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  1. Come to think of it, the photos did make it look bigger than it really is.
  2. D'habitude, I don't, but this one has real presence.
  3. And you'll probably be replacing the brake pipe attached to the arm. I often end up changing the mid hose too, due to union corrosion. Give them a good soaking well before dismantling.
  4. Memory failure, had to check invoices! I did a couple of days on this one back in May. SInce then it's been dry-stored under a cover, and started/moved pretty regularly.
  5. You're right - I do! In fact, I serviced it. It's a decent example in a lovely colour that, for reasons beyond my understanding, hasn't attracted a lot of attention. Quite possibly because it is an understated colour and doesn't have a wing. No wing on a GT3 is absolutely my preference too, but it seems we're in a minority. Anything Mark sells will have a full once-over and new MoT prior to handover. Worth a look IMO.
  6. Thanks for the flashback! I recall doing exactly the same, first time I fitted tanks.
  7. Sparky


    Yes, I knew I shouldn't have laid out for that Lego At-At this morning.
  8. OK, pulley loosening 101. Forget about stopping the engine turning. Find 2 spanners for the bolts. Put them on A and B and squeeze them together. thereby counteracting any pulley rotation. One will undo; call this bolt A. Now place the spanners appropriately on B and C and squeeze. A second one will undo; call this bolt B. Now, you have only bolt C tight. Loosen C using the same methodology between B & C. This will retighten B, but not as much as before. Alternate between B and C, tightening/untightening, until they are both loose enough to turn whilst just holding the pulley by hand. I doin't think I've ever had to do more than 3 or 4 iterations of this.
  9. The reg is so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it...
  10. If I were selling this, I'd put it through the MoT; only 9 days left on it.
  11. Less than 10 miles from my manor...
  12. 5146 is the correct belt. Dimples, when closest to each other (unless head has been massively skimmed) will result in a fairly tight fit of belt teeth between the sprockets, without all the slack you've demonstrated. It's that simple.
  13. I think it's clear to all that what we need here is a set of clearly marked timing dimples and a decent picture of them. Anything else is pointless.
  14. One doesn't time and mark; one marks and times.
  15. Waaaay beyond Troll IMO. Here is an example of the insidious disinformation machine at work.
  16. Hehe, it's quite balmy, but I just can't be arsed.
  17. I've already informed Kam that I've shut down for the winter.
  18. Emira, I've just met a car named Emira...
  19. Always liked them in JPS livery.
  20. I was vaguely tempted as it's quite unusual, but ultimately decided not to run with it. If it was Nike, I think I'd just do it.
  21. Yes, it is rather large. The kit is pretty big too.
  22. Ahem, starboard actually. I'll see what I can do. No Jack & Rose minifigures, which is disappointing.
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