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  1. I have searched for this, but couldn't find it. Sorry if it's a repost.
  2. In case you are not familiar with the term, the BOFH is a [computer / network / system] admin type person who.....does not respond well to authority.....goes through bosses with alarming speed.....erm.... Probably best you just read the post - where the idea of an autonomous Lotus is mentioned.
  3. Now this is where I am in a bit of a pickle, I don't like this sort of thing happening, but I'm not sure if the UK wanting out of Europe isn't a little bit like Scotland wanting out of the UK. Prior to the Scottish referendum, I was all for the 'Get out of Europe free' card. Now, I'm just not sure.
  4. I thought I'd give it a try without announcing it....didn't even announce it to my wife. However, does it count if wine has been used in the cooking?
  5. Easy way to fix that - offer to chop her legs off..... OK, you're right, that's a little extreme Welcome to TLF
  6. Happy birthday LEF TLF
  7. Dark blue (Midnight Blue?) Elise registration T281 MNE.
  8. Edit: Sorry, hit post a little too quickly. Alex Salmond visits Border Control. Enjoy
  9. Cool, that's a really nice village. We were looking at houses there once upon a time, but realised that it would only make it more awkward getting the kids to school. I drove through there this morning avoiding the snafu that was the M1/A45/A508.
  10. To be fair, I was looking forward to seeing the new Esprit but I still don't think I would consider buying of the current line up. Obviously it doesn't mean I don't want a Lotus, just not the offerings that are available today (unless I've missed a major announcement)
  11. Even dear old Nessie seems to be jumping ship
  12. I've just been looking through some of my old posts and can't believe that it's over 5 years since I had my first Esprit experience (thanks again Bibs, back in April or May 2009!), and even ran an event in Northampton (thanks to GasManGT3 for turning up, again, May 2009). Actually, the real reason I was looking through the posts was that I was trying to see if there was anyone on here that is near to my home. Just because. I know there are a good number of Lotus owners around about, as I've seen them on other people's drives, in pub car parks, etc, however, I keep forgetting that this isn't an Esprit only site (hence I forget to post in spotted unless it's an Esprit). So, why the post? Erm, dunno. If you're in the Northampton area, give me a shout. If you are the owner of the Elise that lives near Landcross Drive, I might pop round and ask for a ride.
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