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  1. Sparky

    The day I became sad.........

    No, this is Manly end. Thought you'd know that, being Ostrayan.
  2. Sparky

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Back on topic, clever lad. Although I did throw up in my mouth a little bit.
  3. Sparky

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Agreed. Last time we were at yours she was trying to polish my spuds.
  4. Correct, Anders. You have a separate sender as detailed above.
  5. Come on then! I'm yet to start properly working on it. Been feeling rough as a badger's arse all this year.
  6. Sparky

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    I am sooooo tired of all this bullshit. Or cowshit. Or ruminant excrement. Or whatever doesn't melt the snowflakes. FFS.
  7. Sparky


    Fluid preference is subjective. I like the stuff that Bibs uses, and I also use . Most importantly, don't buy a cheap e-cig. That's the path back to smoking. I currently favour the Smok Alien, but that's getting a bit old now. Bibs normally has some science-fiction contraption going on...
  8. Sparky

    Gearbox backplate thread size

    Pete, I'm probably not going to be overly helpful here, but I recall they're slightly larger than all the others? An M6 will rattle around in there so it's possible they're not damaged...
  9. Depends on the year, I think. The later ones had a separate, simple sender for the warning light. This is awkward to access; it's toward the back of the block on the right side.
  10. One I did some time back...
  11. Sparky

    S4 timing

    Think it's time for Steve to give us a comprehensive account of what he did to it before the problem started.
  12. Sparky

    Sudden loss of oil S2 - Advice needed

    @Hornsey Boy Dragan, really sorry I missed your call, but it's been a mad weekend. A dry dipstick doesn't mean empty; you likely still had a fair bit of oil in there. I'm sure you haven't done any significant damage!
  13. Sparky

    S4 timing

    I don't fully understand what you're saying here. But, put simply, if you're within a tooth or so (or even 2) then it ain't that causing your glowing manifold.
  14. To be fair, they were probably talking about the discs in his spine.