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  1. Just one small issue: now I can't get the bloody wheels off. Anyhow, been making some progress on this one, albeit somewhat glacial. Engine is now all sorted and runs sweeeeet. Brake master cylinder has been sent for bore & sleeve. Exhaust downpipe is blowing plenty. Nick has sourced a replacement but unfortunately the current system is a custom built mongrel and every joint is a sleeve instead of a flange, and none of it is a fantastic fit. Except for the rear silencers. I discovered after 20 minutes of heave-ho with them that some evil human had tack welded them. Removed the lot. Had to cut the downpipe to get a good handle on 2 very reluctant K-locks. Nick sourced a full correct replacement, but even that is going to be fun as bolts have been tacked to the flanges and then cut, so more stuff to do there. Meanwhile, I was able to fit the replacement parts back to the Y-piece. So, more fun with grinder and drills imminent. Old stuff: New(!) stuff, bloody annoying: And fitted so far: Nick has already dealt with the calipers and hoses, but left the rusty rear pipes to me. A modicum of violence and half a trade pack of expletives dealt with them. Rather pleased that I was able to release all the cable clips and screws without a single casualty, using a bit in a ratchet driver. The T-piece is toast, so I'll be sourcing an alternative. I made up the replacement pipes today. Now waiting to get hold of the brake T-piece, the master cylinder, and some more exhaust mountings. And more expletives for the next bout of violence. Then, hopefully, MoT!
  2. Surely it's simple to assemble a QRF within 30 minutes or so of these pricks kicking off? If 20 of them turn up, you just need 40 'concerned citizens' to keep them off the road. I'm available...
  3. Please tell me she's not with you again?
  4. Coolant brand depends on availability, but in these it'll generally be blue or maybe green. I'm not too precious about coolant type in older cars. Many come to me with virtually none, or incorrect, by which point most of the damage has been done! I've flushed some amazing muck out of cooling systems, one in particular recently that was gross.
  5. In some cases, yes. I used to be in NYC a lot, and could never be bothered to carry back the big Star Wars sets at the time, favourably priced in dollars. A couple of $200 kits there would yield over £5000 each now. Nowadays I can buy a new release, enjoy building it for many hours, pack it away and sell it for maybe 90-95% of its new price if I want to. Very cheap entertainment if that's what you like!
  6. Hi Sarah. Your location puts you within reach of a lot of owners! When's his birthday? Do you know which kind of Esprit?
  7. Naturally, that's on my list. Also, rumours of a huge AT-AT before Christmas, yaaaaay!
  8. Can't understand how anyone believes I'm a drinker. But yes.
  9. I had an awful evening. Having made dinner, I had to drive it around for miles to show to my friends. Used up what little petrol I had left, and by the time I got home my food was stone cold.
  10. Ah bollox, now the Mother-in-Law has started talking to me.
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