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  1. Haha, I love my PowerProbe! It must have left quite an impression; that was a long time ago! I'm sure you'll spend many a happy hour with yours...
  2. Cheers matey! It's what any decent bloke would have done for an infirm pensioner...
  3. It's not uncommon - some manufacturers do it with cranks and cams.
  4. Absofeckinglutely. In fact she's on her way already. Tightly wrapped as she does leak a little. Sorry, no returns.
  5. Having a clearout; was about to throw these on eBay, but would rather know they went to someone here. They all seem to ring out OK, but the 2 smaller window switches are a tad lazy on return - would probably do well with a strip/clean but I can't be bothered! I'm not going to price them - PM me with sensible offers, or I'll put them up for auction next week...
  6. Sparky


    Harsh, but fair. I shall be experimenting with a couple of infusions today, starting with pear drops...
  7. Sparky


    Yeah, I reckon I'd get away with those! Saline need to try that...
  8. Sparky


    Infused with clogs.
  9. Not new; it's also been known as bonfire night for many, many years.
  10. I've used a doorbell solution a couple of times to get through MoTs! Not for many years though, and never on the steering wheel.
  11. I believe @temple has a charge port there, courtesy of previous owner @Advantage.
  12. Heat, soak, heat, soak, rinse, repeat. I've never had to drill one; always managed to draw them out with patience.
  13. Surprised you remember anything about that. I still have the traffic cone you nicked.
  14. Has experience taught you nothing? Only 2 people can get me drunk: anyone from NYC, and Bibs.
  15. You'll need a phrasebook, unless you can talk fluent bollocks.
  16. Tracy's too. But I just put my foot down. With her permission of course.
  17. Some are specific to model, but for an S4, in no particular order: Fuel tanks Fuel balance pipe/hoses Fuel breather pipes Rad pack Engine coolant front hose - possible contact with cam sprockets Cam tower oil leaks Manifold - especially around exits 3/4. Missing manifold studs/nuts Coolant pipes through chassis Front brake pipes Engine/heater vacuum pipes & elbows Steering lower U/J Gearchange translator assembly EBPV Wastegate capsule Rear wheel bearings (often neglected) All suspension bushes approaching end of life if not already replaced Cabin rear bulkhead mountings Chargecooler mechanical pump Chargecooler mounting bobbins Headlamp pod drains Rear deck drains Rear upright cracks Rear body mounting failure Delco-Moraine ABS - aaaagh No doubt a few more will come to me...
  18. This is gonna get messy. You not bringing da missus? I'm so very eager to meat her. Sorry, autocorrect.
  19. I'm with you, mate, but Carney's accuracy is worse than that of an Imperial Stormtrooper.
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