so is not a performance option, but it fits quite easily and is less than a replacement cast manifold.
  13. Of course! Ok I think I will need a section of belt an a 95 pound weight to determine what to look for.
  14. I have one of the following But am after a sanity check as to what figures to use with it. Assuming 95lbf on the belt then that would give 42.2 daN which is off the scale so I am obviously missing something here. Ideally I need a section of old belt to hang a weight off and take some readings!
  15. I will second that, have one of those too, I use it for brake bleeding as it is more controllable than the ones that pressurise it.
  16. It is a truely hateful job, I did the same on my S3 albeit all my studs came out intact. I am now using stainless studs and nuts that will not corrode. I have a replacement tubular manifold too and this can be removed due to the improved access in about 30 mins, this alone is worth the change! I think it took about 6 hours in total to remove the original spread over few days.
  17. What is the sticker on the offside inner wheel arch, I just have some residue there.
  18. Turns out the linkage was at the wrong side at the gearbox and the lever at the gearbox appeared to have been bent to compensate. All put back and will see how it goes Turns out the linkage was at the wrong side at the gearbox and the lever at the gearbox appeared to have been bent to compensate. All put back and will see how it goes
  19. the parts manual shows them on different sides! i can see that i have some clearance issues as there are wear marks on the chassis at the gearbox from the gearchange tube rubbing. Will check this again...
  20. Wilf


    I like the look, but as a cycle commuter that rear chain is going to be in the general road filth a lot more than on a conventional bike.
  21. Unfortunately my seal is not supplied cut to length or glued so I need to cut it to fit. Razor blade gives a reasonable cut after a fair amount of testing!
  22. Has anyone successfully cut the 45 degree angle for the door aperture seal to their satisfaction? I have a new seal to cut to length and a quick experiment shows it ain't easy.....
  23. Mine is an 83 and had black bumpers initially, I know this as a meticulous po work notes includes date and cost of paint!
  24. How does the A-pillar trim attach? Mine seems to be coming away at the base of the A-pillar and it looks like there is a clip of some sort on the inside, but I'd like to know what is going on rather than random pushing/pulling!
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