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  1. I just love the way my topics stay precisely on point.
  2. I'd pay to see that though.
  3. What is this 'dfriving'?
  4. You'd have to ask @Kimbers; it all got a bit out of hand...
  5. I definitely remember getting intimate with @C8RKH in the back of @Dan E's dodgy van. That may have had something to do with @Bibs's driving. Of note is the fact that my injuries have since prevented me from doing any Lotus work, but recovery is imminent. I should sue, but which one?
  6. Fair cop. I remain out of action since Christmas Day. I may have to take up a non-executive position, and resume pointing.
  7. Your Dad & I had a lovely chat about Concorde at the Xmas bash. Seems he's quite the fan!
  8. He confided in me that he'd love to do your Dry Sump cambelt & clutch. For free.
  9. But imagine my number plate on it! Oooooh.
  10. The smoking gun? Or maybe no engine management errors? I've seen bulbs removed by naughty people.
  11. Wise not to do anything significant until you've accessed the data. Could well be a simple component/calibration issue; could equally be a major baseline fault, especially as you've recently bought it. Any history? Initially worth checking integrity of all vacuum lines, induction, camshaft timing, and perhaps valve clearances.
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