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  1. Hi, yes the fault is microwave sensor, I disable it and works fine. thanks a lot redshift!!!
  2. Thanks I will try it, If my microwave intrusion was the fault, is possible to unplug the wire and alarm run as normal mode?
  3. Thanks, I dont understand well with my poor english, You tell me that with ignition off, waiting 20-30 seconds and after press the key fob button the alarm is fully armed? ok I did and after another 30-40 seconds alarms trigger. but without pressing the key fob button only closing the doors with normal key the alarm seems well. Really sorry for my english.
  4. Hello, I have some problems with my Alarm and I don't know how to solve it, If someone help me I appreciate a lot!! The car runs well, Ignition ON, push the button to desactive the immobilization and start engine run well but when I stop the engine and wanna close the doors with the button key after about 30-40 seconds the alarm goes ON without any know reason. But If I do the same procedure, except closing the doors with key button, I close the doors each one with the key only the alarm run well, any ideas? thanks Greetings,
  5. thanks for your comment!! Yes I make it the cover but varnish did a friend. I made some parts on that car.
  6. Hi people!! Here more images about the restoration , I hope you enjoy them!!
  7. Hi, Here some progress on my V8, I'm still busy restoring another esprits but I'm finishing the car little by little. Finally I dont change all leather with alcantara I decided maintain the original leather from lotus, but I trim some part on alcantara and the seats will be on alcantara and leather, make a custom tank and support for methanol control unit, some carbon fiber parts. The car is almost finnished only need a new windscreen and new design on central exhaust. I hope you enjoy those new images Cheers,
  8. Thanks for all answers! I started the project middle-end on march 2013, but I had another esprit S1 to restore at same time, and about 1 month without working waiting for some parts. I think the work of that esprit is about 3 month or a bit more. And now I still waiting again thinking how to lift the body trying to not damage the new paint, any ideas? I don't have lift....Thanks!!
  9. hello people!! I'm restoring/assembling whole car from 0, I finnished 90% of the car and I'm waiting for lift the body to chassis, and finnish some parts like interior all in alcantara, custom tank for methanol, water cooler, and some parts on carbon fiber, I hope you all enjoy viewing the images ( sorry there are lot of them...) Here my blog Cheers,
  10. Ok, I will buy a new IAC, I need to charge A/C before install the new IAC? or I can isntall the new one and after charge the A/C and repair the error code? thanks and sorry for disturb a lot. Albino.
  11. Today I tested the car again after reseted de IAC, seems to me more stable now, only one time go down in 90 minuts of trip, I think is better than before. If the engine go down again I will buy the a new IAC, thanks to all!!!! I apreciate a lot, but now I wanna repair the P1460 code, what wires I need to check? or I need to replace relay? Thanks, Albino.
  12. Thanks Bibs, I will tell him it. Albino.
  13. Thanks a lot Wayne, I will try tomorrow reset the IAC, I need to charge the A/C system before the reset process? I have a frined with a esprit SE (4 cylinders) and some times the engine go down same as me, he can try reset with same process that you explained to me? Thanks. Greetings,Albino.
  14. Thanks Peter, I changed the exhaust and removed the cats about 1 year a go and never get this problem, I'm surprised with the error code and the description because I'm driving always the car without A/C and never start it, I decided that I stopped the A/C 2 years a go more or less, because I have some times same problem than now, runing the car when I push the clucth pedal for example 3 seconds the engine go down, is for this reason I never start the A/C, Now I dont have charged the A/C system, I dont know if rhis is a problem. When you tell me the Error Code P1460 is circuit open you mean that I have some hole in tubes the A/C system? or wires system electric is defectuous? I changed relay E for G slots for try but stiill the problem ( wayne tell me before) When cold never at least for now dont go down, is always in hot or when for example I go with the car for 3o minuts I stopped the car , goes to drink or wait some time ( between 30 minuts or 2 hours more or less) and when I start the engine some times engine go down if I dont push the gas pedal. wheres is the idle Air control Valve? thanks a lot!!! I hope you can understand my poor english. Greetings, Albino
  15. The A/C seems to be OK. after tried it I went to try the car and after some kilometres when I push the clucht pedal in any gear the engine stoped, revolution go to 0 when my car is runing and it stoped, the check engine light still on, I see some codes OBDII from internet and I see the General motors page the code P1460 and the description is: (Malfunction combustion with low fuel) . I don't know if is it correct but seems a possibility because the engine go down some times. If is it how I will need to replace or repair? thanks, Greetings,Albino.
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