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  1. Looking at that list, I predict a bit of a piss-up.
  2. And now G cars are being confused with S cars. Entirely different.
  3. It's quite common to cut inner races off, on many cars. No need for heating/cooling to refit these.
  4. Excellent! It'll give me something to do whilst Ian is doing the conversion.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this Esprit!
  6. Sparky

    More wedge for less wedge

    You'll be lucky to afford a door wedge after this hairdresser chariot is sorted.
  7. Post-installation debriefing facilities arranged. All a bit hush-hush, so don't tell anyone.
  8. We might meet you somewhere, but we're feeling a bit retired, so we might just do whatever the feck we like.
  9. Sparky

    Anyone know a character called Arnoseven on EBay?

    That's a bit harsh.
  10. Not too hot on database normalisation then? 🤣
  11. Ha! Bibs made it very clear that we should pay and he would add to the list. As usual, even the simplest of directions go unheeded by those that should know better. Next we'll be inundated with "when do I get my BBQ ticket?" posts. 😝
  12. Sparky

    M100 S2 this morning

    Yeah, saw it again today. Gonna be there tomorrow, and the day after, and on and on. Sick of the bloody thing.