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  1. Thank you so much! I simply can't believe that I have thought about those cars on and off for years and within a day of asking (and being a newbie to the forum) you produced high res pictures of them. I think I may be the adolescent leaning into the stand clutching a bag of brochures....2nd picture down on the left above the Esprit....or maybe not. Any idea on what happened to Motorshow cars, or did they just get filtered anonymously into the dealer network? I am off to the pub now to bore my friends with how brilliant this forum is! Thanks you once again. WP
  2. Hi, I went to the NEC Motorshow show in I think 1982 and the Lotus stand had Esprits in a pale metallic blue colour. Has anyone any pictures from the show and do the cars still exist? Any info appreciated. Thanks Stuart
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