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  1. The chassis looks great hanging up in my workshop roof! Let's just say it in its later years it had a very hard life including front end damage, boy racer stick on carbon fibre sheets, and ended up being left in a field with the window down for a 12 months.... One day I'll get time to restore it and make the decision, keep it red or respray in white. By rights being so early I should keep it red.
  2. I think the photos were taken at Lytham St Anne's in early 78 - the car was unregistered for at least a year. I wasn't yet born!
  3. I was sent these photos by the second owner of my s1, he bought it from the first owner who only kept it for a couple of months before selling it on. Note it had already lost its pod wing mirror after only a couple of months. Also of note are the passenger door fit (or lack of!), rear boot lid O/S fit, rear boot screen surround top and front screen surround top corners. The second owner only kept it for six months, it was no good in the snow in Berlin where he was working at the time! (hence the GB sticker) I guess the first cars deserved their build quality reputation!
  4. I didn't realise Steve from SJ sportscars drove a Lamborghini
  5. It is on the earlier wheels, not speed lines. I've often thought about enquiring about it but already have a 76 esprit to restore amongst a number of other vehicles. Defiantly the best looking elite colour!
  6. Is this elite 2.2 anything special judging by its plate? It is local to me and hasn't moved for 20 years as can be seen by the trees in front of it.
  7. I've bought a low mileage 1975 Elite 907 engine from accident damaged car (rear end) I`ve had it running and is perfect, it has come with all ancilliaries, carbs etc. My original Esprit engine pours smoke out and has had 15 previous non careful owners. Obviously I should be retaining the original engine for my S1 (number 24) however the Elite engine has cost me pocket money so I want to drop it in and not worry about rebuilding the original. I rang up SJ Sportscars to order a belt and tensioner and asked about what i would need to change on the Elite 907 and he told me it wouldn't fit and w
  8. I believe the early centre ashtray is a Citroen part, possibly from the SM?
  9. I have known it abandoned for years and always thought it was a factory car; PW reg was used on the bond esprit supplied by lotus, and there is also MPW 71V, a press Lotus Essex turbo which is featured in various Lotus books. MPW 74V is definatly a s2.2 Elite, has the Esprit s2 type front spoiler, vehcile enquiry shows it as 2174cc, first registered on June 3rd 1980 so odds on it's one of the first s2.2's. Its mettalic gold with the eralier type wheels, not speedlines.
  10. I need a new windscreen and also new drivers side door glass (both parts) I've tried the usual places and no-one has any clear door glass, anyone any leads on where I might obtain some. Bit more hopeful on the windscreen but again any pointers much appreciated Thanks
  11. I have been given two S1 pod mirrors made in grp by someone who took moulds off thier s1 some years ago. Not sure however how they attach to the car, my s1 has two screw holes in the black plastic triangle, is the mirror screwed directly to it or is it held on a bracket? Thankss
  12. Nearby to me there is an apparently abandoned Elite 2.2 with the factory reg MPW 74V. It hasn't moved for 18 years now, and although overgrown is still in fairly good condition. I'm not interested in owning it but always feel a bit sorry for it and wondered if anyone had any info on it from it's early life to satisfy my curiosity!
  13. I'm looking for an S1 / S2 chassis in good condition, anywhere in the UK, mine is borderline beyond repair unfortunatly. Any ideas welcome!
  14. Been busy trying to finish my Land rover rebuild before really attacking the esprit. I stripped the body out of all the fittings. I am not suprised the first 40 cars were slated for build quality! I was shocked at some of the build features; the numberplate surround hole appears to have been cut rather too big and the suround only just covers the hole. the vaccumn moulded numberplate surround is so flimsy its a joke, Lotus seemed to have strengthend it up with a bit of alloy shelving rail cut from the office! And theres loads more! The tailgate hatchback was propped up outside during a g
  15. I've got wolfraces on my s1 (obviously!) but prefer the speedlines. The wolfraces just remind me of kitcars, Reliant scimitars and other boring 70's "classics" beloved of classsic car enthusiasts worldwide.
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