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  1. BUZ 10 S2 Power Transistor specs BUZ10S2_SiemensSemiconductorGroup.pdf
  2. There's nothing bad in the water - no fresh water crocs. And the spiders aren't bigger than your hand. Although they do set their webs at head height so that they can wrap their webs around your face at dusk. And snakes only come out in the afternoon, and morning. They're only a nuisance if they bite and you die. Other than that - best holiday in the world. And if you like photography - you can take nice starry photos every night.
  3. Maybe Kimbers you need to think way outside the square. The wife and I go on two holidays a year - to the same location. For 2 weeks at a time. No pesky kids, no people as far as the eye can see, no internet, plenty of safe swimming areas, Wake up to unimpeded views each day, kangaroos and emus a plenty etc.. A truly stress free holiday. And only 1500 UK Pounds for two weeks. Bit of an initial flight to get here though.
  4. I've been building models since the 70's. These days they have to be big, cos my eyes aren't as good as they use to be. Plus I like taking night shots when i go camping. Millennium Falcon - Complete (90cm) Bismarck - In Work (130cm)
  5. Life continues to be a little unpredictable here in Oz. Impossible to plan any sort of interstate trip, even with a days notice. So pretty much every state is locked down in a way. I'm heading out bush for a couple of weeks, no phones, no interwebs, no people. Not sure what I'll come back to. I heard on the grapevine (Jeff Kennett) that there were government meetings over the weekend in Vic to discuss with major food distributors that the lockdown in Vic will last until the new year, so be prepared.
  6. This company was on the national news (9) last week. Big expansion coming. Good luck Michael.
  7. I remember taking mine apart some 18 years ago. And yes I remember trying to keep the brushes back when reinstalling was a bit of a nightmare. But got there in the end.
  8. Well that's new. Looks more like a custom tool for aiding installation of something...
  9. I replaced my accumulator back in 2017 (I've replaced it twice - 2003 & 2017). Thought it was the switch this time, but was the accumulator again. No issues getting mine off. In fact I remember it being really easy to unscrew, compared to other parts on the car.
  10. Looking back thru my records, I bought the commodore switches second hand. I did get them to work, and used them for about 8 years, then they died. Bought new ones from SJs when the car went up for sale. The one's from SJ's were the original factory colour - dark grey. Sold my car to someone in Melbourne a year or so back.
  11. Hi Robert, I went thru exactly what you're going thru with my S4. I went to my local Holden dealer and bought the commodore switch to replace a dodgy one. Found that the led was a different colour so had to swap the old electronic internals over to the new commodore mechanism so that they matched - colour wise. A bit of effort involved but the commodore switch was cheap. Then when I sold my car the other switch went intermittent, so ended up just buying new switches from SJ's in the UK (he still has stock).
  12. I still have faith in the blind prophet Baba Vanga, who died some 25 years ago. She predicted that the 44th president of the United States would be African American (tick). However, she also stated that he would be the “last US president”. So there's hope for us yet.
  13. Here in Australia some states and territories are beginning to see the light and now a government plan has been released for the easing of restrictions. Once an Australian state or territory has received '0' new cases within 28 days (2 x consecutive 14 day hibernation periods, as set by the WHO), they can commence stage 1. Stage 1 allows: Playgrounds, pools, parks to open / outdoor religious gatherings including outdoor weddings and funerals / Outdoor non contact sport / outdoor gyms After a further 2 weeks of no new cases, stage 2 can commence: restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars with a 2 hour attendance limit / indoor gyms / Indoor religious gatherings, including indoor weddings and funerals / outdoor sport training / galleries and museums. After a further 3 weeks of no new cases, stage 3 can commence: All sports and competitions including spectators / bars and restaurants no restrictions / cinemas For a country like the USA, I would expect another 3-6+ months before most states reach this zero mark, and with winter approaching in 6 months they could just be in an endless loop of despair that could run for years with their current government in charge. Interesting times are still ahead.
  14. s4simon


    This is my Covid Boredom Buster. 5000 pieces of creme/bone/off-white/tan & brown. It works just like the Covid-19 virus. Week 1: It's all too much. Despair, anxiety, Don't know where to start. Week 2: Much like week one. Sorting started. Week 3: Much like week 2, but now we have some direction. Borders done, but still a serious amount of work ahead. Week 4: One day (piece) at a time, but now we have progression. Must keep looking forward. Week 5: Feel better than I did at the start. As a team of one, we've made good progress. We have the outer areas under control. Just trying to isolate the inner areas and we should start to see the light and the end of the tunnel.
  15. My MIL returned yesterday from a 3 week trip to Italy, France and Spain + a 2 week cruise through the med. Re-entered the country (Australia) to a compulsory 2 week isolation. We've been updating her on all the problems that she would face getting back into the country, She doesn't listen or care. She caught a 90 minute packed train back home and says she's not sick, so doesn't see any reason why she can't leave the house to see friends and go shopping. My wife has given up and won't talk to her - beyond reasoning.
  16. There's not many Ryan Williams in London. Long time member. I'd reckon he'd be silly enough to use his real name.
  17. Well good luck Michael. Selling privately or on consignment ? I've still got a large vacant hole in my garage, hopefully I'll fill with another red car... PS. Sold mine with all original stone chips included for free.
  18. I wrote my own 3 page contract, which I would send out to interested people. Seemed to minimise wannabes. First visit was always 'look only' and I'd take them for a test drive. Gather their details and run some google searches. Second visit (if still interested) was their test drive. But in the end gave it to Richmonds here in Adelaide. Told them the price I wanted and they handled the rest. All to easy. They put four new tyres on, replaced the rear struts and fixed a few niggles - all at their own cost. CONTRACT FOR SELLING CAR 2018.pdf
  19. He's a pussy. It is heavy when compared to mass produced numpty buckets. I prepare any one who sets foot into my S4 to have a go at the clutch, and they're all shocked at how heavy it is compared to their 1.0 litre barinas. After 15 years of ownership my left leg is far larger than the right, and thus I always seem to walk in circles...
  20. Or if need be, just desolder the other resistor and check with a meter to confirm resistance. If it blows again, next logical step is to replace the surface mount transistor next to it. The resisitor may have acted like a fuse and gone into meltdown due to a failure of another component. Transistors on the other hand dont go into meltdown, they just stop working, possibly/probably going into shorting state where they just pass voltage/current through 24/7, which is a bad thing... if you are the next resistor in line. Electronics are fun. 🙂
  21. Here's a writeup on my issues back in 2008.
  22. Whats' the symptoms of the odometer fault. Dead neeedle / Needle all over the place (swinging wildly).
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    Pilots get bored pretty quick here.
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