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  2. I forgot the punchline. The scumbags' lawyers are preparing the civil action for personal injury damages against Adam.
  3. It actually happened 3 years ago. Adam has recently been released on tag. The judge was determined to send him down and overruled significant portions of his defence, finally recommending that the jury find him guilty despite no evidence that it was anything other than an accident. Adam is a hothead, and absolutely shouldn't have chased them once off his property, but the system is clearly broken beyond repair. As a result they've lost their savings and Adam has lost a very good job. Meanwhile these scumbags continue their lives of crime behind an apparently impermeable shield called "no comment".
  4. Adam (homeowner) is my SIL, married to my daughter.
  5. Pretty sure we pulled that off last time at the Fez in Margate.
  6. As discussed, mine is a slightly different shape to yours.
  7. He'll answer this again in an hour or so.
  8. It certainly made me go all tingly. I didn't look at your though; I assume it's the same.
  9. @ramjet, do you actually have a browser?
  10. Tonight! Starring my son-in-law, worth a watch. This has already been picked up by the national press and is going bonkers on social media. I'm sure it will generate a lot of discussion...
  11. The snow goose flies south for the winter.
  12. @Chillidoggy package acquired, en route to safe house for handover, password is Bouncy Bouncy, over.
  13. Me, Tracy, Kim, Chris and Catherine on Saturday night, I believe! Anyone else?
  14. I & T, surely? Abysmal attention to detail. This is why I should never have bought that GT3 from him.
  15. At least I won't remember much about it.
  16. I resign. The pay is awful, and the conditions are even worse.
  17. Bibs Rachel Chloe Yasuo ChrisJ Sparky Tracy Bling internets Mrs internets aka Catherine Dan E The Commander aka The Commander Dave Excell Ann Excell Scott Noisy Nick Philcool Sue John Ben Dave Atak Karen Pete Sue Alan (temple) Linda Trevor Lorraine Harriet Adding for @Trevsked as he's clearly incapable of anything technical like Copy/Paste.
  18. Are we missing Don Skedgelone and family from this list?
  19. Does the Duke supply care personnel to feed him?
  20. I shall offer no spoilers; suffice to say it's a real eye-opener and relevant to Kimbers' post above.
  21. I invite you all to watch 24 Hours In Police Custody, starring my son-in-law, due to air on 28 November.
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