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  1. Welcome! I had a 1970 marcos gt for a while with the v6. A lot of fun but not as practical as an esprit, it was so low it was like everyone else on the road had their main beams on at night. I never got mine water tight either which put a bit of a dampener on it literally!
  2. If the ballast resistor is dead you may find no coil supply when ignition on but not in the starter.
  3. Mr Mole you beat me to it! Is there any issue you have not had to fix? We almost need a wiki if faults and fixes.
  4. Had a friend with an excel that had partially gummed up idle jets, ran fine on idle on choke when cold but stalled when the choke was in. He resorted to poking some thin wire down them to clear them out, probably not the best way but has worked fine since. Took a while to find as on removal could blow them ok so had assumed they were clear.
  5. By the look of it there will be one multiplug from the back of the fan speed knob in the middle, and that'll be it. (this is based on my extensive elise knowledge - i.e. this one picture).
  6. Those are Bowden cables for moving flaps and valves, not electrical cables.
  7. Morgan at work was the only one I saw
  8. What is the label on the blue wire coming from the head unit - looks like that goes to the relay. You are more than likely to be right about the antenna, or could be for a separate amp?
  9. The inlet cam cover is the later style, the exhaust looks like the older version?
  10. Photos would be great, I still have my patterns taken from your original carpet set and still not done anything with it!
  11. Double check your static timing, is the rotor arm pointing at no1 lead at tdc? Had this fun recently on a jaguar xk engine because they number cylinders starting at the back.....
  12. I remember my last long haul flight, taxes doubled the overall cost, the actual payment to the airline seemed very reasonable.
  13. Is one of them for the brake fluid reservoir cap? May be too small for that!
  14. Unless you pay extra to your ISP, you will be unlikely to have a static address, so you may well have inherited a blacklisted one at your last router reboot.
  15. I have a laser belt tension gauge but rather embarrassingly have yet to figure it out, so used a krikett instead...
  16. The squinting look on the headlights looks a bit peculiar too. Obviously part of the "designer series" modifications (see the steering wheel!)
  17. Uses air bags so it can run at normal ride height when not showing it. He has a time lapse of taking the engine out on YouTube!
  18. I use a piece of cardboard between filter and block to catch and guide any spillage into the oil change tray.
  19. Just read other thread- question answered!
  20. What is the issue with the accelerator pump? Read a few times now, is it difficult to measure the amount if extra fuel injected and so tricky to set up?
  21. Is the engine physically turning over slower when hot, or does it spin at the same speed but just not fire? I.e is it starter or ignition related?
  22. I did not remember seeing them but you are right, and I just put it back as it had been. Nice not to have the seat haemorrhaging sponge now!
  23. Earth strap? Having problems wondering why that would be necessary? In case the seat belt warning wiring makes the frame live? Confirmation of the washers is very helpful, I always wonder if I have it correct after the po has obviously been there before me.
  24. I have just had the drivers seat repaired, and am wondering what the correct attachment method is. Is it simply just a large washer on each seat runner stopping it pulling through? I had some signs of water ingress, so assume a liberal dose of silicon sealant?
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