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  1. I remember when all this was fields.
  2. Failure to MoT does not invalidate insurance, although they love you to think so.
  3. Not this POS; he's Soviet through and through.
  4. I hate you, you near-sighted bastard.
  5. Right, here's the update. Having been told for the last 2 weeks that I must see my surgeon again, they succeeded in putting me in front of 'NOT my surgeon' two weeks running. The second guy I saw lit my fuse when he turned from my notes and asked me which eye I'd had done. So I loudly questioned his credentials and parentage, screamed blue murder (emptying the waiting room and probably precipitating calls to emergency services) until my surgeon magically appeared in front of me. At last, some sanity. She was spot on, explained exactly what had happened and why, and we arrived at an exit strategy. I have now stopped antibiotics but will still use steroid drops for another 20 days, whereupon I will return to my optician for a post-cataract test. I shall then carry the resultant prescription to my surgeon on 18 October, and she will decide whether I can order my glasses, or I slide down the very last snake and we start all over again. Simples! On a bright note, most of the 'pink eye' has subsided, so I no longer have to endure so many knowing smirks.
  6. Still gotta squint at that.
  7. In BA, I worked for Information Management, then branded IM. We paid a fortune (PWC I think) for a major rebrand initiative. The entire department, then thousands, packed one of the hangars for the ludicrously lavish rebrand event which unveiled Im. Big M to little m. Apparently it placed emphasis on the individual as part of the whole. Ferk me.
  8. You're actually cheering me up a bit.
  9. Barely enough to cover a small water biscuit.
  10. Before you know it he'll be wearing lederhosen.
  11. I wish! Alcohol intake is severely limited at this time.
  12. I'd heard rumblings, but dismissed them as vicious rumours. Please, no.
  13. Sparky


    The Kiss Of Death. Thanks.
  14. Hope it went OK! Well, at least better than my cluster f*ck. The laceration is now mending well, but I still have inflammation and vison isn't as good as my aother eye yet. I'm informed this will improve but I'm doubtful. Steroid and antibiotic drops every 3 hours. Hope to see the surgeon again on Friday...
  15. Sparky


    Fever Tree up 14% since your post, @pete. Can I give you a list of others to mention?
  16. Sparky


    Surprising, given how much I consume.
  17. An enjoyable excursion thanks to Dragan's @Hornsey Boy Care In The Community programme that took a partially blind old git for a day out. Nice to chat with @Bling, @Chris Jand @tomcattomtoo. Thanks Dragan, much appreciated!
  18. Each to their own but I would never, ever do that. And good luck if you have a semi-automatic tensioner.
  19. Gates 5206 is in wide use as a replacement, and I've fitted them to scores of cars without issue. It is 1mm narrower than the Lotus belt which was in fact manufactured by Gates. If you can find a Gates 5168, it's exactly the same as the Lotus one.
  20. We're burning maybe £120/month in electricity right now, so I'm looking at efficiencies (yes, MIL euthanisation is high on the list). We have 2 small freezers which, combined, burn 2.6kWh a day. I've figured out I can buy a big efficient upright for £600 and retire the others, and my ROI looks like it'll be only 2 years. Madness.
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