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  1. My father in law sold his 08 Citroen c4 to them. He got £800 more than any dealer would offer him but once you agree to do the deal you have to take it somewhere to get it inspected where they try to knock you down even more. All they want are everyday cars that they can sell on at much higher prices in car supermarkets.
  2. With a £150 fiesta in England sometimes they may offer to scrap it and get you hame another way but they won't refuse it. You're right bibs, with an Esprit it should not be an issue but with a lesser value car you could run into trouble.
  3. ANOTHER BIG WARNING!!! Don't know about other companies but if the value of the recovery home comes to more than the value of the car the AA will just leave you there!
  4. I watched Avatar last night it's very predictable but i really liked it.
  5. I'll be mostly draining petrol out of the tanks of diesel cars when their owners put the wrong stuff in. When cars are being shipped abroad they have to have their tanks drained to less than a quarter full so i will also be draining that out and using it for myself . I have just got myself a business bank account, email and my wife is sorting out stationary so it's moving along quite swiftly now.
  6. No, no lottery win i'm afraid. I had an offer a few months ago to work with/for an old friend doing fuel drain outs. I hadn't given it too much thought until he phoned me up a week ago asking if i was still interested. With the impending AA strike and all the very bad feeling in the AA i decided to give it a go. I'm going to be self employed doing fuel drains for him while at the same time doing a bit of car maintenance and repairs to build up a business of my own. Very scary atm but i'm confidant it will work out for the best, just so glad to be shot of the AA.
  7. Spoke too soon, cancelled again. Looks like i'm going nowhere now
  8. You're right it is a bit far for a week but my wife works for Thomas Cook and soon they won't be going there anymore. If we don't go now we would have to pay full price and it's a bit too steep for us atm.
  9. When i used to work for a ford dealer i was servicing a fiesta with a 1.3 ohc engine that was worse than that. The sludge in the rocker box was so bad the rockers had made prints in it, you could even read the part numbers in the sludge!
  10. That would be nice. We have had to cancel the whole trip and my wife is trying to rebook for just a week.
  11. Villigandu i think. We may still get to go but only for a week.
  12. I know there is no-one to get pissed off with but when an 9K holiday to the Maldives you got for 1.5K is cancelled i guess most people would be a bit peeved.
  13. Well my holiday is not happening now, pissed off!
  14. I'm supposed to be flying out on Sunday to the Maldives. Really, really hope it's gone by then doesn't
  15. Don't the N/A's have a right exiting exhaust though. Looking on here it does look like an N/A or maybe was.
  16. Hi Dave What are the decals on the side and headlight switches like? Mine are a bit worn and could do with new ones.
  17. You need to check the ecu is giving the rad fan control relay an earth when the fans are supposed to be on. You know the ecu is getting the temp readings fron the sensor so everything from the sensor to the ecu is working properly. If you don't have an earth at the fan control relay trace the wiring back to the ecu and check it there. If there isn't one or it's intermitant suspect the ecu itself is faulty. I had this exact same fault with mine when i bought it which turned out to be the ecu, the only options are to have it repaired or replace it.
  18. davegtst


    We went to villu reef which is i think one of the islands furthest south. Loved every minute of it, it's so relaxing and peaceful, nowhere else we've been comes close to it. We may be going back later in the year (wife's a travel agent which helps) but not sure which island to go to yet.
  19. davegtst


    Just come back from St Lucia which was fantastic. Probably going to vegas and san fran in a month or two but for me the maldives beats them all.
  20. Mine is the same, i thought this was normal.
  21. Yes Walmart (huge supermarket chain) sells vitually everything, food, drink, tyres, car parts, tv's even guns and hunting gear. Can't help with the wire though.
  22. Talk to PUK. I'm sure they used to be able to code the ecu chip to whatever the customer wanted within reason.
  23. Yeah sorry, i edited my post with a different picture to show the satnav in it's holder.
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