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    Crop rotation in the 14th century

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  1. Sparky


    I shall investigate...
  2. Two Lotus owners walked into a bar...
  3. Was just about to post a pic. Glad I reread the title with my glasses on.
  4. If we told you what Snailgate is about, we'd have to kill you.
  5. Mate, that is uncanny. I'd already tagged Helen for me. Been chasing snails for the last hour. Puffed out.
  6. Snailgate. They'll make a movie about that one day. Wonder who'll play us?
  7. No idea. It's all a blur after the lightweights went home.
  8. Could have been the Tate Gallery, for all I knew.
  9. I'd like to meet @Bibs sober. Both of us at the same time would be a bonus.
  10. You pull T-shirts over your bottom?
  11. You have much to learn, young padawan...
  12. Similar to what C&A used to do with ladies' underwear.
  13. Did a bit of work on this today. Luvverly. Very nice to meet Tim @TAR as well!
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