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  1. Knowing the way government works if you get a rebate for the whole of October you will also get a fine from an anpr for driving with no tax....,
  2. From memory there are four solenoids that nudge the mirror. No rubber bands. To have all four go suggests the common wire to that side has come off the side selection switch.
  3. Seat belts? Looks like a spreader plate of some sort. What size is it?
  4. Prompted by 4.5 hours to change an alternator on a Saab 9-5. Reputed that some franchises drop the entire sub frame, engine and drive train. Still 180k on it so unlikely to need to do this again. What's the worst job you've done?
  5. Is this an inevitable issue? I have 80 k on mine, engine number wise I am in the danger zone but have not noticed any excessive float either when dynamic timing so staring at the flywheel, or cam belt changes.
  6. What is the correct way of measuring this in situe? Obviously a tug on the crank pulley gives some idea, presumably a dial gauge mounted onto something secure?
  7. Wilf

    stevens esprit

    Aha- this is the chap at work who told me it was a guigaro!
  8. There is a web page somewhere describing one chaps experience of a spider chassis where the rear suspension was modified to remove the use of the driveshaft as the top link. By his account they got the geometry wrong and it handled a bit iffy.
  9. I will second the mityvac. Also great fir checking your vacuum tubes for heaters or headlights!
  10. Cheaper rate for being a dismember?
  11. Should there be a subsection for getting in and out when in a single width garage?
  12. Am I correct in thinking an a s3 will have the same rusty mess holding the seat belts on the sills?
  13. That pipe is intended to help the system bleed itself if air. You will have lost quite a bit of water running that disconnected and not had the system pressurise so thus could be the cause if all your overheating issues
  14. That should go back to the expansion tank, the overflow comes from the neck if the expansion bottle.
  15. I ran a reliant scimitar at university, generally do not build any ncb but still more fun than the stereotypical fiesta. Car is still in the family 16 years on!
  16. The red hose on mine was pretty awful condition wise and needed changing regardless. I do not remember any difference being noticeable. But mine is an na so maybe not so susceptible.
  17. My bleeding procedure usually involves attempting to undo something very tight and getting a premonition along the lines of, this would really hurt if the socket slipped now.....
  18. Manifolds and down pipes already wrapped looking at the pictures. Air scoops under the engine may help as well whilst moving?
  19. As per title someone planning to make a v8 using the rover block and lotus heads
  20. Agree with the previous comments, alternators are damaged if run unconnected.
  21. Wilf

    S3 kit value

    Assuming he supplies the details I will put it up for grabs here first. It was his late uncles pride and joy so he would prefer it to be rebuilt.
  22. Wilf

    S3 kit value

    Acquaintance of mine at work has inherited an s3 na hc, currently completely in parts as partially restored. I am told it has had a complete respect (black) engine rebuild (on a stand that would be included) two sets if tyres and bbs wheels, one set being new, new shocks and springs all suspension parts cleaned and powder coated with documented strip down and parts catalogued. Think it also has new brembo brake conversion. And a lot of other new parts. He was offered not very much by a breaker, what would a reasonable amount be subject to what I have been told being true? Car is in southport and I will post pictures and contact details in a few days.
  23. Could be a replacement alternator? Can you rotate the casting at the pulley end to get the plug away from the oil housing?
  24. What machine did you get? I am looking into some retrimming myself currently but there are some contrasting advice on the internet around the equipment needed
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