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    New to me. Just tried it and was very lucky to get the start letter right first time. Solved in 3. Could become a thing. Great, another distraction!
  2. Never had trouble with those two. Always gun them off, no problems.
  3. That particular old boiler's been FUBAR for years.
  4. Cheers guys! Had a lovely day visiting my Mum in Bournemouth. Unfortunately got home to find the boiler FUBAR. But what they hey, went out and had a curry and got pissed. Boiler can wait.
  5. Cheers! @Bibs did you find her at The Horns?
  6. To correct the Twitter post, this drive contains a TE, an HC, two XR3i Cabriolets, an MG Midget, and an old Merc SL. So, only 2 Esprits.
  7. Haha, I know exactly where that is as I look after both his TEs, and a couple of XR3is!
  8. Meanwhile, in my manor...
  9. They're a thick-skinned crowd up in the Bronx; even when he's rude they'll consider him oh-so-British and polite. And his accent will be an asset.
  10. Absolutely the best way of doing this is by cab, but if that isn't viable then there are good bus services that are pretty cheap. The Bronx is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I would recommend, though, that he doesn't stroll around on his own - especially at night. But that applies pretty much anywhere nowadays. I'd consider his vulnerable time will be during travel JFK (I assume) and where he's staying, but daytime bus transportation is OK in NYC. Apart from that, he'll be fine as he's with locals. I understand your concerns! Last year, my sister and BIL unwittingly booked an AirBNB in a rough part of NYC, and I voiced some concerns. Turns out the extremely dodgy locals liked them, looked after them, and gave them the time of their lives.
  11. Awwww, fanks mate! I'm still a Photoshop amateur, so this was good practice.
  12. Monster, innit? Certainly my favourite to date - because of its complexity and, of course, the subject which is a superb craft. Waitng in the wings right now (plan to finish the DeAgostini X-Wing first) are two contenders: the new Ultimate AT-AT, and Titanic - another of my favourite subjects and Lego's largest kit yet. Really looking forward to both of those.
  13. Exactly. They do matter. They really do matter, in a big way.
  14. It's a slippery slope when large corporations submit to this ludicrous minority snowflakery for fear of losing a percentage point.
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