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  1. Anyhow, the Swedish Lego set just went tits up. Wrong clutch supplied. Bollox. Whatever shall we do for the next 3 days?
  2. Kim & I have booked the Premier too.
  3. Because the vultures running the airlines will tell you that economy passengers are interested only in price at the cost of all else. Which is, in my opinion, bullshit.
  4. I'm in, and so is @Kim.Poulsen
  5. I suspect you're correct! Strange, I don't recall noting that modification whilst dismantling...
  6. Jolly japes! A decent repair on the crank.
  7. Panic over! I need to get into G-car mode; apparently no step. All I have to do now is make some sense if this:
  8. Only been here 5 minutes, and found the first big issue! Freshly ground flywheel; notice anything?
  9. Non-Lotus engine problem

    Trouble is, the only code you're gonna get, if any, is misfire cyl x. Could mean any number of things. However, I'd be looking at the coil pack too.
  10. Hesitation on startup

    Bring it to Sweden, mate.
  11. Excellent! Party every night, all invited. I'm sure Kim won't mind.
  12. Hi Yasuo! I'll be staying at Chez Poulsen as usual, and taking a limo across the bridge each day. Not sure when I arrive but it'll be this week, staying maybe 6 nights.
  13. Crankshaft repaired, all parts (hopefully) on their way to Sweden courtesy of PNM. @Kim.Poulsen - I do hope you have plenty of gin...