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  1. I have indeed. Someone has spent a lot of money on this one; I'd say fairly recently. I did a C service, fitted a new exhaust, and had the turbo rebuilt. Interior has been retrimmed, but not exactly standard! Quite nice though. A very pretty car. @Blinghas been to see it, so maybe best to hear from him...
  2. Whoops. I'm disappointed in myself. In my defense, I was knee-deep in a gearbox.
  3. Check whether the airbox to turbo hose is collapsing under load.
  4. Grabbed a couple of the trousers, excellent! Not sure I'd get into a small shirt though...
  5. The clip will rotate on the pin, so manoeuvre it to the most advantageous position for slipping it off. I find down infinitely preferable!
  6. Yes, they can. Be careful not to drop any shims as you lift the towers. Magnets are useful.
  7. I don't know; it added a certain je ne sais quoi.
  8. Yes, they're both supposed to be splined. Common issue. The proper solution is to replace the entire wiper linkage, which is an 'interesting and rewarding' task. Temporarily you could use one of the various liquid metal compounds to secure it, but how long it will last is anybody's guess. Or, as it is conical, create your own grooves in both faces and try to tighten down to an interference fit. Ultimately, you'll be spending a significant amount of time in the Lotus position. This is one job I really don't enjoy.
  9. Best, then, that I don't tell you the airfare would have been around £200. 😂
  10. Sounds like a plan; good luck! If it's of any use, at any time, I'm only a few miles away in Watford.
  11. Trying not to do the engineer a disservice but I fail to see how a simple hydraulic system can be an issue for several weeks. It's a very basic process, and any issue should be easily diagnosed in very little time. And I have no idea why anyone would suggest the PNM kit might be the reason behind this. If you're seeing no leaks, then I'd have to say the fault lies at master/servo. Point of interest: I replaced a DeLorean master last week with a brand new unit and spent ages trying and failing to get a pedal. Turned out the new master was faulty. Replaced, bled, perfect.
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