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  1. Thanks everyone ... just got them and installed them in about 20-30minutes (used the towel to not drop anything). I will drive it, with them in, in the next few days. Thanks again, Scott
  2. Thank all of you for your responses ... Not to sound paranoid, but will the ECU in these cars re-learn to air/fuel mixture so the car will not run lean? Best, Scott
  3. Thank you. I had ordered them already and sent them back due to the conversations with K&N and the dealer .... gues I will go and reorder them again. How hard is it to change?? Dealer or self install? Time? Thanks, Scott
  4. Guys, thanks for your replies ... Very helpful Scott
  5. I see that everyone seems to run K&N filters, yet when I contacted K&N they say that they do not make a filter for the Lotus Esprit V8????? I ordered a set based on the ?parts cross reference list? and then K&N sent me the filters and I sent them back due to fears that they would not fit and Lotus delaer said that they may throw the check engine light ...... Anyone have any problems with these and what is the CORRECT part number and what car was it orignally made for? I have always used K&N (in stick airbox or cone variation [Dinan, GruppeM and many others]) never had any problems, but I do not plan on making any other changes to the car ....sooo, will the OBDII system "relearn" the fuel/air mixture and remap it or will the car run lean? Thanks. Cheers, Scott
  6. Is there an engine and turbo cooldown period after you have been out driving your car? I have had turbocharged cars before that required you to let the car idle for about 2 minutes after diring to let the turbos cooldown ... Is that the same with the V8 Twin Turbo??? If you do not do this, would you hurt the engine or turbos? How? Any help would be appreciated. Scott
  7. Who is "R&B"? I do not want sequential ... just a standard synchromesh 6speed. Any one have one installed?
  8. Fred, thanks, I also use wheel wax. I just have some streaks, either from grease or dealer wheel shine that I have to get off beofre I wax the wheels again. I'll probably get to it this weekend. Cheers, Scott
  9. Is PUK's 6 speed straight cut? Noisy? Has anyone installed this and had expreiences thay can share for a road use car? Thanks, Scott
  10. Thank you both. I will try to use some elbow grease and see how that does...
  11. I was wondering what you can use to get streak stains (oil/grease/tire shine) off of the wheels of a 2002 anniversary edition. Can I use PS21 metal polisher? Dawn Liquid? What are the wheels made of? Best, Scott
  12. ["found my center exit USA exhaust cracked at the box joint"] How would you notice these cracks (exhaust box)?? Do you have to routinely inspect the underside or is there something that you will hear/feel?
  13. Does anyone make a 6 speed gearbox for the V8? Has anyone retrofitted a 6 speed? I guess if I did, I would have to change the axle? What else are weak links of power increases? Thanks, Scott
  14. I would take it to a local dealer, if you have one, and get it checked out. Might as well get the "right" answer for a price than fiddling and ending up with more price... I think it is difficult for anyone to really know what you are describing unless they physically inspect the car and hear the sound "live". Speculation is a potentially expensive practice. When you do figure out what it is, please let us know. Best, Scott
  15. JoeyO, thanks. I talked with the dealer and they said there is no need for me to change it at this time ... they have not ahd one come in for overheating (and I am in West Palm Beach, FL) so I will wait and see what happens for now. Hot 'Lanta ... used to live in Vinings/Smyrna area for 10 years ... fun town.
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