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  1. Wonderful pedal! First time I've enjoyed driving an S4 (apologies to owners but I'd never have a car with the DM setup). I'm cautiously optimistic; time will tell...
  2. I did a fair amount around the local area - braking hard from 30-40MPH. Finally settled on 7 turns out for the Wilwood and 19Hg vacuum. I'll get it on the rollers on Tuesday hopefully. Then I'll see how it brakes at higher speeds. Looking forward to giving this one its legs now it's running so nicely.
  3. She flies! Banjo bolts just 2mm shorter were a great help. I had a couple of slight weeps on the new unions under servo pressure, but they seem sorted now. I won't be signing it off for a few days yet, during which I'll be testing the brakes in diverse scenarios and looking for issues/leaks. The new vacuum system is well sealed; the original Lotus stuff leaked a lot! Sorted that out and we now have a decent vac system overall. Numerous vacuum repairs, a new TPS, throttle jack deletion and sorting out some wiring have resolved a very erratic idle, and the engine now runs beautifully. The brakes feel excellent, and inspire so much more confidence than the awful Delco-Moraine system. Let UAT commence...
  4. Bazza, have you gone 60/40? And are they stock brakes?
  5. Lamp driver sorted out, thanks to Barry! This overrides the low pressure warning light that was problematic. I've been struggling to get copper washers for the proportioning valve outlets. They have a critical OD of 12.75mm. Ian had good access to get these fabricated; unfortunately I do not. So today I gave up, whipped out a file, and made them myself from standard washers. 90 minutes of non-stop fettling, and my fingers are agony. But, sorted! I've altered a part spec, reducing the specified banjo bolts from 20mm to 18mm to accommodate the thinner washers, and relieved the valve slightly, enabling me to get the rake I need on the pipe unions. As soon as the banjo bolts arrive, I'll have a brake pedal. Reminder to self: anneal washers. Replacement vac pump arrived, and works just peachy, so I cut and filed the mounting lugs to enable fitting in the recess with appropriate brackets - again. Lovely to get most of it back together again. Another slight deviation from Ian's fit: - a 4-way plug for the vacuum electrics. This one will get the ultimate test once finished, as it's due an MoT next week...
  6. Sparky

    Evora GT430

    Front and center again, Trev? Uncanny. 🤔
  7. Loose nut at the wheel.
  8. Just tell them they can't get any closer than this.
  9. The Farce is strong in you, Darth Tractor.
  10. @Bibs if my GT3 is acceptable then it'll be available. If a better one comes along, I'd be happy to step down!