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  1. As soon as all my problems were fixed, I got paranoid taking it out, thinking what else was going to fail. Even though I really had no issues over the 16 years. I thought that putting it on the market it would sell the following weekend. In the end took 10 months.
  2. I've been on this forum for 14 years and never ventured outside of my own little Esprit area. :-/ Anyway, after 16 years of ownership I've just sold my Esprit and am in the process of getting rid of a life collection of spares. Since the Elan uses the same indicators as the late Esprit I thought I'd drop a link here as well. I bought these from Lotus back in 2002 and never had a need for them - still wrapped up. Hopefully someone else can put them to good use. Linky below. Starting at 0.99c for the pair. Lotus Elan / Esprit indicator Lenses
  3. I've put the lenses up on Ebay, starting at 0.99c. Lotus Esprit Elan Indicator Lenses
  4. s4simon

    How hot is too hot.

    Hotter the better. Love the heat. Can’t beat a good week of 40 deg C. Highest we got to here recently was 44 deg - beautiful. But I do live on the beach and have a big pool. Have to admit a dry heat is far better than humid heat.
  5. If the accumulator starts to go, you'll get a hard ABS light on the dash, this will set after a couple of brake presses on the road. But a failure of the accumulator or switch will not adversely affect the brakes, they will still work well... for a while. My brakes were always good and firm. Took a bit of foot pressure but only proportional to a quicker stopping time. My Pedal was never spongy, always firm after the accumulator had kicked in at turn on.
  6. 0.99c for the pair. Well that's what I'm going to start them at on Ebay. Give me another week or so and I'll put them up. Might end up being a real bargain for someone. 🙂
  7. s4simon

    Prices Soaring

    Yes - sadly another red car. 🙂 problem now is that the wife has just seen our new inflated bank balance. 😞
  8. So I've been clearing out all my Loti stuff after 16 years of ownership. I bought a lot of spares from Lotus back in 2002 when everything was plentiful, and surprisingly the $3000 I spent in parts, I didn't use one item - go figure. Most of the spares have gone to the new owner and some other items are going to local owners. The last item I have which is still wrapped in tissue paper is a brand new set of S4 indicator lenses from Lotus. I'll be putting these up on ebay in around 3-4 weeks time (away interstate on business at the mo). Anyway for those that are interested, I'll update the thread closer to the time.
  9. s4simon

    Prices Soaring

    After 16 years of ownership and 10 months on the market, I received the official word today that my '94 S4 has sold and is now with its new owner. Sold for: AUD$74,000 I bought the car in the UK (Paignton) way back when, and pretty have driven it every week. Imported to Oz on '06. Loved every moment. Looks just as good today as when I first saw it back at the UK dealer in 2002.
  10. s4simon

    Ignition question

    I’ve put my name down for an old mans car. The new honda hrv released next month. Then if the sharemarket is kind to me this year i’ll buy another red car. F360. Need to enjoy life before my body gives out.
  11. s4simon

    Ignition question

    The new owner drove the car back interstate last week. All going well money will be in my account this week some time from the dealer. No chicken counting until I see the money, as he has a 2 week cooling off period. Re: the keys never took mine apart, but it should just be a pry apart thingy.
  12. s4simon

    Ignition question

    Can’t really help. Are we talking the battery that turns on the light in the key. Never replaced mine as they were still working 16 years on from buying, must have been plutonium batterys. But back to the problem, i believe batterys are designated by their width and height. Ie cr3025 is 30mm across and 2.5mm high. Check the cavity and measure.
  13. s4simon

    Ignition question

    It knows it's going to be sold, that's why all these random problems are surfacing.
  14. s4simon

    Ignition question

    My first thoughts are of an alarm issue. If there's no warning lights with ignition on then the alarm system has disabled the car. Is there a battery backup within the alarm module that has maybe died whilst the main battery died.