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  1. I have no idea what the last 50% of your statement means.
  2. Premeet in the hotel bar, naturally. Say, lunchtime?
  3. Owen, I've rounded my fair share of those hex bolts. On every occasion (except one that required grinding the head then turning out with locking grips) I've succeeded by tapping in a larger torx bit.
  4. Sparky


    How can I refuse? It's perfect for our gin bar! And we were already thinking of coming to Windsor again. Stick it in the display as sold. Lovely.
  5. It's de rigeur. Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky
  6. Sparky


    Oooh, talk to me...
  7. Nah, not me! Although I'm quite happy to do them, it's far more efficient (esp. parts availability, downtime) to throw it at Pete at PNM. He knows his stuff.
  8. Sparky


    Naturally I shall be paying my respects.
  9. As it happens, I'm joining Extinction Rebellion in the hope I might get pulled off regularly.
  10. Dunno mate; it's too blurry. I'm happy to offer you free photography tuition.
  11. Ah, just remembered my most scary one. Antigua, 1999, trying to get across the island to my family in a tropical storm in my local mate's car. Hit by a flash flood that filled the passenger cabin to our waists, almost washed out to sea, and armed with screwdriver, rags and WD40, I had to get the drenched car started on a diminishing sandbar with rain so heavy I could hardly see, and lightning grounding all around me. No shit.
  12. Not something as crazy as a gearbox, but way back in the Ford OHC days I had in the boot everything I needed for a cambelt change. I think I did 3 at the roadside.
  13. Saved us a mint on hotels.
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