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  1. Hi Paul.

    Still got the Lotus and i'm not dissapointed. Lot of time wasters. I was just seeing what the market was like, did have an offer of 12k lol. I'm over in the winter gardens on Saturday if your in town.


  2. Hi Carlos,I was wondering how you got on trying to sell your S1.We are thinking of buying a property and I am not sure to borrow the money or possibly try to sell the Esprit.Cheers Paul Godfrey.

  3. Hi can anyone help? where can i find the Engine and Chassis number on my S1 Thanks Carl
  4. Could be that yhe last person who owned it floored the throtle, 6 to 7 thousand revs in 2nd gear, oil cap not on tight oil everywhere in the engine bay.
  5. I really don’t want to sell but it’s only been out a couple of times this year, due to the purchase of a motor home last year. And my wife prefers the motor home, I can't understand why. If it doesn’t sell, well I’m not going to be to disappointed just let see what happens. I can honestly say that since the restoration it been easy to maintain and a good learning experience completing the restoration. If someone does buy I’ll be on anti depressants for a long time and will miss being in the garage polishing it LOL. My son's told me take i'm making a big mistake but the money would be welcomed. Might win the lottery tonight you never know.
  6. I've just pplaced an add on Piston Heads which I think is a fare price what does anyone think Cheers
  7. Just removed the manifold with a little effort, not a lot of room to work in but got there in the end. used a small 12mm ring spanner with a rachet. The old manifold had been fitted for about 4 years and used for the last 18 months due to the full restoration there was no need for WD40 thankfully. The 2nd pipe had fractured in half and the weld has cracked on the flange. I can only think its because it was fitted to ridged there was no movement, so a flexible piece will be fitted to the middle piece of the exhaust. will post some pics when i refit the manifold. thanks for all the advise.
  8. Great news spoke to steve at S&J and he replacing the manifold (top man) Now my problem is how to remove it any one got any advice for me. Many thanks
  9. yeah intend to tomorrow. The problem is I purchased it back in 2007 while the restoration was going on. but iv'e only done 3500 miles since its been on the road.
  10. HI can anyone advise me ? Bought a 4 into 1 stainless steel manifold and exhaust, the cars only done 3500 miles and there's a stress crack in one of the pipes on the maifold. Does any one know if this is a common problem, can it be repaired and with this type and does SJ have any sort of guarantee. Thanks
  11. Hi the car's looking good, my advise is if you can afford to have the interior done go for it. I had black leather and it looks great but there is s1's and s1's. You spend a load off money on the body, suspension, brakes and engine etc and the interior left till last. I wish i'd waited and had it put back to what is should have looked like. There you go may get my 6 numbers up on the Saturday lottery LOL.
  12. Would do but I'm having trouble loading them up would love some advise. I think will have to be come a full member. attach file show 999.66 used how dow I reduce it. Thanks Carl Yeh ha sorted
  13. Hi if you PM your email I will take some photos tomorrow and email them. if thats any help.
  14. Hi this link gives you a break down of the lift motors I found it handy
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