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  1. Happy Birthday! That calls for shots...
  2. A foreign object (in this case, part of the assembly that joins the carbs together) stuck in a throttle butterfly. Appears it had lain dormant in the induction system until I revved the engine whilst tuning said carbs, then was ingested. Engine revs went silly for a few seconds until I managed to cut it. No fun. However, it's lucky the pin didn't make it past the carb.
  3. In that case, you have a few hours left.
  4. Sparky


    ...asked the Austrian physicist.
  5. It's a V8. I refuse to entertain them.
  6. Every September, whether it needs it or not. And someone parked a filthy V8 outside mine today.
  7. That's a capacitor so yes, could be related! Unfortunately, no idea where it's from...
  8. We had a lovely hoon on Sunday to Dave & Megan's; just like the old days! Nothing silly, up to 10 of us enjoying the country roads in nice weather.
  9. A few more pics...
  10. Great drive in both directions, and the first hoon I've managed in 2020! And exchanged waves another M100 on the way back; my first random Lotus spot in ages. Outstanding fun at Dave & Megan's, superb turnout and loads of laughs! In fact Tracy & I & Dave Eds stayed until around 1600. Brilliant, guys, thanks so much, and see you for the cambelt change some time in October...
  11. [email protected] home safely in his car, so that's the guarantee expired, lovely.
  12. Always lovely to see Mike @MPx who visited today for a B service and MoT on his stunning TE.
  13. @Dave Freemanyou definitely need to get that extra pig.
  14. I do hope Dave Freeman is ready for the rush on Sunday.
  15. Bugger. Although it'll be spiffing to see you.
  16. Jonathan, if you don't turn up, can I have your bacon?
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