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  1. Because it's still bloody cold a few miles up! The hail creation process is fascinating.
  2. Happy Birthday, ya filthy Porsche owner.
  3. I was on the A414 westbound from Chelmsford around 1530, and the sky to my north was cataclysmic. Got hit by a 5 minute monsoon, but drove out of it. Looked pretty nasty up the M11.
  4. @Hornsey Boy Dragan's pretty HC here for some clutch hydraulics yesterday.
  5. That's more like it, back to issues that really matter.
  6. Ah, I am sans Lotus. And I simply can't bring myself to attend in a Vauxhall.
  7. Lotuscenti, love it! Welcome from another depositer, UK-based. Whereabouts in the States?
  8. I hear ya, but still believe I'll be dust before any of the ones I've fitted will corrode! And if not, well, you'll need to visit a care home to redeem the warranty. And then I'll come back and haunt you, muhahaha.
  9. Hey Colin! I tend to judge them by function rather than form. Pretty much a given that any new tanks will outlast us lot, so I'm happy with tanks supplied by SJ Sportscars. They're a small percentage smaller, which makes them easier to fit, and they're ally, so job's a good 'un. They might not be the prettiest, but you won't be looking at them ever again. If you want amazing workmanship, I believe a guy calling himself Axminster ( @Chillidoggy will confirm/correct ) makes some stunning quality stuff out of stainless, but last time I enquired there was a pretty long wait, and he might not even be doing them any more. I hope your friend finds this informative... 😉
  10. I don't do tents. That's why I bring the Ayatollah; she pours me into the car and drives me home. Simples.
  11. @Dan E Bring the missus! We won't talk cars at all, honest.
  12. It certainly is. I probably do 2 or 3 a year, mostly G-cars, but a few earlier Stevens are now failing. Latest one I've done so far is 1992. To be fair, 30 years on a tank is pretty good! Emira.
  13. Car had been run on indicated empty with warning light on for some time. Those familiar with the job will know what's coming next. 2.8 bloody gallons. Fortunately the tanks were of the banjo type, so I just slightly cracked them both and went for a G&T (well, it was hot). A bit of rust debris was present - must've been the tonic. As the tanks were destined for scrap, I first chapped off as much as I could of each crossover spigot to ease removal. All of these cars have varying tolerances, necessitating various methods of removal. Generally for a TE it's OK to leave the deck in place, and I| did. LH tank came out after removing the deck strut and, of course, aft wood mounting. RH tank cleared the strut, but the ear and air intake had to be removed. RH tank wasn't yet perforated, but the owner wanted both done, which is common sense. LH tank was the culprit. Not major, but just about to get nasty. Replacement, with full-length spigots, can be irksome. RH slipped in reasonably, but LH wouldn't clear the exhaust tower. Fortunately I just managed to squeeze it past after removing the exhaust cam cover. No engine mountings were harmed during this movie. FInally replaced balance pipe and hoses (more petrol) , and fuel filter. All fittings/panels replaced, job done! Or so I thought. Ran it round the block for a test as he wants me to do some steering bits, and the car spluttered and died, fortunately on the downhill to my manor, so I coasted back on to the drive. A quick test showed seized fuel pump (no great surprise). Fortunately I had a known good used one on the shelf, so threw that on, and all is good again. One last thing: Emira!
  14. A quick edit - even on a mobile - makes it perfectly possible. What would be the benefit of a 5+Mb pic of a fixing?
  15. Absolutely. They share many common components. It's why I'm buying one; I'm already tooled up.
  16. I just can't tell you how excited I am to be doing these this week.
  17. I'm easy to spot. Scruffy, shorts, oily complexion - normally 10w60.
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