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  1. Fit Like.t


    Your the man for a strange issue on an SE. Starts and idles fine at between 750 and 1,000 RPM. Try increase revs gets to about 1750 and starts to hunt then missfire. Tried Esprit Scan and no faults recorder. It did have TPS issue which we replaced, set at correct values. But still the same. HELP.

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    2. johnpwalsh


      Had a guy check the crank sensor with an ammeter and and an oscilloscope and he said the the values were ok. The wires were pulled out of the plug accidentally when the gearbox was removed the second time, but no nipped wire or damage seen and were put back in the checked for V values. I was told that if it were damaged the car would turn over, but not start and it starts off the button almost 1st turn of the key


    3. johnpwalsh


      Crank sensor since checked with free scan and does not show as faulty on diagnosis. Yes it was left in the bell housing, just unplugged

    4. Sparky


      I had a GT3 recently where the turbo hose was absolutely fine externally, but had delaminated inside.  You certain it's clear?

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