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  1. Saw a nice light blue S1 on the m25 about 5 oclock ish near the m40. If it's anyone here, i was the one gawping from the blue alfa.
  2. It's not a joke though. You can really buy it, in the UK too. Start ya bastard
  3. My thoughts exactly. People have been wanting to burn him at the stake for years and now because he's dead he's an musical hero.
  4. I've put recaro type seats in mine ( i think you have already seen them) They are comfortable and hold you better than the originals but they do sit higher. For my interior i think they work very well, you are welcome to come and try them (stevenage) as the position might not be to everyones taste. They are a VERY tight fit and also can't be adjusted once fitted.
  5. I would never reuse broken gaskets. Why not get some gasket paper and make your own?
  6. davegtst


    Thanks Mat, i'll give that a try later.
  7. davegtst


    I had to reformat my pc the other day and have lost all my songs in my itunes library. I have them all on my ipod but i can't find a way of getting them beck into my library. Does anyone know how to do this please?
  8. I think cost is the main thing too. I've looked on plenty of websites for other stuff in the past and if there is no indication of price i'll move on to someone else. Even a rough cost is better than none at all. What i believe people want is the best job possible for the cheapest price. What services do you offer and how much are they? Also do customers have to bring the car to you or do you travel and how far?
  9. They're not cheap are they! How are you planning to do the speedo? the gauge is electronic and your N/A has a cable from the gearbox.
  10. I believe mine is 350mm outside diameter. If you don't have power steering i don't recommend anything smaller. The smaller the wheel the less leveage you have which makes it harder to turn.
  11. Yeah, i had to dremil out the bumper a bit so it would fit.
  12. I recently tried this with mine and it didn't look very good at all. I got the widest angle led's i could find but parts of the gauges looked too bright and other areas were very dim. I've just put some new bulbs in now.
  13. Talking of Larini exhausts, what do you reckon to mine? Just finished fitting it today along with new rear mesh. I've left the cat in but i still get flames out the back, sounds awesome too.
  14. I hear this all the time at work. In 5 years working for the AA and the rest working in garages i've never seen any debris blocking carbs/injectors and causing the engine to stop. I have seen fuel pumps (electric in-tank diesel) blocked with gunk but alot of fuel tanks now are plastic so there is no chance of rust inside.
  15. I've got toyos on mine too. Can't fault them in dry weather but i don't really use the esprit in the rain.
  16. Very interested in this. I'd be especially interested in painting and prep work. Is this your friends in Harlow? I still need to find time to get down there to get a quote to paint my front.
  17. Here's another not a very good picture though. Evil creatures, every time i swam under to get a shot he would come out from under his rock and try and take a chunk out of me.
  18. I've used Nengun before and they were very good with a very quick delivery time. With tyres don't expect to get away with the import duty though.
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