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  1. Meanwhile, in my manor...
  2. They're a thick-skinned crowd up in the Bronx; even when he's rude they'll consider him oh-so-British and polite. And his accent will be an asset.
  3. Absolutely the best way of doing this is by cab, but if that isn't viable then there are good bus services that are pretty cheap. The Bronx is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I would recommend, though, that he doesn't stroll around on his own - especially at night. But that applies pretty much anywhere nowadays. I'd consider his vulnerable time will be during travel JFK (I assume) and where he's staying, but daytime bus transportation is OK in NYC. Apart from that, he'll be fine as he's with locals. I understand your concerns! Last year, my sister and BIL unwittingly booked an AirBNB in a rough part of NYC, and I voiced some concerns. Turns out the extremely dodgy locals liked them, looked after them, and gave them the time of their lives.
  4. Awwww, fanks mate! I'm still a Photoshop amateur, so this was good practice.
  5. Monster, innit? Certainly my favourite to date - because of its complexity and, of course, the subject which is a superb craft. Waitng in the wings right now (plan to finish the DeAgostini X-Wing first) are two contenders: the new Ultimate AT-AT, and Titanic - another of my favourite subjects and Lego's largest kit yet. Really looking forward to both of those.
  6. Exactly. They do matter. They really do matter, in a big way.
  7. It's a slippery slope when large corporations submit to this ludicrous minority snowflakery for fear of losing a percentage point.
  8. As an amateur astronomer, I'm really looking forward to the revised moniker for the star type previously known as 'white dwarf'.
  9. Fair cop. However, in my defence, they're all the same. Crap. I suspect I'm just one of a lot of people that didnt't know that.
  10. Are you implying Luther is gay?
  11. Only for his association with WFC. However, Tracy & I do know Elton (ie he knows us) as Tracy used to work directly for him and Graham Taylor at Vicarage Road. Used to attend his parties in WIndsor - crazy days and an amazing car collection. Anyone remember Luther Blissett? I used to work on his cars with him. An outstanding mechanic and now into motorsport. And I used to go to college in Watford with George Michael. Didn't go outside with him though.
  12. Peasants, the lot of ya. We got Baby Spice.
  13. Watford: The Horns, Friday night.
  14. The top image may confuse you due to the dimple reference. But just follow the logic below, regardless of image. 1. Camshaft and crankshaft pointers are aligned correctly, yes? If so, there's no risk of engine damage from interference. 2. If you draw a straight line from the centre of the aux sprocket to the centre of the crank pulley, the CONCAVE dimple on the outer edge of the aux sprocket intersect this line. No other mark on the aux sprocket is of any interest to you. 3. If the aux sprocket dimple is not where it should be, then you should be able to compensate by moving the plug leads around and adjusting the distributor to achieve accurate ignition timing. You will need a timing light to do this accurately. Alternatively, dismount the timing belt and start again.
  15. To confirm: crank and cam pointers aligned? Aux sprocket approx 180deg out ie dot at top of sprocket? Leads moved to opposite positions on cap? Then car is safe to try to start, but may need ignition timing adjustment.
  16. Did you see my reply above? If the dots are aligned then that's TDC. No need to remove the covers unless you suspect major mechanical damage to the cam/sprocket interface.
  17. Agreed, they do, but that doesn't solve his issue. It's the camshaft position that determines cylinder compression. If you know you're definitely at TDC on the crank marker then your photos show the top of the compression stroke. The aux sprocket has been incorrectly set; if it is indeed approximately 180deg out, then Andy's lead advice is correct.
  18. So it's not all doom and gloom then.
  19. Sparky


    I would be VERY interested in such a capability.
  20. Tracy and I were jabbed first in March, then in May. We are part of an antibody study and test every month, and at end November (just prior to boosters) we still had antibodies. No volume detail though.
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