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  1. selling my Esprit S2 already!! ??

    Bugger. Good luck! I'd need therapy in your position. Is there a scenario that sees you keeping both, even for a while?
  2. Time to start explaining

    Too bloody much. I get the Gates 5206 for around £20.
  3. You can jemmy it all you like, you'll still probably miss wear on these - especially in the upper bushes. My (extremely thorough) MoT guys have missed them on more than one occasion.
  4. Time to start explaining

    Snap - would never bother with one. I change mine regularly, so I see no benefit.
  5. Time to start explaining

    He took the viagra!
  6. Anyone speak Latin?

    The kids of today are offered counselling for the stress suffered during 'exams'.
  7. Anyone speak Latin?

    You'll be pleased to know I went to Grammar and did several years of Latin. Conjugate that!
  8. Anyone speak Latin?

    And 'my hovercraft is full of eels', if you'd be so kind.
  9. Anyone speak Latin?

    It's not dead, it's resting.
  10. Anyone speak Latin?

    How many Romans?
  11. Time to start explaining

    So, what was it? Nice belt whine...
  12. Time to start explaining

    You may find this photo quite helpful.
  13. Fuel tanks replaced

    An irksome job, but satisfying once done! Looks like you didn't move the engine?
  14. Time to start explaining

    I believe it may be possible to accidentally swap a couple of connectors around there. I really can't remember, but the similar connector may be that to the charcoal canister...