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  1. Happy to take it on, but I'm doing my best to avoid away jobs now. In any case, it'll be several weeks before I could do it!
  2. Sparky

    Line of Duty

    It was the butler. The butler did it.
  3. Following a frustrating wait for parts, it's sorted! Turbo hose replaced, and plenty of other stuff found and rectified/replaced during diagnosis. I think the owner will get a pleasant surprise, as this car clearly hasn't reached its full potential for some time. And now, alcohol.
  4. Agreed, make absolutely sure the breathers/rollover connections are all good. On quite a few cars, said limp dick is recirculated into the airbox. I make no comment on that; simply what I've found. Also check filler neck connections and caps. I've traced a few vapour issues to those. If tanks are new, I assume closed cell foam has been used? Give the foam a good dabbing top/bottom for any whiff.
  5. Game on! I hope you gave him at least twice my usual rate...
  6. And I got to work on it pre-delivery. Well made up!
  7. More than happy to check it out - depending on location of course - but I fear if £3k is beyond your scope for a 15+ year non-runner, then it's highly likely to be a non-starter, so to speak! Perhaps make it a long term project?
  8. I find it curious that people will part with tens of thousands of pounds for a Lotus, but won't stump up pennies for membership of TLF, arguably the best Lotus resource on the planet. I am rather familiar with the amount of time, effort and money Bibs has put into this entity, and I will gladly pay my dues in recognition of this.
  9. I know a butcher's dog that has a poster of you on his wall.
  10. You'll be putting up hab modules on Mars.
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