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  1. Hey up people, who's already complaining about it being too hot ???? do you guys have anything to do with the Kimbolton show as I was there last year dodging the downpour and there were a few Esprits about. Was this one of your meets?
  2. I have had a look at the battery and found it to be a Halfords special Going to change it and go from there. You lot are just too helpful Thanks, Mike.
  3. HI people, does an Esprit reside in the Bourne area? I saw one parked up there once and on Saturday afternoon one came past our house and then return soon after( as though it was local ) Might have been a GT3 in yellow but not sure.
  4. Hi all, has anyone come across this before? When I start my V8 it winds over for a while before it starts then pops the head lights up then down again. The idle is very hit and miss sometimes at 2000 rpm some times not at all, new IACV fitted and all other sensors appear to be working ok? Do the ECM's give trouble? and can they be tested? if so who can do this reliably? Also when the AC is on it doesent always pick the idle up correctly and the cooling fans run all the time. Do V8s typicaly take some winding up to get them started? as in 3-4 secs? hot or cold. Many thanks. Mike.
  5. Thanks for the advice, its a bit of a pain , odd that it only does it after driven hard ish, you first notice it when changing gear, revs up instead of down then when you stop youve got the high idle. Throttle linkages all cleaned and adjustment checked, butterfly on the stop, throttle body and inlet manifolds all got new gaskets, idle speed unit cleaned out . Im going to put it on the gas analiser and check high CO/ HCs when playing up ( poss dribbly secondary injector ??? ) With reguards the ECU learning, this i did think about. Is there a set way to drive to let the ECU learn? it has bee
  6. hi people, can anyone help? My Esprit has decided to invent its own random cruise control. Start the car from cold, no probs, warm up in driveway, no probs, drive it around at a legal pace, no probs, but if the red mist should decend and you give it some beans then it decides to idle at 3000 rpm. On the road you dont have to touch the throttle to maintain 50mph Come to rest and it drops to 2500rpm. It does eventualy come down but its no happy. The back ground to this that the engine has been out and had, new timing belts, alternator, air con pump, all turbo hoses, two dump valves, plugs, and
  7. will try to be there, if i can get the damn thing to tick over at less than 3000 revs
  8. Thinking about it you know, if it were a woman that gave you this much trouble and cost so much you would get rid of / shoot her. Why is it we are all prepared to spend so much time and money on our cars to keep them in tip top order? when we know there is another big bill just around the corner? It's got to be a Lotus thing. B) Bless it.
  9. This will make you smile. One V8 GT run all last summer without fault. Got an urge to sort out that little rattle from the manifold heat shields over the winter. So as it looked a tad awkward I thought I would pull the engine and box out so while the two were out I gave it a thorough check over. The timing belts were falling off I could get my fingers between the back of the belts and the idlers , the alternator bearings were noisy, the air con compressor leaked gas, the six oil and water pipes to the turbos were rotten, the clutch was just about shafted, two manifold bolts were broken off
  10. Hi people, has anyone had this problem? On cold start my V8 GT has a nasty rattle until it warms up. It sounds more like a chain rattling than tappit rattle, poss from the top end? If anyone can shed any light on this I would be very greatful. Cheers, Mike.
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