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  1. It's not the journey; it's the destination.
  2. Thus begins a new research phase. If I can somehow link it to climate change, I'll get a huge grant too. Game on.
  3. Mine has lived with us for 20 years. She's full of stories that make you want to slit your throat (and hers) EVERY DAY. Like how she nearly dropped a fork yesterday (oh, the drama), and recent events concerning her digestive system. It's why I drink. Bless her.
  4. Good luck mate, I feel for you. See you on the other side. Be strong. But make the drinks stronger.
  5. Indeed, therefore I use a mitigation technique that I like to call 'more gin'.
  6. You guys always cheer me up. Anyhow, I solved my melty ice issue with minimal effort and at zero cost. I put more ice in.
  7. You haven't met my wife, have you?
  8. Unfortunately I did start a little early today, so drinking faster is maybe a little irresponsible. Tonic lives in the fridge, but my gin collection is rather large and i never know which I might want next. Tracy has said no to the booze fridge. I sort of understand.
  9. Yeah, that'll get you nowhere.
  10. I put a Schrodinger big-block V8 into @Dan E's mota, and closed the deck. Turned the key, nuffin. Opened up the deck, all was good. Any ideas?
  11. Given the probabilistic behaviour of all atoms and particles, can free will really exist? For example, did you choose to buy your Lotus, or was it a predetermined outcome? Discuss. Marks will be awarded for correct spelling and grammar.
  12. Had an MGB in today with carbs needing a rebuild. Haven't done this for over 20 years! Great fun.
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