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  1. So selfless. What a guy.
  2. I did a quick alcohol inventory recently, and I found another bottle! I now have 3 unopened.
  3. Gotta be DXB then, surely?
  4. You might be lucky and the union will clean up and reseal with a new clip, but pipe corrosion is a common failure point. The pipe will only come out intact with engine removed or lifted a fair bit. A couple of non-original (and, franky, more durable) fixes exist if that's not desirable. One involves fabrication and installation of a semi-flexible pipe assembly through the master gearchange aperture. The other requires a visit to your local DIY store for flexible plastic plumbing pipe. It's a lot of fun either way, as is getting the old one out (pull-bend-pull-bend und so weiter).
  5. I remember when all this was fields.
  6. Failure to MoT does not invalidate insurance, although they love you to think so.
  7. Not this POS; he's Soviet through and through.
  8. I hate you, you near-sighted bastard.
  9. Right, here's the update. Having been told for the last 2 weeks that I must see my surgeon again, they succeeded in putting me in front of 'NOT my surgeon' two weeks running. The second guy I saw lit my fuse when he turned from my notes and asked me which eye I'd had done. So I loudly questioned his credentials and parentage, screamed blue murder (emptying the waiting room and probably precipitating calls to emergency services) until my surgeon magically appeared in front of me. At last, some sanity. She was spot on, explained exactly what had happened and why, and we arrived at an exit strategy. I have now stopped antibiotics but will still use steroid drops for another 20 days, whereupon I will return to my optician for a post-cataract test. I shall then carry the resultant prescription to my surgeon on 18 October, and she will decide whether I can order my glasses, or I slide down the very last snake and we start all over again. Simples! On a bright note, most of the 'pink eye' has subsided, so I no longer have to endure so many knowing smirks.
  10. Still gotta squint at that.
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