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  1. G'wan, shuffle all her stuff around and take a photo. Of your bruises.
  2. You could rearrange Shan's cleaning station...
  3. TBH a few on here remain in therapy after a raunchy night out at The Horns.
  4. Curious that so many people seem 'familiar' with The Horns...
  5. Angry Orchard. Just sayin'.
  6. Even scarier. Dunno what the deal is in Kent; everything's just peachy around here. Did you pay your council tax?
  7. Yeah, but they're all Serbian ex-military in hiding.
  8. Sparky

    Self Isolation

    Yeah, electric motor rings a bell. That'll take you ages to do properly.
  9. Sparky

    Self Isolation

    Love that kit!
  10. Sparky

    Self Isolation

    Dunno. Isolated her 3 weeks ago (no symptoms, just felt like it) and haven't removed the padlock since.
  11. Sparky

    Self Isolation

    Recently built this life-size one from spare bricks: Just finished this UCS Star Destroyer: Currently doing the UCS Millennium Falcon again, coz it's well wikkid: And as soon as I've finished that, I'm going to scratch build an oil pump and some ski racks.
  12. Sparky

    Self Isolation

    And I'm fresh out of Lego.
  13. £102.7 at our local Asda, and I'm sure we'll see below a quid. They'll claim its the low oil price...
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