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    Crop rotation in the 14th century

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  1. Mine was the same - all over the place. Persistent administration of a persuader sorted it out within a few minutes.
  2. Esprit S4S

    I'd recommend supervised visits.
  3. I feel sorry for your postie.
  4. Shame, could have detoured there from MO in August.
  5. Esprit S4S

    Yeah, but there's no need to keep licking them.
  6. You mean he's gonna sell it well cheap tomorrow?
  7. Black Museum? That was the deepest pit of Hell. But it was fkn fast. And featured on Police 5.
  8. Yeah, but where's the fun in that?
  9. We ought to start a black museum.
  10. That silver High Wing I had in earlier this year...
  11. About £500, apparently.
  12. That last one seems a bit weird.
  13. They remind me of the Mini Metro. Always looked OK, but were almost invariably utter sacks of shite on closer inspection.
  14. Bazza, maybe it'd be easier for you, for each of your well-researched Esprit purchases, to provide a list of what's not fcuked.
  15. Ian's S4s refurb

    No, I have one of these.