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  1. 1995 S4s SCCFD30C9SHF63113 Carlsbad, CA USA
  2. Hi Randy, Thanks for the advice. I removed, disassembled, and cleaned both the Fuel Pump & Injector Relay as well as the Ignition Relay. Both were badly burnt and dirty. Put them back in and she started right up! Again, thanks for the advice. Kirk
  3. Hi Everyone. I have a 1995 S4s that is very difficult to start after sitting for more then 8 hours. If is less then 8 hours since last run, it will usually start on the first or second try. I have replaced the fuel pumps and pressure is good. Typical cold start procedure is as follows. Bring the key to ignition but do not start. The fuel and sometimes the vacuum pump will run for approximately 3-5 seconds. If I do this approximately 20 times, it will usually start on the first or second try. I had to use the same procedure before the fuel pumps were replaced but maybe I had to do it 30 times. My foot is not on the gas pedal during any of this procedure. Other then this issue, this car has been the most incredible vehicle that I ever owned! Anybody have any ideas as to what might be causing this issue? Thanks, Kirk
  4. After installing the #6 chip on my 1995 S4s I can't seem to get past .5 bar. I wonder if it is the same problem? Kirk
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