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  1. Well good luck Michael. Selling privately or on consignment ? I've still got a large vacant hole in my garage, hopefully I'll fill with another red car... PS. Sold mine with all original stone chips included for free.
  2. I wrote my own 3 page contract, which I would send out to interested people. Seemed to minimise wannabes. First visit was always 'look only' and I'd take them for a test drive. Gather their details and run some google searches. Second visit (if still interested) was their test drive. But in the end gave it to Richmonds here in Adelaide. Told them the price I wanted and they handled the rest. All to easy. They put four new tyres on, replaced the rear struts and fixed a few niggles - all at their own cost. CONTRACT FOR SELLING CAR 2018.pdf
  3. He's a pussy. It is heavy when compared to mass produced numpty buckets. I prepare any one who sets foot into my S4 to have a go at the clutch, and they're all shocked at how heavy it is compared to their 1.0 litre barinas. After 15 years of ownership my left leg is far larger than the right, and thus I always seem to walk in circles...
  4. Or if need be, just desolder the other resistor and check with a meter to confirm resistance. If it blows again, next logical step is to replace the surface mount transistor next to it. The resisitor may have acted like a fuse and gone into meltdown due to a failure of another component. Transistors on the other hand dont go into meltdown, they just stop working, possibly/probably going into shorting state where they just pass voltage/current through 24/7, which is a bad thing... if you are the next resistor in line. Electronics are fun.
  5. Here's a writeup on my issues back in 2008.
  6. Whats' the symptoms of the odometer fault. Dead neeedle / Needle all over the place (swinging wildly).
  7. s4simon


    Pilots get bored pretty quick here.
  8. Are you prepping for an autumn sale or spring sale ? i remember getting all excited when I finally put mine on the market, thinking it would sell the following weekend...
  9. 47 degrees of Summer fun. That’s Celsius.
  10. I’d be going thru the wiring diagrams seeing what links those two items together. I’m thinking a bad earth.
  11. Perfect alignment. Well done. i was going to get the side windows tinted, and they mentioned that the decals would have to go. So scrubbed that idea.
  12. New gas struts.... or you’ve finally got the back hatch open.
  13. As soon as all my problems were fixed, I got paranoid taking it out, thinking what else was going to fail. Even though I really had no issues over the 16 years. I thought that putting it on the market it would sell the following weekend. In the end took 10 months.
  14. I've been on this forum for 14 years and never ventured outside of my own little Esprit area. :-/ Anyway, after 16 years of ownership I've just sold my Esprit and am in the process of getting rid of a life collection of spares. Since the Elan uses the same indicators as the late Esprit I thought I'd drop a link here as well. I bought these from Lotus back in 2002 and never had a need for them - still wrapped up. Hopefully someone else can put them to good use. Linky below. Starting at 0.99c for the pair. Lotus Elan / Esprit indicator Lenses
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