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  1. Happy to take it on, but I'm doing my best to avoid away jobs now. In any case, it'll be several weeks before I could do it!
  2. Sparky

    Line of Duty

    It was the butler. The butler did it.
  3. Following a frustrating wait for parts, it's sorted! Turbo hose replaced, and plenty of other stuff found and rectified/replaced during diagnosis. I think the owner will get a pleasant surprise, as this car clearly hasn't reached its full potential for some time. And now, alcohol.
  4. Agreed, make absolutely sure the breathers/rollover connections are all good. On quite a few cars, said limp dick is recirculated into the airbox. I make no comment on that; simply what I've found. Also check filler neck connections and caps. I've traced a few vapour issues to those. If tanks are new, I assume closed cell foam has been used? Give the foam a good dabbing top/bottom for any whiff.
  5. Game on! I hope you gave him at least twice my usual rate...
  6. And I got to work on it pre-delivery. Well made up!
  7. More than happy to check it out - depending on location of course - but I fear if £3k is beyond your scope for a 15+ year non-runner, then it's highly likely to be a non-starter, so to speak! Perhaps make it a long term project?
  8. I find it curious that people will part with tens of thousands of pounds for a Lotus, but won't stump up pennies for membership of TLF, arguably the best Lotus resource on the planet. I am rather familiar with the amount of time, effort and money Bibs has put into this entity, and I will gladly pay my dues in recognition of this.
  9. I know a butcher's dog that has a poster of you on his wall.
  10. You'll be putting up hab modules on Mars.
  11. Nope, had no intention of doing the motors! But I'm just a boy who can't say no. In fact cars (not just Lotus) have significantly impacted my leisure pursuits over the last 2 years, so I am in the process of shutting a lot of it down. Approaching 60, the emphasis is very much on time instead of money. A lot of leisure travel to shoehorn in before I forget where I haven't been!
  12. Retired a month before my 55th birthday because the company had become intolerable. Was in discussions with a similar company, but quickly realised I was done with it all. Much lower pension, but richer in every other sense. I've had four fantastic years of doing what the hell I want. Tracy followed me only a few months later at the tender age of 53. We both have hobbies coming out of our ears, and plenty of family and friends. Couldn't get bored if we tried! Doesn't matter how much money you have, you can't buy more time.
  13. Spot on. So many times I've had to dump the diagnostics and go by intuition. A modern car is unlikely to tell you exactly where the issue is. And I've heard so many stories of changing the strontium-90 reticulator because the computer says the graviton reading is too high, £1200, sorry it didn't work, no refund.
  14. If only you could spray a couple of puffs of preventer in the intake...
  15. Cheers old bean. And thanks to you and @CHANGES for listening to my wild ramblings.
  16. You're wasted. Or you should be. I've made the call.
  17. Well, bugger me with a fish fork. Found it. When the owner first spoke with me, I preliminarily diagnosed a collapsed airbox-turbo hose. When it arrived I tested it by compressing it along its length, and observing it with engine throttling (or attempting to) for any constriction. All good. Since then I've gone through pretty much every aspect of this engine and its management, culminating in swapping known good coils and D.I module this morning. Along the way I've found a fuel pump that's leaking back, very poor engine management hosing and connections, a broken engine breather
  18. I will be checking that with the owner tomorrow.
  19. It's curious. O2 behaved much more sensibly during earlier logs, but that last one had some anomalies. I hope to swap with a known good sensor tomorrow.
  20. No, fuel filter is fine. And I've checked out the tank interiorand the pipework. But please, keep asking these questions! It'll probably end up to be something really simple. I'll be removing the plenum tomorrow to circumvent induction.
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