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  1. Similar foam should exist top and bottom of the tank. Discard it and replace with closed-cell foam, which doesn't retain moisture.
  2. Aye. Kids these days...
  3. Sparky


    Incredible video.
  4. Forget the pub. When permitted, I have a bottle of English Harbour going spare.
  5. Lovely stuff mate. Really looking forward to getting hold of this superb suspension setup! No doubt I shall pickup soon...
  6. Gates 6263MC, 6264MC, 6462MC: the only belts you should ever need on 4-cyl Stevens onwards. The nylon strap's proximity is standard. There are various 'mods' possible to space it away, but TBH the wear you have is as far as it's likely to go!
  7. Eeek! If that's leaking then it's likely my fault/problem.
  8. Hang on, do we agree on something? I feel a bit dirty now.
  9. We've had words with Billund about an Esprit. You never know...
  10. Yup, still have the GT3! I've driven every Esprit variant except the Sport 300, and I bought the GT3 because it is hands down the best model I've driven. Incredibly reliable, a modern-feeling joy around town, and a lot of fun on the open road. However, that is of course subjective. The 2.0l engine is pretty pedestrian from standing, but when the turbo spools up it's lovely. GT3 Handling is the pinnacle of Esprit development. The interior is not as lush as other variants, but I prefer that as it's pretty much creak-free. This later facelift model GT3 has the much-improved Kelsey-Hayes AB
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