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  1. I was looking at generic runners on eBay, a very close match looked to be about 25 pounds per side.
  2. In the interest of saving someone issues in the future, and the fact I am intrigued, what was miss fitted and how did you figure it out?
  3. Apparently most alternators will self excite but need a bit more Rotational speed for this to happen. It also means if your charging lightbulb fails it can cause problems if the alternator does not self excite. Good articles on the web on this subject!
  4. The small wire is needed for two reasons, the first to light the charging light, the second to provide excitation for the field. I had a kit car that would only start charging if revved over 3000 rpm as the led used as a charging light failed to pass enough current. Give it a decent rev and see if that gets it going.
  5. steering column bearings/ujs, looking at the best way to dismantle. It came off intact but wondered what the best glue to put it back on with was to give the best future options.
  6. Removed the steering wheel pad to find it was glued on. Is this normal? What's recommended to stick it back on such that if it needs to come off again it will do without disintegrating?
  7. On my '83 NA I have speakers in the doors with perforated leather instead of grilles. How should the speakers be attached to the doors as the rubbish bits of mecano currently used will never give a good enough anchor to sound at all good.
  8. Are the fixed seats in an s3 handed, or are they the same? I am tempted to swap driver and passenger seats over to even the wear out as the drivers is getting a bit thin in places
  9. Modern automotive wire termed thin wall wire is significantly thinner whilst rated for the same current. I made a megasquirt loom up and was quite surprised at the difference.
  10. I have a SimonBBC unit fitted to my Esprit originally bought in desperation due to the standard lumenition cooking coils. Was cheap enough to try as a sanity check. That was 18 months ago and not taken it off as it works very well.
  11. Does the alternator charging light work currently?
  12. If it is a case that the engine is not turning over fast enough to start then it suggests a tired starter or electrical connections needing to be improved. Try using a jump lead as additional earth from block to chassis and see if that helps
  13. My s3 also has no vacuum advance as standard.
  14. they can be rebuilt significantly cheaper than replacement even by exchange. Different application but on my saab I was quoted less than a hundred to have an alternator rebuilt, and in the end just bought the brushes/regulator pack and fitted myself for less than 20 pounds.
  15. In laws oven failed and it was a thermal fuse failed. Replaced it for them and been fine since, so may not be the element. I just googled the oven model and found it was a known fault and there were instructions how to fix.
  16. Took the door card off and all looks OK, but there is significant wear in the nylon wheels and the window channel is well worn. It looks like removing the slop in the guide wheels will sort most of the problems. Any parts available for this (I am off to look now). Edited to add: Looks like SJs has all the parts needed for a refurb. What is the best order to dismantle this lot? I really only need to free the wheeled guide wihout removing the glass if possible.
  17. Just to clarify, the actual frame is solid, just the glass is able to be rocked by hand within its channels. Must be something amiss with the mechanism, hopefully time to investigate tonight!
  18. The drivers side door glass is able to be rocked about a fair amount when the window is half up/down. Obviously something is amiss but before I take the door apart to have a look has anyone else previously suffered from this? Motor is strong and it moves nice and freely - just a bit too freely!
  19. How well does the final drive cope with such a power hike? Assuming this is running original diff and rear suspension. I have seen others where they replace the lot with jag IRS
  20. I agree, valve must open to bypass the silencer. It also looks like one tip is the quiet one and the other the load one.
  21. I tend to check oil, water and carb leaks before each drive as it tends to be a few weeks between them currently. I also twist the belt so you could say I am a bit paranoid!
  22. How about getting an aftermarket inline thermostat housing and just knock the innards out of the original?
  23. My s3 na never cut out fully but misfired and got worse until it could barely drag itself along. I bought a cheap 30 pound electronic ignition as a sanity check and has been fine since. Must have been a lumenition issue, but I have never gone back to figure out what.
  24. Wilf

    Hayabusa Evora

    Looks like a v8 judging by the intakes?
  25. How do you get the clock out if the trim panel? Mine works but cannot set the hour so have to do battery disconnect at the right time!
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