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  1. Weird innit? People think I'm an electrician. Also that you're a wiener.
  2. Got emissions down to MoT-acceptable after a reset, a good thrashing, and new cat/O2 sensor. Found all the number plate light debris hanging around in the hole and glued it all back together, and it worked. Clutch pedal was silly high once the servo bracket had been rectified, so that's now sorted. Wasn't happy with the brake balance, so bled it again, twice. A manual bleed did the trick. Ian's Delco-Moraine deletion kit combined with AP brakes: WOW. I've dialled the valve all the way up for the rear brakes; Red can make his own assessment but I think it's better that way. And now, it's away! Get some miles on it, mate.
  3. Received from Kyiv today.
  4. Are you in the US? If so, JAE. Stand to the right of the engine bay and you will see the 10x 13mm bolts securing the plenum. 2 gaskets: 1 large rectangular and one roughly oval for the curved pipe. That's it!
  5. If I'm understanding your description of the issue, it sounds like you're leaking boost, so the issue is likely between turbo and plenum. You have 2 hoses, 2 plenum gaskets, a chargecooler and the BOV. I've seen a few like this and it's often either loose hoses or breached plenum gaskets. In one case, the chargecooler mountings had failed and it pushed itself off the top hose. So, the easy stuff is to check hose clips and ensure the chargecooler is secure. I would then replace plenum gaskets. Difficult to see if they're breached, and you'll probably damage them on removal. Could be the BOV but I doubt it. The other thing to check (but this wouldn't sound like leaking boost - more a sucking sound) is your airbox to turbo hose. These can lose integrity and sometimes collapse with turbo demand.
  6. Would love to come to Dave & Megan's (for breakfast gin, naturally), but I have a big family bash tomorrow, and don't think I'll make an early Sunday. Hopefully there'll be another Summer event..? 😁
  7. Thus sender is a big beast; you'd have trouble fitting to a T-piece unless you run a second line and mount it remotely. Which, coincidentally, is similar to the GT3 I'm currently working on!
  8. Yeah, not uncommon. If you can get hold of a tester, you can attach it to the block in place of the sender and get a true measure. They're very cheap and available on eBay/Amazon.
  9. Finally, the icing on the cake. Not quite there; bit of pipework to do.
  10. Excellent, thanks! Can you buy it for me and deliver please? And maybe fit it.
  11. These voyages of discovery continue to present themselves..
  12. Understood and appreciated! i did persuade it down to something far more sensible after a relearn and high idle, but still Lambda of around 2 and CO well over 1%, so hopefully shouldn't cause a problem.
  13. Derek, I do tend to agree, but as far as I'm concerned a decat is just plain wrong (some will argue against that) and will become more and more difficult to swing through MoTs as time progresses. It's on the plan to take a look at the ECU whilst awaiting the new cat, but knowing my luck it's been butchered in. Also, @internets can burn a proper chip if necessary/viable.
  14. Onwards and upwards to the MoT & Backhander Emporium. Only 2 failures. The first: O/S number plate light. A curious mess inside, but with a seemingly new bulb. Also seemingly unobtainium, unless anyone knows better? It certainly isn't the pre-1998 item listed by SJ, although I could fettle wiring/contacts. The RR original is expensive. And then, emissions. Ferk me. I believe I've never seen the numbers go that high on a managed engine. Lambda was above the analyser's ability to measure it, and CO was around 6%. Spent almost an hour on the ramp putting it through various conditions but no cigar. It's been stationary for 7 years, so prior to MoT I'd replaced the old fuel and given it a good thrash, but to no avail. I'm informed it's got one of those red 'race' chips that I wouldn't touch with a bargepole. An enormous amount of fuel is entering the exhaust. Took it home and decided to whip off the cat which, it transpires, is an echo chamber. No surprise there. So, new cat and O2 sensor ordered, as what's the point in changing only one of them? The O2 wasn't having any, so I cut the thing down and went at it with my trusty Milwaukee Peacemaker (did I mention my Milwaukee tools?). So now Red has a handy decat pipe! Although I frown on such things. PNM will be fabricating the cat. Now we wait to see the numbers. And play silly buggers with a dodgy number plate light unit...
  15. My photo above and @Red's post pretty much summarise things, but I'll go into detail for the hell of it. The car came to me with @Chillidoggy's kit pretty much fitted by Red, with just vacuum and hydraulics to sort. TBF I really should have seen this before suffering from the symptoms, but I'm getting old and cranky and shouldn't be trusted with other people's cars. As Red says, the new servo bracket was incorrectly fitted behind the clutch master. When tightened in place, this migrated the brake servo/master assembly and clutch master way off the centre line. I discovered this on first application of the brake after moving the car. The pedal stayed down, brakes firmly on. I did manage to lift the pedal again with my foot, but there was clearly an interference issue - which turned out to be the brake pushrod interfering with the bracket aperture. Not the best pics, but you can see where things are meeting. After Ian pointed out the bleedin' obvious (£200 consultancy, apparently), I had a 4-hour window to rectify, test and adjust vacuum and brake balance before MoT. Unfortunately this wasn't going to happen without breaching hydraulics again and bringing everything a long way forward to establish order. So be it. Below shows pushrod clearance post-rectification. The bracket was slightly bent by the original error, but not sufficiently to cause any compromise. Looking at the pic above, I notice the clutch master looks slightly more skewed than my eyes told me. I shall check into this. Final test drive demonstrated rather excellent brakes. All sorted in time for Cinderella to go to the ball. Huzzah! Or so I thought...
  16. Well, I'm drinkin' in the garden. So, one pic to kick things off...
  17. I just knew I could count on you.
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